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Singleplayer and Coop / Omaha Beach Bots
« on: 14-11-2021, 01:11:58 »
It seems like for at least Veteran and above on Omaha the player has to carry the American Team. The German bots are just too good at sniping the American bots, and the American bots don't seem to know how to attack the hill objectives. Is there some way to improve this?

I've only been able to get close to winning as the US by first rushing the mortar kit and killing the MG42s on my own, then using a deployed BAR and crawling down the trenches on each hill (as then the AI can't snipe me and I can quickly kill groups of them that swarm down the trench).

It seems like once the AI gets onto open ground it does fine.

Is the solution to play on a lower difficulty? I've also tried seeing if I could join MP servers (because it seems from videos that with human players the map is more balanced/enjoyable), but they all seem empty.

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