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Title: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Adûnâi on 16-08-2021, 04:08:47
Just got an e-mail about the news, wanted to say my thanks and RiP.
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Toddel on 16-08-2021, 10:08:55
My best friend and long-time companion died today after a long, serious illness. ArminAce, or in the real name Peter Wal, was a leader in the beginnings of Forgotten Hope at Battelfield in 1942 and had a decisive influence on this mod.
I mourn the loss of a real friend who has always been fair to every member of the community, but who has also always made sure that things are fair in real life. Our condolences go to his wife Monique Wal and his family.
Peter will be buried in a few days.
I / WE will never forget what he has done for us.

Wow. That is a BAD News.  :-[

I think i can speak for the whole Forgotten Hope Team and for the Players that we are deeply hit.

Our greatest condolences for a Big Member of this Mod and the Battlefield ( If not the complete ) Modding Community itself.

I for myself want to say " Thank You " for all the great hours of joy i had playing Forgotten Hope 1 and working on Forgotten Hope 2. All the Love of Detail, Eastereggs and genious Concepts we found in your Maps and Models! 

Thank you for inspiring me to start myself to model, texture and map , my own carreer in the Gaming Industry...

We salute you!

All the Best to the People who were left behind. We are with you at this bad times.
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: FatJoe on 16-08-2021, 12:08:23
Heartbreaking news :(

ArminAce and his work set the foundation and mood of Forgotten Hope as a series, a mod that impacted us as players and influenced other games to follow a similar path. But more personally he inspired us as developers and in some cases shaped our careers.

Playing Forgotten Hope in the old days was only fun (and alleviated the frustration from the inaccuracies of BF42) but I never suspected that the community and developers would become as big a part of my life as it did. A second family of sorts. In this family, ArminAce played the role of a grandfather, and for that role he'll be sorely missed by me and many others.

My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Rest in peace Peter, you will always be part of our team.
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Stubbfan on 16-08-2021, 14:08:07
This is so sad.

Armin Ace created a really big portion of the things i loved with FH1 and is a very big reason why i am here even today.

You will not be forgotten.
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Osis on 16-08-2021, 19:08:11
Salute from Operation Peacekeeper. Sad to hear that he lost his longest and hardest battle. 

He was a nice guy and many years ago always a great guy and communitymember in the best times of BF-Modding.

Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: batistadk on 16-08-2021, 20:08:04
Received the e-mail with this sad news. I did not know Armin and haven't a chance to talk to him, but it's a great loss to the FH community and mainly, for family and close friends.

My condolences! Armin will stay alive through his hard work and dedication to the modding community.

R.I.P. man!
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Oberst Topgun on 16-08-2021, 20:08:45
Very sad news to hear :(

RIP, Peter.

I once had the pleasure to meet him at a LAN Party back in 2004. Very sympathic and kind guy.
Showed me some very WIP projects he was working on, i do appreciate this long time. He was a true mastermind and a core fh dev from the very early beginnings.

I wish his family all the strenght they need.

Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: LuckyOne on 17-08-2021, 09:08:15
My condolences to his family, this is indeed very sad news and a huge loss for the Battlefield modding community.

BF1942 and FH1 was a good chunk of my younger days and even though I started playing online when the mod popularity had already faded I can still appreciate the gigantic amount of quality work that went into it, and I can see why his work served as a great inspiration for what FH2 is today.

As long as the spirit of Forgotten Hope lives, so will our memory of him.

Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Seth_Soldier on 17-08-2021, 11:08:52
Immense respect for him.

He has made my favorite maps in FH.
Forgotten Hope had a huge impact on me and many people and is a huge source of inspiration for many games.
The whole ww2 gaming community owes him a lot.

