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Just got an e-mail about the news, wanted to say my thanks and RiP.


--- Quote ---My best friend and long-time companion died today after a long, serious illness. ArminAce, or in the real name Peter Wal, was a leader in the beginnings of Forgotten Hope at Battelfield in 1942 and had a decisive influence on this mod.
I mourn the loss of a real friend who has always been fair to every member of the community, but who has also always made sure that things are fair in real life. Our condolences go to his wife Monique Wal and his family.
Peter will be buried in a few days.
I / WE will never forget what he has done for us.
--- End quote ---

Wow. That is a BAD News.  :-[

I think i can speak for the whole Forgotten Hope Team and for the Players that we are deeply hit.

Our greatest condolences for a Big Member of this Mod and the Battlefield ( If not the complete ) Modding Community itself.

I for myself want to say " Thank You " for all the great hours of joy i had playing Forgotten Hope 1 and working on Forgotten Hope 2. All the Love of Detail, Eastereggs and genious Concepts we found in your Maps and Models! 

Thank you for inspiring me to start myself to model, texture and map , my own carreer in the Gaming Industry...

We salute you!

All the Best to the People who were left behind. We are with you at this bad times.

Heartbreaking news :(

ArminAce and his work set the foundation and mood of Forgotten Hope as a series, a mod that impacted us as players and influenced other games to follow a similar path. But more personally he inspired us as developers and in some cases shaped our careers.

Playing Forgotten Hope in the old days was only fun (and alleviated the frustration from the inaccuracies of BF42) but I never suspected that the community and developers would become as big a part of my life as it did. A second family of sorts. In this family, ArminAce played the role of a grandfather, and for that role he'll be sorely missed by me and many others.

My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Rest in peace Peter, you will always be part of our team.

This is so sad.

Armin Ace created a really big portion of the things i loved with FH1 and is a very big reason why i am here even today.

You will not be forgotten.

Salute from Operation Peacekeeper. Sad to hear that he lost his longest and hardest battle. 

He was a nice guy and many years ago always a great guy and communitymember in the best times of BF-Modding.



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