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That's right, It's been 10 years! since Forgotten hope 1.0 was released.

14th of December, 2007

The release news post:

Oh man, I wish I would have prepared something for this, art piece, wallpaper, a song, anything really, but truth is I forgot until I looked at the date today and realized it looked familiar.

It's been 10 glorious years since we opened the North African front for invasion, and what an amazing ride it's been! We've seen additions after additions of equipment, weapons, vehicles, locations and armies. We've seen the Western Europe front open, and countless of tournaments and map packs from the talented community that formed around FH.

After even more vehicles, equipment, armies and locations, and countless of developer commits, we finally released the long awaited Eastern Front, and still the community outdid itself with more tournaments and map packs, and even still people are playing, nigh on 2 years later.

I salute the developers of Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942
I salute the developers of Forgotten Hope 2
I salute the communities that have formed around FH through out the years, that have worked unselfishly on amazing tournaments and map packs
But most importantly I salute you, the players of FH & FH2!

Thank you all so much for your participation and involvement with this amazing game/mod/community.


FatJoe, former dev
Love from Iceland

Ps. click on Winston Churchill's link in the original news post for an easter egg recording ;)

Developer Blogs / Promises promises
« on: 02-09-2013, 15:09:27 »
Hey, remember that time when FH2 won ModDB's Mod Of The Year Award, back around 3 years ago or so? Those were good times.

Do you remember when a certain community manager said that if we'd win, he'd dress up in a pink tutu and celebrate? No? Well a certain community manager did say that, and we did win, and some community members absolutely refuse to forget it.

But I guess promises, unlike hope, are not meant to be forgotten or broken. It's time to man up. It's time I make good on my promise only so many years later, and finally post a picture of me in a pink tutu:

.... discuss

Gaming / Godsrule: War of Mortals
« on: 16-01-2013, 12:01:58 »
Free to Play, hah!
Casual, bah-humbug!
Browser based, smowser faced!

Nevertheless, that's what I and the game studio I work for have been working at for a while now. It's certainly a Browser Based & Free-to-Play, perhaps more midcore than it is casual, featuring an RTS themed battle system, pretty colors and lots of beards! It's called..

War of Mortals

You start out by choosing between two rival factions, The Souls of Ascension (the new gods) or The Keepers of the Ancient (the old gods). After which you start setting up your village, and begin building an army worthy of yourself. (No tanks, sorry.. However, vikings with beards!)

With this army you fight over the control of territories in an RTS styled battle system. You can also combine your army with other players by joining/creating a clan in order to fight together. That said, I would love to see a Forgotten Hope Clan!

Here's a trailer with a really gloomy music!

We're currently in Closed Beta, but will launch Open Beta not too far off now. If you're interested in trying it out and giving us a helping hand in making the game better, all feedback is welcome!
Sign up at

To end this shameless advertising,
Here's a blue brute with a ridiculously big hammer!

Gaming / Hawken - Closed Beta Keys
« on: 26-10-2012, 14:10:41 »

I'm sure many of you already know of this Free2Play Mech game, for an indie game it hasn't really been flying below the radar..

But for those who aren't familiar with it, Hawken is a action filled Mech combat game developed by Adhesive Games, an independent studio. The game focuses on bringing intense and fast paced action as well as progressive gameplay.

Perhaps similar to World of Tanks, you buy a Mech type and you select it's loadout, spending experience points on upgrades and money on special equipment. Depending on the upgrades you are able to customize your Mech to your role.

After participating in the Alpha, I have to say that Hawken does a terrific job in capturing the feeling of piloting a Mech and the atmosphere is amazing! It may, however, seem a rather bit faster than many MechWarrior fans are used to.

But instead of yapping on about it's gameplay, how about a video of the game in action..

If you like to know more and get ready for the games release on 12.12.12, check the games site at and enlist!

"But wait! There's more!"

Adhesive games are having a Closed Beta test session this weekend (27-28 Oct), starting tonight (Friday) and ending on Monday.

