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Drive by tank killing

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  What?  Hell no Gazala or El Al....Wide open area is your friend.  Tanks just sit way out there and don't give two shits when you blow by them.  Then you circle about and leave them a gift...

Gazala then. It's a bit more sneaky with the hills and valleys.


I remember despratley trying to take out an At jeep squad on mersa matruh with me stuka. Was that you captain C?

Yes it was probably me and my gang of rotten swine!  ;D

I think it was the same round we tried to steal the Kubel from the landing strip and a Stuka pilot who was hunting us (and a damn nuisance!) that round got wise, turned around and blitzed the whole squad mangling the Willys and Kubel in the process, carnage, doh!  :o

I think that was you?  >:(  ;D


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