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I don't want to know how to hit every shot one shoots in the head, but how to conceal yourself well, sneaking past enemies and stuff like that. That's what I want to learn about.

I'm a bit surprised there weren't any thread about this already..

Not asking for anything in particular, just general tips about being a recon.

I was planning to make a thread about being a scout/marksman at a later point but I can give some basic hints.


Vegetation is your best friend as a sneaky rifleman. Use bushes and tall gras as cover to hide in from passing enemies or as a sniper spot. Laying prone on open ground is the worst thing you can do, always go for the bushes.


Are also a very good friend, don't just run in the open but be sneaky and go from crater to crater.


Not adviced but hiding in a building can be very useful, don't forget to leave a Smine for any enemies that are following you or want to take you out from the flank, on Fall of Tobruk there are some very good buildigns to hide in and always Smine the stairs!

Hit and Run

Staying at a spot can be very tempting but try to kill 1/2/3 enemies and then move to the next spot. Never stick to on spot forever, if you do, make sure you have all flanks Smined and watch every corner of the spot and keep your head low.


Smoke is very usefull but don't run where you threw the smoke, instead throw a smoke in one direction and sneak out into another direction because the enemy will always look at the smoke and it's area not in other directions!

Just some basic tips, others can add alot too it.  :P


--- Quote --- Laying prone on open ground is the worst thing you can do, always go for the bushes.
--- End quote ---

Be aware however; low settings = no vegetation is visible to a certain point. Your best bet to make sure you are not spotted when firing is to get behind the view distance fog. You have to practice to hit people from this range and have a fair amount of luck, but that is the only sure fire way to do it without being spotted. The best thing to hide behind is a static, they don't vanish at distances.

A good tip I will give away for free is to stay away from elevated places. They not only provide you a nice silhouette to spot you, but when a person sees Sniper [Sniper Rifle] Target their natural inclination is to look at the elevated positions around them. [Which is counter to real humans not looking up for threats.] Try to stay low to the ground.

Known fact, still go for the bushes since 70% plays on higher settings.

I know in FH1 (dunno if it's in FH2) but changing the camera angle can help you out a lot, as you can check your cover. From the first person view, for example, it might look as though you're perfectly concealed but in reality half your rifle is sticking out of the bushes.

I would also advice you skip sniping in church towers and similar buildings, as it's almost a cliche spot for snipers to be. The church flag on Market Garden in FH1, for example, despite giving you a great view of all enemy movement, was a very obvious place for a sniper to be.

Another bit of advice is to use sound to your advantage. If you listen closely you can hear footsteps, which can give you just the time needed to either run or turn around and knife some jackass sneaking up on you.

If you have to relocate over far distances, always take the route less likely to contain enemies. Always. Seems like an obvious tip but it's a very stupid attitude for someone with a knife as their most deadly weapon (not having a crosshair on the scoped rifle) to think they can simply sneak past anyone. 

Also, know when to change to a primary or secondary weapon. In FH1 in particular I noticed that whenever you have to go up or down stairs in a building as a sniper, it's always preferable to switch to your knife (or a pistol, if you have it). You can get three, aimed stabs of a knife in before one unaimed shot from a rifle.

Don't look at every soldier you see but don't kill as 'the one that got away'. It is far better to never shoot on a target until you have a surefire kill than to empty a K98 clip on someone who not only knows you're around but so does everyone else within a thousand feet of you.

The  last tip I can think of at the moment is one any sniper should probably know already, but don't expect to have the highest score or the most kills or any of that shit when the round ends. Don't try to be the hero, the only time a sniper should be trying to cap a flag is when he is a) the last man alive on his team and all flags are held by the enemy, or b) he has a large (2 or 3 at most) group of infantry support.


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