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Hello Everyone,
I am happy to announce and invite you to help celebrate our 18th clan anniversary. To start off the event we will be hopping in the largest server PlayFH2 at around 2pm EST. Please feel free to say hello on Teamspeak or on our Discord.

We also want to throw a big Thank-you to the FH2 Devs for keeping this amazing mod alive after all these years. We still can't wait to see what great content you guys will deliver.


Founded in 2003, our clan, the Defenders of Stalingrad is different from any clan you will ever meet. We do this by challenging the defining goals many clans impose. These other clans burden their members with requests for large sums of money, large time investment, and force their members to follow unnecessary rules. They forget the reason you want to be in a clan is to share ideas, meet others who share your pc gaming interests, and to ultimately have fun.

For over 8 years we have followed our vision in the gaming community. As a result, we have impacted the lives of thousands of gamers from North America to Western Europe while playing the many games we love. While we have supported some of the biggest gaming titles, what further helps to set us apart is our focus on the more niche titles.

Starting in September 2011, we have begun to support Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It is the namesake game of |DOS|, and we hope to defend that name in the battles ahead. Forgotten Hope 2, Killing Floor, and World of Tanks continue to be supported in our clan as well. Do you play any of these games? Want to get to know a clan unlike any other? Check us out today!

Official Site:

Teamspeak 3 IP:
Time Zone: Primarily EST and CST
Server Locations: TS3-Chicago, RO2-KF-Detroit, MOHAA-New York, KF-London

Clan Email:

Joining Requirements:
-- A Supported Game (ex. Red Orchestra 2, Killing Floor, Forgotten Hope 2, World of Tanks)
-- 17+
-- TeamSpeak 3 & Microphone
-- Steam

Suggestions / Re: crawl with weapons
« on: 18-07-2011, 09:07:46 »
I agree, this was something I noticed earlier, would be cool if the crawling speed could be a bit faster if you use the sprint key and the animations could be a bit different too!

Suggestions / Re: Forgotten Hope 2.4 Community Advertisement
« on: 14-07-2011, 05:07:22 »
Awesome man sounds like your doing great. I tried this last release and didnt get too much traction, it seems people are helping out even more this time. I really think FH2 can be an extremely popular mod, it will just take some advertising effort.

Suggestions / Re: Forgotten Hope 2.4 Community Advertisement
« on: 14-07-2011, 04:07:13 »
Thanks Devs, I updated the post with the additional information, and took the suggestions of a few others and submitted to fpsadmin and nvnews.

Suggestions / Forgotten Hope 2.4 Community Advertisement
« on: 13-07-2011, 04:07:53 »
Let's do some more community advertisement to bring awareness to the Forgotten Hope 2 Community and this great mod. Over the next week I will be updating this post with the latest information, additional links and places to help spread the word.

Community Websites: (cod and bad company 2 are included due to popularity, just post in off topic sections of those forums)

FH Youtube Channel:

Games Radar Submit News:

PC Gamer Mod Suggestions:

Post the Forgotten Hope Forum Advertisement on any of the above forums and any others you find!

Forgotten Hope 2.4 Releases on Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 18:00 UTC

-New Maps; Vossenack, Battle of Hurtgen Forest, Battle for Bastogne, Eppeldorf, Meuse River-1944
-New Weapons; ZB vz. 26, M1910 Shovel, Leuchtpistole 34, M9 "Bazooka", M1903A1 Springfield, Model 39 Eihandgranate, M1919 A6 Browning
-New Cannons & Artillery; Smoke Mortar Rounds for all factions
-New Vechicles; M4A3 (76)W Sherman, Willys MB Calliope, Sd.Kfz. 250, Fiat 626, Sd.Kfz 7, Jagdpanzer IV/70, Jagdpanzer 38(t) 'Hetzer', M4A3 Sherman, Jagdpanther, German Panther G, M-24 Chaffee and other winter varients of existing vehicles 
-Improved Tank System; Angled Damage Modifier, Adjusted FOV, Improved HE Explove Effects, and Turret Traverse System
-Improved Infantry Combat with removed crosshair and improved movement physics, also includes German and American Winter Player Models
-Enhanced Graphics; New Shaders, Color Correction, Blur Effect
-Greatly improved sounds and effects
-BF2 Steam version compability and fixing of all shader bugs (will no longer break bf2 settings and shaders, ever. Separated directories)
-New Forgotten Hope 2 Awards System