As I happen to have contacts within Meteor Entertainment, Hawkens Publisher, I managed to get 10 Beta Keys to give to you guys in the FH2 community. The beta key should also work for any upcoming Beta Test Sessions.

So if you want in, request for a key, the 10 first to do so will get one in a PM from me.

aaaand go!

Off-Topic / From Space to Earth in 17 minutes (± 3)
« on: 09-10-2012, 13:10:16 »
Austrian Felix Baumgartner is making an epic jump from the edge of space. Felix will ascend in a helium balloon to an altitude of 120,000 ft / 36,576 m where he will take a leap of faith into the unknown in an attempt to become the first person to break the speed of sound during freefall. The descent is estimated to take 15-20 minutes

In short: Exciting Shit happening soon!

Check it out, live, here:

Kev4000 asked the same question about 2 years ago or so.

A lot can happen in a year, let alone 2 of them, so I decided that the list was a bit outdated and wanted to ask the question again.

The result might change, for example, the size of the in-game welcome message.. :)


Off-Topic / Tiny Places (shameless advertising)
« on: 15-12-2011, 16:12:03 »
Hi everybody!!

I threatened to do some shameless advertising in here when the time would come, so here it is.. ;)

I've been rather busy with work for a while (instead of working on FH2, sadly) doing late evenings and overtime on a iOS game.
The fruit of that labor is now out on iTunes, for any iPhone or iPad people here :)

The game is called Tiny Places (full name: Amazing Napoleon's Great Escape From Tiny Places) and it's a physics based arcade puzzler kind of game.

Here is a small YouTube video by our publisher, Big Fish Games, of Tiny Places.

And here is a link to it on the app store (Free Version) (Full Version)
We've also got an iPad version of the game (Free) (Full)

This is the first game I actually work on in production and is for sale, so I'm kinda excited for this one..
I guess beer is in order tomorrow!  ;D

/shameless advertising

hopefully this also means I'll have more time for FH2? :)

Gaming / Heroes and Generals
« on: 11-10-2011, 12:10:59 »
I just ran across this game on ModDB. Called Heroes and Generals, has a similar idea as WWIIOL and is being developed by Reto-Moto / IO Interactive.

It has some interesting ideas for gameplay and looks alright enough.

Their development model is user driven which seems kinda cool and that they're currently accepting alpha registration...

I at least registered for it and am going to test it out, anyone with me? :)

check out their alpha registration thing here:

and discuss!

Off-Topic / Happy New Year 2011
« on: 31-12-2010, 18:12:38 »

I assume everyone will be using their rifle of choice to fire up their Firework Rifle Rockets?

I just want to thank everyone for their support and the interesting and fun battles provided during the passing year as well as to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope we'll have even more fun and interesting battles in the coming winter front :)

Happy New Year! ;D

Off-Topic / Question on Soviet tent equipment..
« on: 27-05-2010, 23:05:29 »
My friend needs some information about the tent kit the soviets were issued. More specificly on the Pole and the pegs that came with it. When these were issued and where did they store it when moving?

He's been doing some search of his own but hasn't found anything yet. So he asked me to ask around for him. Knowing the forum dwellers here as a crazy bunch, I figured I might as well check on you guys :)

So anyone know this?

Right.. So as you may or may not know or realize is that Iceland is an island in the middle of the north Antlantic ocean and is volcanically and geologically active.

About a month ago a volcano erupted at Fimmvörðuháls, a popular hiking path between two glaciers. That volcano was rather small but quite beautiful. As the images below display:

Damage was none except for the fact that a new mountain now sits on top of that popular hiking path. Two casualities were reported before the end of the volcano when a group of two women and a man got lost in their jeep in the area after exploring the volcano. They left their jeep seperatly and later on, two were found dead out of exhaustion or cold. The other woman was found cold and tired but has recovered physically. This Volcano stopped two days ago, just in time before I could go there with my coworkers and snap some photos. But since two days ago all has been quiet..

