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Re: Ogledow 64
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I haven't played this map with high-end settings, but here's something from "T-34 Shock", a recently published book by Francis Pulham and Will Kerrs:


On the morning of 13 August 1944, the T-34-85s lay silent, engines off, but the electronics operational, as to use the electric triggers and turret traverse. However, the rumble of German vehicles broke the still silence of the morning. The village was also covered in a layer of mist. The left blank of the 53rd Tank Brigade radioed to report the sight of German tanks, but was ordered to hold fire.

Eleven German tanks emerged from the fog, with half-tracks and infantry for support. These advanced further, but with great difficulty, losing traction on the sandy ground. The tanks were traversing the clearer ground near the village, but even here, they were travelling slowly. The German tanks were spaced quite far apart, and by the time the first tank had passed T-34-85s, the third tank was just approaching the Soviet tanks.