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Die Happy:
I never knew Armin  personally or really had any direct contact. However i know he had a great influence on FH. As one of the og devs i ve seen his name in many changelogs and updates to know he was important to the project as a whole.

my condolences this his friends and family
RiP ArminAce

I hope he is in Valhalla.  Time really does fly.  I always liked pc gaming but never got into it like when Forgotten Hope came out.  Playing was something I looked forward to every day.  Back in the old days they had a server called Wolf based in the US.  Even all the Euros would wait in line to play on it.  I remember playing with ArminAce.  He seemed to like the Stuka and the King Tiger.  Never got tired of Berlin Outskirts.  I can remember vividly him landing on me with the Stuka when I was infantry and killing me.  Forgotten Hope still my favorite game ever. 

What a really sad news  :(

By looking his work on FH1 maps, he made me want to become a mapper.

RIP ArminAce. Thx to all you gave to us.

What sad news! Another friend of us is gone, Chad. Really sad news, losing two good people in such short time. What a loss! My condolences to Chad's family and friends.  :'( :'( :'(

Were these guys working on the next patch? It would be a nice tribute to dedicate the latest release in memory of our beloved friends. I don't know, maybe create a commemorative plate to attach somewhere in one of the maps, maybe in a monument like that found in Pegasus. I think it would be a vivid remembrance of their dedication to this mod. Just a thought...

Warmest regards,


With Chad and Armin passings, we're all sad and nostalgic. A lot of their work amazed us for years and years. Remembering them makes me remember all the good times on FH & FH2.

Their work & passion will not be forgotten.


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