..until tonight

Those of you who have heard about Katla, shouldn't panic. :)
Katla hasn't errupted yet, but Eyjafjallajökull has.

Eyjafjallajökull is a glacier (jökull = glacier) so when a volcano erupts under a glacier, floodings ensue and surely that's what's happening. As I type this I'm looking at the first images of the flooding through Markárfljót, the river that runs from the glacier's north side and out to sea, and reports alert that the flooding might cover nearby farms that have already been evacuated throughout the night.

The water has now reached the Ring Road that goes 1,339 km's around the island. The road besides the bridge over Markárfljót has be ruptured by the government to allow the river to flow besides the bridge as well, in order to reduce the pressure that sits on the bridge ( it's easier to repair the road than rebuild the bridge ) and allready the water is forcing it's way through there with noises. All transportations between South East Iceland and South West Iceland has to go the extra 1000 km's up north.

This volcano is reported to be 10-20 times larger than the volcano at fimmvörðuháls and already the airspace over eastern Iceland has been closed, with possibilities of expanding said no-fly zone over to Norway or as far as Russia, according to the news. No casualities have been reported and I don't really expect them.

Rupturing the road so the flooding can come through..

A cloud of steam from the volcano reaches up to 15000 ft's

So, What of Katla?
Well to begin with, if Katla erupts, you'll know about it..
..Unless you live in a cave, and even then you'd eventually find out!

Katla erupts about ever 60-80 years.. Last time it erupted was 1918 so it's well overdue. It's believed that traces from past Katla eruptions can be found in many locations such as Norway and Scotland, and I've heard geophysicists say that if Katla erupts with all it's power and might, the overall temperature of the earth could drop by 1-2 °C though I believe that's just scary talk..
..still makes one wonder.

So, what news of it?
It might errupt the next couple of months or next couple of years. Volcano in Eyjafjallajökull is often considered a trigger to a Katla eruption.

I'll update this thread with new information when things start to clear up, and post better pictures when we have them :)

.. god, I love this island!

General Discussion / A guide to Pointe Du Hoc
« on: 05-09-2009, 12:09:17 »
With FH2.2's release date announced I wanted to go into details on one of the new Normandy maps, Pointe Du Hoc, from the Rangers point of view.

At start you spawn in the British LCA and head for shore. Before you lies the large cliff of Pointe Du Hoc which you and the rest of the 2nd Rangers will have to scale to complete your objectives. To scale the cliff you need special hook pickup kit that can be found lying about in few of those beached LCA's

Now there aren't many of those kits about so those who do grab them will be setting up access points to the top of those cliffs for the whole team. So consider the next couple of points as a general guideline to effectively use those hooks.

Throwing those hooks effectively can be a bit tricky at first but you'll quickly get a hang of it. A good beginners rule is to aim at the cliff's edge befor you throw, as displayed:

After throwing the hook, give it 2 or 3 seconds to align it self to the terrain, until it stops moving. You want to make sure the rope is properly secured befor you start climbing. Also, In order to prevent yourself from loosing your grip on the rope and fall down and hurt yourself, You have to make sure that the rope is in a good straight line before you start climbing. If the rope is too loose or tangled you should pick it up again ( default key: G ) and re-throw it.

Another good rule is to keep your distance from each others rope. By keeping your distance, if you failed your throw, you reduce the possibility of picking up other players rope that might have some rangers climbing it. This will also allow you to spread the access points up the cliff over a large area, making it harder for the enemy to cover your access points. 

After throwing your hook and scaling the cliff, it's a good team play move to just leave your hook and rope on the cliff for others to climb. Another good move is for the first one up to provide cover for others to join you.

On top of that cliff you now have a very hard fight on your hands. But with good teamwork and coordination you can start your advance inland and work your way towards the Homestead. Upon capturing the second last flag, the "Farm", you reveal the location of four artillery guns.

