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Drive by tank killing

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haha nice photo Capten_C :D

Gazala is definitely the best map for this tactic. My friend and I used to do this with the willys all the time. :) You gotta be careful not to accidentally tap the right mouse button, or the nade could stick to your hood! O.o

After reading this post,I couldnĀ“t control myself and went into Side Rezegh,4 players...
I was german,and there was a Stuart that was killing us at any moment.
I told my team mate to ride the kubel around and near the tank,without stopping!
After some deaths and tries I managed to leave him a nice green,boxed present with a nice 3 painted on.


--- Quote from: Capten_C on 31-03-2009, 15:03:10 ---Shhhhh! Don't tell everyone about this, or they'll all want to try it!  ;)

--- End quote ---

*whispering* im going to try this. ;)

May the farce be with you!  :D


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