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I'm new and have a question.


When does the next forgotten hope with all the normandy stuff come out, it looks so cool and i want to play as my own nationality (American) instead of only british and german
BTW: how do u get more than two side (i.e. Germans And British) into the game

Hey darthscypter,

We already have a 'waiting for 2.2 thread' here

Normandy will be released when it's ready ;)

(NB: A general note for everyone. Calling someone a 'troll' will get your post deleted.)

Admiral Donutz:
We still have to finish our sticky threads with our FAQ/Q&A (Frequently Asked Questions / Questions and Answers) thread. But the answer is simple:

The devs do not give any form of release date or estimnate for any patch, not untill it's officially announced on their website a few weeks in advance.

The reason: It's very hard to set a release date and only at the last moment can they be sure when to release it. And even then it's a though struggle to actually release on the given date. It's just very difficult to estimat how much time it will take to complete an object, let alone a map and then we aren't even talking about fine tuning, which takes weeks.

For your own safety I have locked this thread since the "release date" quetion gets the FH fanbase mob out who will try to hunt you down. Sorry. ;)  But I hope this answers your question. :)


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