I salute his memory

Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: saereth on 18-08-2021, 05:08:37
Wow, ArminAce.. I remember senordingdong and I recruiting him for the project many moons ago when it was just the two of us. Yes he was one of the originals and a very dedicated individual. Without him Forgotten Hope wouldn't have existed. He was one of the very first to pour his heart and soul into the project. And was very talented individual. RIP ArminAce, a good friend, gone but not forgotten as you leave a legacy behind that many have enjoyed and continue to enjoy.
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Die Happy on 18-08-2021, 09:08:52
I never knew Armin  personally or really had any direct contact. However i know he had a great influence on FH. As one of the og devs i ve seen his name in many changelogs and updates to know he was important to the project as a whole.

my condolences this his friends and family
RiP ArminAce
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: 16floz470ml on 19-08-2021, 19:08:48
I hope he is in Valhalla.  Time really does fly.  I always liked pc gaming but never got into it like when Forgotten Hope came out.  Playing was something I looked forward to every day.  Back in the old days they had a server called Wolf based in the US.  Even all the Euros would wait in line to play on it.  I remember playing with ArminAce.  He seemed to like the Stuka and the King Tiger.  Never got tired of Berlin Outskirts.  I can remember vividly him landing on me with the Stuka when I was infantry and killing me.  Forgotten Hope still my favorite game ever. 
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: otolikos on 20-08-2021, 01:08:30
What a really sad news  :(

By looking his work on FH1 maps, he made me want to become a mapper.

RIP ArminAce. Thx to all you gave to us.
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: batistadk on 20-08-2021, 02:08:15
What sad news! Another friend of us is gone, Chad. Really sad news, losing two good people in such short time. What a loss! My condolences to Chad's family and friends.  :'( :'( :'(

Were these guys working on the next patch? It would be a nice tribute to dedicate the latest release in memory of our beloved friends. I don't know, maybe create a commemorative plate to attach somewhere in one of the maps, maybe in a monument like that found in Pegasus. I think it would be a vivid remembrance of their dedication to this mod. Just a thought...

Warmest regards,

Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: CptdeS35 on 21-08-2021, 10:08:06
With Chad and Armin passings, we're all sad and nostalgic. A lot of their work amazed us for years and years. Remembering them makes me remember all the good times on FH & FH2.

Their work & passion will not be forgotten.
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: AfterDune on 28-08-2021, 12:08:43
I didn't know ArminAce and I must admit I've never played FH1, but my condolences! From what I read here, I don't think FH2 would've been where it is today without the efforts you put in FH1.

And Chad too? Makes me so sad :(. I loved his animation work.

What a loss - and in such a short time :(
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Johannes on 31-08-2021, 09:08:21
Been a long time since I've posted here, but I too got the email and wanted to say rest in peace to ArminAce. The original Forgotten Hope was a big part of my younger years and I especially loved playing on Counterattack. Thanks for the good times ArminAce!
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Jason on 31-08-2021, 20:08:31
Sad news, RIP ArminAce.

Forgotten Hope 1&2 were (still occasionally are) a huge part of my gaming life, especially playing Co-Op with my partner. So many great memories, thank you sir!
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Remdul on 03-09-2021, 16:09:27
I didn't know Armin well in the old days (we must have exchanged a few shots in FH1 no doubt), but he was still super enthusiastic a two years ago when we last spoke about his tabletop game. I now regret not having the time and space then, to do more artwork for it.

He's in good company now, with our other mod god up there, Radman, and the others we've lost along the way...
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Lude on 12-11-2021, 02:11:07
Hi guys, long time no see.

What sad news... I've been away from FH for quite a while now, but few days ago stumbled upon the "In Memoriam" trailer and it was a bit of a shock. Pity I missed the event.

It's so weird seeing people go, especially a guy like ArminAce which I worked with back in 2002 when this all started. And thinking he was born on the same year as me... He was so young.

I remember how ArminAce was a big step up for FH, with his mapping skills making us go from converting BF42 maps to do our complete new ones and he did soooo many good ones. It's the same like when Rad joined and his insane modelling and skinning skills just placed us on another level and made the whole team grow and learn.

RIP to all that are no longer here. My condolences to family and friends.

Also, nice to see you guys are still going and developing the mod. :)
Title: Re: RiP ArminAce
Post by: Matthew_Baker on 12-11-2021, 04:11:52
Hi Lude! nice to see you! we are still developing. we've mostly moved to discord. come join us if you want. hopefully more to come :)