-36 Maps to Play Online including El Alamein, Point Du Hoc, Invasion of Crete, Anctoville, and Battle of Hurtgen Forest
-Over 15 Maps have Singleplayer Bot Support, with improved abilities and weapon use
-Fight with  over 75 weapons  used by Germany, Great Britian, United States, Canada, and Italy
-Drive nearly 120 unique vechicles belonging to the different sides of WW2
-Fly 16 unique aircraft for Germany, United States, and Britain

Check out the Official Website   @
                       Official Twitter     @!/ForgottenHope2
                       Official Youtube   @
                       Official Facebook @

FH2.4 Official Trailer:


The Defenders of Stalingrad are looking to find like-minded enthusiastic players that enjoy having a good time while playing great games. We are primarily located in North America and Western Europe and have been established in the community for 8 years. |DOS| has been competitive in many games in the past and will continue to be in the future.

At the present, we are actively playing Killing Floor, Forgotten Hope 2, and World of Tanks . In the future we plan to fully support Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad. Having fun is our main goal and we spend the majority of our time playing games, relaxing in Teamspeak, and fighting clan matches. Please check out our website below and feel free to join us in our Teamspeak at any time.

Official Site:

Teamspeak 3 IP:
Time Zone: Primarily EST and CST
Server Locations: TS3-Chicago, COD:BO-Chicago, KF-Detroit, MOHAA-New York

Clan Email:
Clan Leader Xfire: johnkeel105
Recruiter Xfires: fubrar919, dosdracodos, stix9693, c8ball16, superkar3

Joining Requirements:
-- A Supported Game (ex. Killing Floor, Forgotten Hope 2, World of Tanks)
-- 17+
-- TeamSpeak 3 & Microphone
-- Xfire or Steam

8 Years in the Making

We have recently added a Forgotten Hope Server as well. Currently it is focusing on all 16 player maps. So now North American players can get their small skirmish need filled.

Suggestions / Re: Bombers
« on: 05-01-2011, 07:01:48 »
Forgotten Hope 1 had many bombers and I actually enjoyed pulling off bomber missions into enemy territory while fully loaded with clan members. I wish I could do this in Forgotten Hope 2. Is it perfectly realistic, probably not, but I think it can realistically represent a war time situation which involved these heavy bombers. Bring on the 4K sized maps, I am ready for some bombing runs, some all Air and anti-air maps would be awesome.

We are working on a server for Forgotten Hope 2. We should have one for matches. Once it is deemed stable we may look into taking it public.

Suggestions / Re: Community Advertisement
« on: 29-12-2010, 19:12:38 »
Well MOTY certainly doesn't hurt anything lol

General Discussion / Re: North America: Play More!
« on: 29-12-2010, 19:12:29 »
Ya know I put together a whole thread on community advertisement and it didn't seem to gather much attention. I mean I love playing with this community and the people are great, but I swear many around here want to treat FH2 as exclusive to just the little group on the forums. If the mod isn't advertised and a larger fan base isn't created. One day we will log on and no one will be there.

|DOS| would like to help with this. We will be relaunching our Forgotten Hope 2 server at some point during January. The server will be based out of Michigan, so it should be decent for those on the East and West Coast.

General Discussion / Re: MOTY 2010
« on: 24-12-2010, 23:12:43 »
Excellent, time for FH to recieve some much needed advertisement!

Suggestions / Re: Community Advertisement
« on: 24-12-2010, 23:12:54 »
I think with the win of Mod of the Year it is time to start spreading the mod once again!

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