These guns are the objective of the map and have to be destroyed in order to overrun the enemy. This is where the thermite grenade comes into play as these artillery guns can only be destroyed with the thermite grenade, found in the engineer kit.

Normal grenades, bazookas or even flamethrower will not destroy these artillery guns.

Now the thermite grenade is not like your normal grenade as it doesn't explode. For this very reason it needs to be placed ON the gun, in order for it to wreck the gun. Placing it next to the gun will not do any damage to it. I personally recommend the levers and wheels to traverse the gun.

Upon destroying those guns you should assault the last flag and secure the area.

I hope this has informed you on how to operate both the new hooks and the thermite grenades, both objects playing key-roles in this map. Good luck and godspeed Rangers! ;)

Off-Topic / Icelandic spygames in '44
« on: 01-09-2009, 15:09:38 »
This morning I noticed a news item on a local news website, describing how german spies infiltrated Iceland only to be captured shortly afterwards by British agents.

It's not much but I decided to share with you guys anyway as some might find it interesting to read from some newly-released MI5 documents.

During the Second World War, Iceland became tactically important for both sides and Germany sent a series of spies to gather weather information about the area to send back to the Luftwaffe.

But by May 1944 they had become convinced that any naval assault on their forces would be launched from Iceland, MI5 files released on Tuesday by the National Archives in Kew show.

The Germans put together a hurried plan to send three spies to the country to monitor troop movements in a bid to foil Allied attempts to liberate France.

Three Allied forces agents, named Miller, Hoan and Frick, were having dinner in their hotel in Seydisfjordur, Iceland, on the evening of May 5, 1944, when they got wind of the scheme.

A seal hunter had spotted three strangers behaving suspiciously near Borgarfjordur.

The agents tried to alert an Allied ship anchored off the coast in that area but were told it could take hours before it got up enough steam to sail, by which time the men could be deep into the Icelandic wilderness.

So they persuaded the seal hunter to be their guide, borrowed a boat and in the early hours of the morning landed near where the men had been seen.

They hiked across the snow, through the night, following the faint trail left by the spies until finally, at 6am the following day, they spotted them.

Their report notes: ''We cocked our pistols and quickened our pace.''

They surrounded the men, who very quickly confessed to being German soldiers, but claimed they had been sent only to gather meteorological information.

Ernst Fresenius, an avowed Nazi loyalist, was in fact the only German. The other two men, Hjalti Bjornsson and Sigurdur Juliusson, were Icelanders who had been hired as mercenaries by the Nazi military.

They were frogmarched to a farmhouse two miles away where Miller and Frick kept them prisoner while Hoan went back to find the radio transmitter the men had hidden.

A search revealed that the men had £9,000 of sterling, dollars and German marks on them.

It took six interrogation sessions back in UK to establish that the arrested men were in fact trained spies looking for information on troop and naval movements and ships in fjords.

They had attended a special school in Oslo where they learned secret writing, code and sabotage.

The two Icelanders were happy to talk freely about who ran the school, what they learned and even draw diagrams of each room, hoping that they would be set free to return home.

But the German Fresenius was a harder nut to crack and withheld his secret radio call sign from interrogators right until the very end in a bid to stop them sending double-crossing information back to his German masters.

Despite his efforts, British agents did manage to send a message to German control purporting to be from Fresenius and discovered a second radio transmitter he had hidden in the Icelandic hills.

The file notes that it was a badly planned expedition and so rushed that the three enemy spies had barely been given a cover story. They were told to admit to being German spies looking for meteorological information but to keep back the true aim of the trip in a bid to conceal German concern about a naval attack.

Even an examination of their wireless transmitter by British experts found that it had been hurriedly put together without proper parts and valves - which was taken as a sign of increasing equipment shortages in the German forces.

Any hopes that Fresenius, Bjornsson and Juliusson had of returning home or of a dramatic rescue by their spymasters proved hollow.

