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Rest in peace Rad.

My condolences to the family.

General Discussion / Re: FHT - Hall of Fame
« on: 09-04-2010, 16:04:03 »

Map by Forgotten Hope 2, modifications by Forgotten Honor Tournament

Fort Capuzzo, during Operation Crusader

By the evening of the 25th of November, the German 15th Panzer Division were west of Sidi Azeiz and down to 53 tanks, practically the entire remaining tank strength of the Afrika Korps. Short on supplies and very exposed, the Axis column were close to losing their line of supplies. It's main supply dumps were on the coast between Bardia and Tobruk and supply convoys would have to find a way past the 4th and 6th NZ Brigade Groups.

On 26th of November, 15th Panzer Division bypassed Sidi Azeiz and headed for Bardia to resupply, arriving around midday. Meanwhile the remains of 21st Panzer Division attacked northwest from Halfaya towards Capuzzo and Bardia.  The Italian Ariete Division who were approaching Bir Ghirba from the west, were ordered towards Fort Capuzzo to clear any opposition and link with 21st Panzer. They were to be supported by 15th Panzer's depleted 115th Infantry Regiment which was ordered to advance with some artillery southeast from Bardia towards Fort Capuzzo. The two battalions of 5th NZ Brigade positioned between Fort Capuzzo and Sollum Barracks were engaged by the converging elements of 15th and 21st Panzer at dusk on 26 November.

Battle is Friday April 9th.  Make sure you are one of the many who have signed up for this exciting campaign.  Division are filling fast!  Click on the link below to register.

General Discussion / Re: FHT - Hall of Fame
« on: 08-04-2010, 15:04:41 »

Ill be leading the 247th Field Company ( Artillery Unit ).

Its gonna be a blast and with the new deployable spawnpoint everything will feel fresh and new.


Do you want to repeat all the great experiences that you had on FH1 ?

Now you can and with confirmed 64 players for 4 whole hours.

Play a Forgotten Hope 1 campaign spanning 13 battles across the Southeast Asia.

32x32 players every Saturday

This battle will be played Saturday 10 of April at 20hGMT on Forgotten Honor Tournament

Operation Thursday

Operation Thursday, Burma, February 5, 1944.

On February 5, 1944, Fergusson's 16th Brigade left Ledo for Burma. They avoided Japanese forces by traversing exceptionally difficult terrain. The rest of the Brigades were brought in by air to create fortified bases with airstrips. Three landing zones, codenamed Piccadilly, Broadway and Chowringhee were selected. Calvert's 77th Brigade prepared to fly by glider into Piccadilly on the night of March 5. A last-minute reconnaissance revealed Piccadilly to be covered with logs, making landing impossible. In some accounts of the incident, Wingate insisted that the operation had been betrayed and that the other landing zones would be ambushed. To proceed would be "murder". Slim accepted the responsibility of ordering a willing Calvert to proceed with the operation, using Broadway instead. Broadway was a worse landing ground and there were many casualties in crash landings, but Calvert's men were just able to make the strip fit to take transport aircraft. Chindit gliders landed on Chowringhee the next day. It was later revealed that the logs on Piccadilly had been placed there to dry by Burmese teak loggers. The real problem was the failure to maintain observation of the landing zones (e.g. with high-flying Spitfire photo-reconnaissance aircraft) before the forces were deployed.

Over the next week, 600 sorties transferred 9000 men to the landing zones. Chowringhee was abandoned once the fly-in was completed, but Broadway was held with a garrison which included field artillery, anti-aircraft guns and even Spitfire fighters for a brief period. Fergusson's brigade set up another base named Aberdeen north of Indaw, into which 14th Brigade was flown. Calvert's brigade established yet another, named White City at Mawlu, astride the main railway and road leading to the Japanese northern front. 111 Brigade set up ambushes and roadblocks south of Indaw (although part of the brigade which landed at Chowringhee was delayed in crossing the Irrawaddy River), before moving west to Pinlebu.
Ferocious jungle fighting ensued around Broadway and White City. At times, British and Japanese troops were in close combat, bayonets and kukris against katanas. On March 27, after days of aircraft attack, Japanese attacked Broadway for several nights before the attack was repulsed with flown-in artillery and the aid of Kachin irregulars locally recruited.

The 12th Imperial Japanese Ken-heidan and the 6th Australian Infantry Division are still recruiting man for battle.

Watch this recruitment videos.

  Not to sabotage your thread or anything but whatever happened to that Real-BadSeed fella?

Not really sure what happened to him, sorry.

Here are some pictures of this week map created by Real-BadSeed


Do you want to repeat all the great experiences that you had on FH1 ?

