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There is a countdown on the FH2 mainpage!!

2 houers and 30 min to news!!

let the geussing begin;-)

im geussing atleast 1 aprils fools joke

and perhabs som real stuff aswell
like a neew map.

Don't expect to much. With all that trouble we had the last week, we didn't find time prepare a news or even a aprils fool. It's just going to be another text only news to let all the comunity know that the filefront forums are back up and we gladly take the chance to settle down with them again.

Aww. So were goin back to FF? I just started to like it here. :/

I guess there's years of history over there though...

Or knoffhoff is part off the elaborate aprils fools joke;-)
I mean why the countdown otherwize? usualy there isent a countdown.
And i newer have my hope that high dont realy need to cause either way what ever the neews may contain it have always been top quality when it comes from the FH2 Dev team. (and evryone knows this)

Either way we will see in around 2 houers.

I think, no need a countdown for that kind of  "news".


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