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Being a "sniper"

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 I disagree with the last part about snipers not capturing flags.

 Why shouldn't they? If a sniper is a recce element and a flag area has been or is about to be captured, would it not be best served to rejoin the element when additional firepower is needed?

 Too often a sniper in FH2 is clueless to what they can achieve.
I find it is best to stay forward and to support a line of advance that provides a mutual cover for your sniper recon and covering fire.
and finally,
The binoculars are the most important tool that FH2 snipers still don't use properly or often enough. You can lead the scoreboard on many maps provided you bloody well use your binoculars. Too often snipers are more concerned about saving their own hide so they never fully exploit the availability of artillery to give them the best cover fire available in the mod.

Then theres a change the sniper gets killed, loses his kit and leaves his team without sniper support. I agree with him, snipers are there to support and pin down the enemy or spot enemy units for whoever needs it, can be artillery or a plane which then eliminates the target and gives you a 'ty'.

But I do agree on your part that the binoculars are underused, maybe they are even the snipers strongest weapon if his/her teammates work together on the data given.

Oh, I think I'm gonna make a tut for sharpshooters. Yes sharpshooters not snipers becouse the thing what I do is more straight forward and ofensive tactic of sharpshooter than concealed and safe sniper moves already listed in this post.

I completely agree with sheik. Binocs can be like rain of fire spell if you know how to spot well. Also taking as many as you can helps your team by moving chaos into enemy ranks and making them spend menpower into searching/dueling istead for taking/securing flags.

All I meant is that it's rather dangerous for someone very weakly armed in close combat (a sniper, in this instance, but other examples include a Piat gunner (with just a pistol) or a tanker, again with probably just a pistol) to try and take a flag unsupported. Obviously, there are tons of variables - take one of the higher flags on Crete in 0.7, and you could be completely out of sight behind the dunes and hills in 10 seconds. Other flags, however, require you to be much more cautious. Obviously, sometimes there is the nice bonus for a sniper to be able to switch his kit to an MP40/Tommygun kit for the 10-20 seconds he's at the flag, and then switch back to his scout kit, but that is not always an option.

Another, and probably obvious tip is to only use your scope when it is absolutely necessary. Some of us have been tricked by sniper movies to think that you should always be looking through the scope and aimlessly staring around the battlefield, but again, obviously, this isn't the case. You are much better off, when looking in a general direction for a target, to switch to a smaller weapon (remember, the smaller you can make yourself, the better - you should only have your rifle out (i.e the biggest weapon you have, in terms of physical size) when you have acquired a target).

I would also suggest you don't be too proud to, if the servers are too full or too empty, to go into single player mode and find some good spots.

Flippy Warbear:
What defines a good sniper is that when he can pin even bigger flag areas with his undiscovered location. Like for example the mountains next to Mareth Line flag are great for this as its quite hard to spot the bastards up there and you have more than excellent view to the flag area. And if you can avoid being detected by swiftly changing positions between kills, you can really make those anti-tank guns and infantry very useless there.

You can feel cocky after you had been killed by a search party or by a tank, dedicated to find and kill you. Good sniper can keep the enemy facing the dirt and hide until something heavy comes along to help in hunting you down, but by that time your own heavies might have arrived to mob up the remnants of chaos you started with just one rifle. Sniper is a deadly weapon in the right hands.


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