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Suggestions / Re: Ability to surrender and give up weapon
« on: 20-11-2020, 17:11:40 »
Sorry but that makes no sense. What I could gather from it, it is not suitable for FH2's playstyle. It is pointless and unnecessarily gimmicky that does not add anything to the game.

Suggestions / Re: Ability to surrender and give up weapon
« on: 19-11-2020, 14:11:10 »
What would be the purpose of this? You'd surrender and... then what? Complain in the chat when you get shot after surrendering, because theres people who wont take prisoners?

Tali / Re: Tali 32
« on: 15-11-2020, 13:11:17 »

-Remove heavy artillery completely, as it is too dominant on this map
-if removing is no option at least limit the range of soviet arty so it can only reach the second flag
-Soviets get an isu when they loose all flags. Why dont finns get one at the beginning?
-Also finns get better tanks once they take control of the third line. I don't get the logic behind this. At this point the stugs would totally do their jobs. WHy not give those tanks  (kv-1, t-34, maybe even isu) to finns at the beginning, when they really need them?

There are several changes coming in the next patch, but I'll go through your points here:

- Not going to remove the artillery entirely. Both the commander artillery and one soviet cannon were removed in a previous version.
- I cant really limit the range of the artillery, its not feasible.
- Finnish ISU-152 wasnt involved in the battle, so they dont get one.
- The "better" tanks arrive in later stage due to historical reasons. By the time the battle moves to the point when they spawn, it is depicting the time of the battle when they arrived to assist in real life.

Thanks for the feedback.

FH 0.7 Help / Support / Re: Help !
« on: 10-09-2020, 18:09:13 »
And your issue with FH 0.7 is...?

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 07-09-2020, 06:09:28 »
It is the T-34-76 numbered "450" that got blown up by a german Stug on the Ihantala-Kilpeenjoki road.

General Discussion / Re: Private messaging broken?
« on: 04-09-2020, 08:09:15 »
So it seems. Our sites have been instability issues as of late so this might very well be related to that.

Suggestions / Re: Owen gun for Aussies and NZ?
« on: 07-08-2020, 20:08:40 »
Well none of the maps we have australians on take place in 1942, and the gun was adopted in 1942. Operation Hyacinth is the only 1942 map that has New Zealand troops on, I highly doubt the LRDG would have received them tho.

Suggestions / Re: Owen gun for Aussies and NZ?
« on: 07-08-2020, 20:08:22 »
Owen guns were not used in North Africa or Greece to my knowledge.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 26-07-2020, 10:07:44 »
Not a russian tank, its a Landsverk Anti II. Fourth one is the BT-42.

Announcements / Re: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.57
« on: 06-07-2020, 20:07:14 »
Full steam ahead to France now. Hon hon!

Ihantala / Re: Ihantala 64
« on: 06-07-2020, 14:07:02 »
2.57 Changelog:

- Added a historically correct roadsign to the crossroad.

- Teamlocked the Bofors guns to make it more difficult to guess which ones are manned.
- Removed the spawn conditions for the IS-2 and ISU-152 so that they spawn the whole round. Increased the spawn time from 60 to 120 seconds, in order to balance their availability and to reduce overall explosive spamming slightly.
- Katjusha respawn time from 60 to 120 seconds to reduce the explosive spam a little bit.
- Increased the IL2 and Stuka minimum spawntime to 60 seconds to further reduce explosive spam.

Tali / Re: Tali 16
« on: 06-07-2020, 14:07:34 »
2.57 Changelog:

16 player Version:
- Changed the 16 player to a bleed setup similar to the 16 player version of Ihantala.

Tali / Re: Tali 32
« on: 06-07-2020, 14:07:58 »
2.57 Changelog

32 player version:
- Increased spawntime of all the T-34 M43s to 90 seconds.
- Added one Finnish M30 artillery and removed one Russian M30.
- Removed commander arty for both teams.

Tali / Re: Tali 64
« on: 06-07-2020, 14:07:13 »
2.57 Changelog:

- Fixed a few textures, floaters and other bugs.
- Fixed object lightmaps.
- Fixed terrain lightmaps.
- Recompiled groundhemis.
- Recompiled minimap.

64 player version:
- Teamlocked the Bofors guns to make it more difficult to guess which ones are manned.
- Increased the IL2 and Stuka minimum spawntime to 60 seconds.
- Increased the Katjusha spawntime to 120 seconds.
- Fixed the spawn conditions for the Finnish T34/85 and ISU-152. They will now spawn when all other four flags (not Portinhoikka) are captured by the russians.
- Balanced the ticket loss for both teams to 20 tickets per minute.
- Added one Panzerfaust pickup kit to Konkkalanvuoret
- Swapped spawnplaces for the ammo and normal Opel Blitz at Div Lagus main base
- Removed one T26 in the northern mainbase.

- Changed the spawn layout for the Finnish StuGs. Now 4 StuG's will always spawn at the northern mainbase, but nowhere else on the map. 2 additional StuG's spawns at the Northern Main if the Russians manage to capture all 5 flags.

- Tweaked several spawngroups. For example combining Finnish Murokallio spawngroups into one big group.

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