Now you can and with confirmed 64 players for 4 whole hours.

Play a Forgotten Hope 1 campaign spanning 13 battles across the Southeast Asia.

32x32 players every Saturday

This battle will be played Saturday 20 of Match at 20hGMT on Forgotten Honor Tournament

Operation Lilliput

Operation Lilliput, Buna - New Guinea, 1942.

After the defeat of the Japanese at Milne Bay, the Allies took the offensive in late 1942 with an attack on the Buna–Gona–Sanananda area of Papua. In this offensive, the KPM fleet was essential to the attacking force: virtually all of the troops, weapons, and supplies were carried by Dutch convoys of one or two vessels. These convoys, collectively known as Operation Lilliput, used the KPM  vessels Balikpapan, Bantam, Bontekoe, Both, Cremer, Janssens, Japara, Karsik, Maetsuycker, Patras, Reijnst, s’Jacob, Swartenhondt, Tasman, Thedens, Van den Bosch, VanHeemskirk, Van Heutz, Van Outhoorn, Van Spillbergen, and Van Swoll.

Such dangerous operations were not undertaken without loss. On 8 March 1943, s’Jacob was sunk off Oro Bay by Japanese bombers; Bantam fell victim to a similar attack later in the month, and was run aground as it was about to sink. Van Heemskirk was also sunk by aircraft at Oro Bay in April, and several other ships were seriously damaged by bombs.

In December 1942, with the campaign at Buna in jeopardy, and no landing craft available, the former train ferry Karsik  was pressed into service as an emergency tank landing ship, carrying four M-3 Stuart tanks of the Australian 2/6th Armoured Regiment to Oro Bay. This convoy (imaginatively named Operation Karsik) was a great success, and the tanks played a decisive role in the fighting. A second such voyage (Operation Tramsik) was quickly undertaken.

Is it the Chuck Norris player model ?

Looking forward to it!


Do you want to repeat all the great experiences that you had on FH1 ?

Now you can and with confirmed 64 players for 4 whole hours.

Play a Forgotten Hope 1 campaign spanning 13 battles across the Southeast Asia.

32x32 players every Saturday

This battle will be played Saturday 13 of Match at 20hGMT on Forgotten Honor Tournament

Conflict in Timor

The Conflict in Timor, Timor, 19 February, 1942.

In 1941, the island of Timor was divided to the Portuguese Timor and the Dutch Timor. The Australian and Dutch governments agreed that, in the event Japan entered World War II on the Axis side, Australia would provide forces to reinforce Netherlands Timor with a 1,400 strong Australian Army detachment, known as Sparrow Force, initially commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William Leggatt. Sparrow Force joined about 650 Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) troops under Lt Col. Nico van Straten. The Allied land forces were supported by the 12 Lockheed Hudson light bombers of No. 2 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the British Royal Artillery's 79th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery (which had served in the Battle of Britain).

Japanese landing began during the night of February 19–20, 1942, under the command of Col. Sadashichi Doi. The first contact was at Dili, the capital of Portuguese Timor. After surprise the garrison began an orderly retreat, covered by an 18-strong Australian commando section, which managed to kill an estimated 200 Japanese in the first hours of the battle.

On the same night, Netherlands Timor was under extremely intense air attacks, which had already caused the RAAF force to be withdrawn to Australia. The bombing was followed up by the landing of the main body of the 228th Regimental Group, supported by light tanks, on the undefended south west side of the island. The force advanced north, cutting off the Dutch positions in the west, and attacking the 2/40th Battalion positions at Penfui and a parallel Japanese thrust to the north-east aimed to cut off the Allied retreat. Sparrow Force HQ was immediately moved further east, towards Champlong.

Leggatt ordered the destruction of the airfield of Penfui, but the Allied line of flight had been cut off by the 3rd Yokosuka Special Naval Landing Force, near Usua. Sparrow Force HQ moved further eastward and Leggatt's men launched a sustained and devastating assault on the paratroopers, culminating in a bayonet charge. By the morning of February 23, the 2/40th had killed all but 78 of the paratroopers, but had been engaged from the rear by the main Japanese force once again.

With his soldiers running low on ammunition, exhausted and carrying 132 men with serious wounds, Leggatt consulted his men and then accepted a Japanese invitation to surrender, at Usua.

Hey Nikita.

How about organizing a clan cup or league for this ?

Just an ideia.

FHT Clan Team is interested aswell.


Play a Forgotten Hope1 campaign spanning 13 battles across the Southeast Asia.

