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It seems we currently have a problem with users' e-mail addresses being shown in their profiles, regardless of the "hide my email address" setting. This seems to be a bug in the forum software.

The workaround is to change your email address to something invalid, so it cannot be abused.

I will investigate this and keep you updated.

I have reset the "hide e-mail address" profile setting to "true" for all users.

If you want your e-mail address to be visible, you must change this manually.

All newly registered users will have their e-mail address now hidden by default (unless they uncheck the checkbox).

Weird. I have it hidden in the options but it's still shown. And you've also resetted it?


No biiviz, I can't see your email. It says "hidden".

Hmm. I guess the user can see his own mail in the 'Members' list? Also, when checking own profile. Well, no worries then. :)


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