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--- Quote from: Matthew_Baker on 09-05-2022, 18:05:50 ---Interestingly, we have no "pilot" headgear for the Germans. In all other maps, when the Germans pickup a pilot kit, they wear the same M43 hat that the squad leaders wear on Normandy maps.

That particular hat is anachronistic for 1940, and we didn't have time to model new headgear for the Germans. So we did a quick switch to all the kits with that hat to swap the hat for Stahlhelms. That way, all the squad leaders aren't wearing a hat from 1943 in 1940.

One side effect is now pilots have helmets ;D maybe in the future we could do real pilot headgear for the Germans, we'll see.

--- End quote ---

Thx for the reply Matt. (t)hat makes sense.

It gets more confusing. If you pick up a german pilot kit, then in a plane you have a slightly different fieldcap then a sql. But in a vehicle/tank you get the stahlhelm. Jumping out of a plane (chute) gives you the stahlhelm again. The american pilot kit is also visible in plane as in vehicles (at least on the Operation Cobra map / solo game).


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