All three were handed over to the American forces and their file ends with a report from the interrogation camp. It concludes: ''There is a vague suggestion that the Germans would be sufficiently interested in Fresenius to arrange for his return from Iceland in a U-boat. My own view is that the Germans will abandon these unsuccessful spies and that any attempts to arrange for a submarine will be doomed to failure.

''In my report of 22.5.44 I said the decision may well be that this man should be court martialled and shot. Today I see no reason to depart from that view.''


Off-Topic / a new Web Based MMO WWII strategy game
« on: 04-08-2009, 23:08:27 »
I recently discovered a game being worked on by a Finnish Game development company, Sauma Technologies, which has a development branch here in Iceland. Due to the nature of the game I thought some of you might find it quite interesting.

This game, Hours of War, is a browser based Massively Multiplayer Online War Strategy Game set in the Second World War. And to qoute their webpage, "In Hours of War, you build your career as a military commander, and battle alongside and against your friends in epic World War II battles." The game features battles like Allied landing in Normandy 1944, the Battle of the Bulge along with many other of Western Europe.

They plan on adding more content and scenarios in the future, including the Soviet mass offensive against Finland at Tali-Ihantala during the Continuation War, in 1944. Also interesting is that they also plan to link their scenarios together, to form longer campaigns.

Like many other web based MMO games, it's tick-based, meaning you have certain ammount of moves per certain ammount of time. With these moves you command your units as a Battalion Commander while higher ranking commanders will command other players, giving direction with mail or chat and explaining the plan with drawing tools. Meanwhile you build your career as a commander, gaining points and medals.

It's still in development.

There will be a monthly subscription fee. What the exact fee will be, will be announced later.

Check their webpage for more info

And here are some screenshots:

I'm looking forward to this one. :O

What do you think?

Hi, Welcome to my FH2 Wallpaper collection :)

Here below you'll find a list of all my FH2 wallpapers that have been released. This list will be updated when new wallpapers become available. I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I enjoy contributing something to this awesome community :)

The size varies a bit for the first couple of wallpapers mainly due to disorganization. Future wallpapers will be made in 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200 and 1680x1050. Those should be the standard from now on but perhaps other will show up as well for special occations..

So.. lets get started on that list!
Sorted by dates (newest first)

FH2.4 Release Image

As promised, here is the actual Release Image Wallpapers for FH2.4

I would like to note, since I've had some questions regarding it, that you are not able to deploy MG's while crouching or standing. You can pose that way, which is what I did, but you can't use it like that and so I am sorry for getting your hopes up. It does look cool though :)
Also, I'd like to thank our testers for the support on this image. It would have been really hard posing as all those Germans all by my self, so thanks guys!

I hope this should cool down your desktop until FH2.4 arrives :)




1680x1050 widescreen

1920x1080 widescreen

1920x1200 widescreen

FH2 Winter Wallpaper

With the cold Winter front coming up soon, in FH2.4, I figured it's about time to perhaps do one more of these. In the same style as the Fire and the Foliage one, I wanted to have something that displays the next front in a simple and cool way. I'm personally kinda satisfied with it, happy with the how the shadows turned out :)

Anyway, I hope it won't be too long now until we can nail down a date on 2.4! :D




1680x1050 widescreen

1920x1080 widescreen

1920x1200 widescreen

War is Hell

Little bit silhouette homage to SPR/BoB and a bit of a gloomy homage to the FH2 header on our website (& burning city of Brest). War isn't always pretty pictures and candy, so yes, this one is a bit heavier than the ones before. I sometimes like to stray away from the norm and experiment with new look and feel. I doubt everyone will like this one but then again, it might please someone else.

This was my first idea of the 2.3 release image. :)




1680x1050 widescreen

1920x1280 widescreen

FH2.3 Release Image

I'm actually kinda pleased with how this one turned out. Originally it was a bit different and a lot darker, sadder (I'll show you that one, one day :) ) but turned out to be a bit problematic as it didn't fit a message the other devs wanted to send with the release of 2.3, and so I ended up doing this one in just under 2 hours, yesterday evening with assistance from Remduls past work and GooGeLs second opinion.

