Author Topic: Defenders of Stalingrad Recruiting (Primarily US Based Clan)  (Read 736 times)

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The Defenders of Stalingrad are looking to find like-minded enthusiastic players that enjoy having a good time while playing great games. We are primarily located in North America and Western Europe and have been established in the community for 8 years. |DOS| has been competitive in many games in the past and will continue to be in the future.

At the present, we are actively playing Killing Floor, Forgotten Hope 2, and World of Tanks . In the future we plan to fully support Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad. Having fun is our main goal and we spend the majority of our time playing games, relaxing in Teamspeak, and fighting clan matches. Please check out our website below and feel free to join us in our Teamspeak at any time.

Official Site:

Teamspeak 3 IP:
Time Zone: Primarily EST and CST
Server Locations: TS3-Chicago, COD:BO-Chicago, KF-Detroit, MOHAA-New York

Clan Email:
Clan Leader Xfire: johnkeel105
Recruiter Xfires: fubrar919, dosdracodos, stix9693, c8ball16, superkar3

Joining Requirements:
-- A Supported Game (ex. Killing Floor, Forgotten Hope 2, World of Tanks)
-- 17+
-- TeamSpeak 3 & Microphone
-- Xfire or Steam

8 Years in the Making
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Defenders of Stalingrad - Holding the Line Since 2003

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It's a great place, would you like to try us out?