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Omaha Beach 16
« on: 01-06-2014, 13:06:37 »
Tell us what you think!

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Re: Omaha Beach 16
« Reply #1 on: 10-06-2014, 21:06:13 »
Omaha 16
As I said in the one thread I think that this map is one of the better KotH maps. It's more open and has some good fighting.

Imo tho KotH is very limiting. Fighting over one flag always seems to make the battle less tactical and more of a 'spawn-die fest.' Ideally I'd like to see this map turned into conquest with 2 flags capable just to make it more open and give it some variety. I got the same impression from others in the one time I played it on WaW Thursdays but I'd like to know what everyone else thinks.
Looking through the map, I think fighting through the town would be a better setting for the 16 version. Vierville is so well done and interesting. I'd like to see more small scale tactical inf battles happen there :) Maybe Germans have a main at Church and Americans have a main at D1 draw and there's a Vierville East & West that needs to be capped? just spit-balling. I'd like to see Vierville get used a lot more tho.

Omaha 32
I think it'd also be a good setting for a 32 version as well. Maybe the Americans spawn on the road after the beach is capped and have to cap the back three flags like in the 64 layer but this time without tanks and just the inf.

Just some ideas so that this map can always be played with whatever amount of people are on. :D

Thanks a lot for giving the 16 layer some love already ;) I hope you guys can find some time to take these suggestions into consideration and make it great.