It has a bit of an Americanism in it because of the Americanism in 2.3 (3 all American maps for example) Feels kind of patriotic and.. cool, if I may say so myself. :)

Happy 2.3 on Friday, everybody ;)




1680x1050 widescreen

1920x1280 widescreen

FH2 Foliage Wallpaper

No special occasion or anything this time. I've been working on a little something special for our ModDB site ( it's not ready yet :P ) and somehow ended on creating a wallpaper from the same content. I figured some of you might like it so here it is. :)

The leaves seen there are actually the same you see ingame ;)




1680x1050 widescreen

1920x1200 widescreen

FH2.26 Release Image

Now since everyone is busy downloading FH2.26, the site is on low bandwidth mode and no room for pretty pictures :)

So here it is instead, the FH2.26 release image. Finally I got the chance to put Photoshop CS5 to work. There's alot more to play with though so you might expect more stuff once I have time. The two big versions get a bit more space to the right showing of "On to Victory" poster I originally made for us devs, while we were pushing for 2.2, if I remember correctly.

This time around, Zrix came up with the idea of the image and I took it from there. As I still don't have a bigger screen I got Eat Uranium to take some screenshots for me to do a 1680x1050 version. Thanks you guys :)

Now go and enjoy 2.26 ;)




1680x1050 widescreen

FH2 Fire Wallpaper

I made this one a long time ago, while being inspired by FHT artwork, but for some reason never released it and only recently came across it again. I figured I might as well share it with you guys. Not much else to say about this one except that it was the first one I made with full 1920x1200 resolution support.

Simple but cool ( or hot! ) Some of you might enjoy it ;)




1680x1050 widescreen

1920x1280 widescreen

FH2.2 Release Image

Now I think it's 'bout time to change that image in the background, how 'bout you all? ;)

I proudly present the FH2.2 release image, featuring Americans, British, Canadians & Germans, and only a portion of the the vehicle arsenal of the fourth FH2 release.

I'd like to thank our testers for the support on this image but this is the first release image created with actual actors, plus a thanks to Remdul for making some special closeup renders for me. I'd also like to thank Aggroman for taking the screenshots for me, allowing me to create a wallpaper of the size of 1920x1200. Thanks guys :)

For now, this one comes in the standard 5 sizes.. but if you post your resolution, I could sum up the most popular ones and do those sizes as well.

Enjoy ;)




1680x1050 widescreen

1920x1200 widescreen

Joe's Birthday present to the Community

It's my 25th birthday and to celebrate, I planned to give you guys a new, fun, wallpaper. It features my favorite vehicle through-out World War 2 and it's more artistic than many others and you have to be a bit familiar to Monty Python to "get it" ( if you're  not check this: )

Hope you guys like it :)

In four diffirent sizes:




1680x1050 widescreen

65th anniversary of D-Day

Since there has been no update or news today, I decided to take the liberty to throw this D-Day Wallpaper at the community, so atleast we get something for 65th anniversary of D-Day. It has a bit of a modern feel, perhaps a bit CoD5 inspired artwork feel, if you will.

In four diffirent sizes:




1680x1050 widescreen

FH2.15 Release Image

This is the FH2.15 Release image. This one comes in 4 sizes as well, (not in 1600x1200 though :\ ) and in two version each, one clean version and one with black borders around it. Purly an artistic experiment on my behalf :)




1680x1050 *

* - junk means it's a bit pixelated because I scaled it up to reach the resolution.. Mainly because my screen doesn't support 1600x1200, let alone 1680x1050 :P

FH2.0 Release Image

This is the epic FH2.0 Release image. This one comes only in 2 sizes as it was originaly photoshopped as actual giant wallpaper.. found here



No newer wallpapers were made.

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