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Colour Lobby got its way

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I see the colour reality lobby finally got its way. This just goes to show that their incessant posting (in the old forums, you won't find them here) finally wore down the devs to the point where they simply caved in and let a vocal minority have its way.

Sorry, but its a black (and white) day for FH.

I was always for a black and white FH2. I mean seriously, when you are an expert and sight hours after hours of genuine WW2 footage (like me) you just know beyond any doubt that it's the only way to truly represent this conflict.

The Crimson Major:
It was only a matter of time until we got the realism we deserved! I approve of color realism!

**** color. The world without color is a more realistic and happy world.

I support this change!
This will atleast make those "PR is more realistic" guys think twice befor they whine!


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