32x32 players every Saturday

This battle will be played Saturday 6 of Match at 20hGMT on Forgotten Honor Tournament

Battle of Bukit Timah

Battle of Bukit Timah, Singapore, 11 February, 1942.

On 11 February, the Japanese reached the Bukit Timah area. It was an important place as the British had stocked up food and ammunition as well as vehicle and machine parts there. The north-eastern slope of the hill faced a reservoir, which was vital source of water supply. It was here that the fiercest fighting took place. Armed only with swords, grenades, rifles and guns that they used for hunting birds and animals, the Chinese Volunteers fought bravely, side by side with the Allied soldiers. Many on both sides were killed. The Japanese later took revenge on the Chinese by killing all the Chinese men, women and children found in the village.

The Battle of Bukit Timah was a momentous battle fought during World War II on 11 February 1942 in Singapore between the Allied forces and the Japanese forces. The battle was one of the bloodiest during the Japanese conquest, with staggering casualties suffered on both the defending locals who fought with the Allied forces, and the invading Japanese forces.Bukit Timah was a strategic location where the British had stockpiled ammunition and armoured and transportation vehicles. The hill also faces a body of important resource - a reservoir.The battle led to the fall of Nee Soon, further paralysing the logistic ability of the defending forces. After the fall of Singapore, Japanese troops took revenge by mass-killing Chinese men during the Sook Ching operation. Like most historic battle sites, the exact location of the Battle of Bukit Timah is subject to severe stereotyping, categorised by many locals as a site of much paranormal activity.


Dawn of the Rising Sun Japanese Trailer

Dawn of the Rising Sun Australia Trailer

Clans and Tournaments / Re: FH 0.7 campaign
« on: 27-01-2010, 00:01:31 »

The return of the great FH1 campaign is approaching and this week we have an interview with 2 HQ members.

{Ken} 12th Imperial Japanese Ken-heidan


FHT:What's your experience with organised tournaments?

Fidelis:This is my second campaign in HQ position in Forgotten Honor tournaments. I'm also one of the leaders and strategy planner for AirHawks BF1942 clan which takes part in various league and tournament competitions, so obviously organized teamplay is very important to me.

FHT:What would you say is the best part about playing this kind of game (tournaments)?

Fidelis:The best part is teamplay for sure. It's the right mix of friendships forged in battles and organized gameplay. Nothing beats the feeling of comradeship in massive 32 vs 32 battles.

FHT:What are you expectations for this new campaign?

Fidelis:First, I expect all of us to have a great time. That's the most important part. And of course, I expect to kick some Allied butts along the way!

FHT:As a commmander what would you require from your army players?

Fidelis:Requirements are not that tough. Only the taste for organized fighting and respect for other players. And weird sense of humor as well xD

FHT:I'm a brand new player, why should I join your side?

Fidelis :Because we will do our best to rewrite history and have loads of fun along the way. Also, for this campaign Axis HQ devised japanese specific award system, with special bushido honors and awards other then just medals. So, if you want to earn the honor of samurai, you are welcome to join us and try! Besides, we give free rice wine to every recruit! 

FHT:Anything more you wanna say?Any message for the enemy?

Fidelis:Sure... After the campaign, we can meet and have a cup of tea in Imperial Japanese province of London. I'm buying!

[6th] 6th Australian Infantry Division


FHT:What's your experience with organized tournaments? 

Stalin: First started back in Campaign 7 and 8, was just a fresh recruit then but moved my way up to second Lieutenant. Campaign 9 I got moved up to Captain, we were a small company but very tight knit so we did just fine  Campaign 10 I got moved up to HQ and was damned if I was going to lose my first time as HQ, was a rocky start but we pulled it together and took the gold in the end. Campaign 11 had a similar outcome but was ended early unfortunately.

FHT :What would you say is the best part about playing this kind of game (tournaments)?

Stalin: The best part? I would say would be getting to know a great group of people, or at least coming back with old friends. Of course winning is nice but winning doesnt matter if you arent having fun with it! haha

FHT:What are you expectations for this new campaign?

Stalin:I was never around when this campaign was last played but Ive always heard the veterans boast about it being a great one so I have high expectations for this one 

FHT:As a commmander what would you require from your army players?

Stalin:The discipline and dedication is KEY. You can be the best tanker/pilot/riflemen/ect but it doesnt help if your only sometimes playing or running off doing your own thing somewhere other than where you were told to be.

FHT:I'm a brand new player, why should I join your side?

Stalin:You should join our side because were going to win of course! But more importantly were going to have fun doing it! 

FHT:Anything more you wanna say?Any message for the enemy

Stalin: We hope for a good and tough battle Axis, but were going to win regardless

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