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Flippy Warbear:
Bump for more awareness.

While in grand scheme of things we are still a very small group, I personally think we've accumulated more members than I originally expected. I was thinking we'd get maybe 20 or so, we are 43 right now. Spread the word. :)

Also, planning to play some FH2 later tonight (sat 5th aug) and I'll be on the voice channel on discord, so feel free to join me!

Flippy Warbear:
We've reached 100 members!  ;D

Flippy Warbear:

--- Quote from: Flippy Warbear on 24-02-2018, 19:02:23 ---We've reached 100 members!  ;D

--- End quote ---

Holy moly, we've been over 200 members for a while now!

Flippy Warbear:
We have updated our invitation link to:

New users enter an introduction channel now, but can see and post in barracks and tech-support. Once you have a role, you will be able to see the rest of the channels.


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