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Off-Topic / The Book Club - 2017
« on: 21-01-2017, 21:01:58 »
What is everyone reading in the new year? Have you made it your resolution to read more? Looking for suggestions or to review something you've read recently? Let's have a thread where we can chat about it.

As for myself, I need to read more for pleasure this year rather than simply marinating in the internet. I've begun graduate school, so I'm backing off from history reading in my spare time and trying to read more fiction and non-fiction about other subject.

I'm beginning a 1903 novel now, The Riddle of the Sands. It's a campy "invasion novel" about a secret German plot to invade Scotland (which I believe was used as the plot for a mission in TimeSplitters). Loads of fun.

And even though I said I'm trying to lay off historical reading, I picked up a book at Christmas called Barbarians and Brothers: Anglo-American Warfare 1500-1856, by Wayne Lee. Lee argues that England developed a genocidal style of warfare in Ireland during the 15 & 1600s that was then applied to Indians in North America, and then to the rebels in the American Civil War.

General Discussion / FH 2.5 First Impressions
« on: 08-02-2016, 20:02:22 »
I'm cooped up at university sans my gaming rig, so it will be some time before I try out the Eastern Front.  (I wouldn't get any work done.)  So, oblige me: what are your first impressions of FH 2.5?

Gaming / Battle of Yavin & Endor Games
« on: 25-11-2015, 15:11:42 »
When I was little and watched Star Wars, I never wanted to be a Jedi - I wanted to be an X-Wing pilot.

While procrastinating from writing my grad school application, I stumbled upon two Windows games that I used to love, where you can play as an X-Wing during the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor.  They're probably the closest to the actual movies of any games I've played - you have lots of wingmen, but both start getting very desperate towards the end.  I just won the Battle of Yavin by the skin of my teeth.

You can download both from Moddb, they're tiny files.  Really fun, check them out!

Battle of Endor -

Battle of Yavin -

PS: I actually wanted to be a Y-Wing pilot when I was little.  They're the Hawker Hurricane to the X-Wing's Supermarine Spitfire, the forgotten workhorses of the fleet.

Off-Topic / Rate the song above you!
« on: 26-03-2015, 21:03:24 »
I copped this idea from a thread on the Mount & Blade forums.

I feel like no one actually listens to the music people post in the music thread, so I thought this might be a good idea.  Very simple, just listen to the song in the lastest post, rate it, and post your own.

I'll start with a crowd pleaser

Public Service Broadcasting - Spitfire

Off-Topic / Francophone FH'ers, help a brother out.
« on: 01-04-2014, 20:04:24 »
Hello all.

For my French class I'm supposed to use a program on the interwebs called Mixxer to find a French person to have a little conversation with over chat.  However, I've sent out loads of messages and not a single person has replied.  :(

I know that some of you lot speak French, and perhaps one of you wouldn't mind hitting me up on steam and chatting for a bit in French?  You're all very good at English and I imagine some of you speak French well enough as a second-language anyway.  I'll apologize in advance because I'm pretty rubbish myself, and also I can't use damn accents on my laptop keyboard easily.

So please, if you have 15 minutes today or tomorrow, send me a PM on here, or hit me up on Steam, or hell even use this thread, it doesn't matter.  I just have to provide a transcript of a conversation.

Merci d'avance

Off-Topic / Theism - Atheism
« on: 21-06-2013, 21:06:23 »
I just completed God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens.  I am beginning to lean towards philosophy in university, and theology is particularly interesting to me.   So I picked up Hitchens book on the recommendation of my dear mammy.

I went into the book a doubtful deist of some sort, and have finished it with a firm atheism.  Hitchens' book differs from Dawkins in that he argues not simply that religion is man-made, but that it is also evil and no religion is innocent.  A very good book indeed.  Hitchens is very snarky, though admittedly it's a tough subject not to be snarky about, especially since his main point is that no religion deserves respect, a view I have come to agree with.

Next up on the list I'm going to read In the Shadow of the Sword:The Birth of Islam and the Rise of Arab Global Empire by Tom Holland, C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity and Bertrand Russell's Why I am not a Christian.

Off-Topic / Pooh Baseball: A Japanese Children's Game
« on: 15-05-2013, 15:05:12 »

A simple game of timing and accuracy.  Also the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered in my life.  Why do the Japanese hate their children? 

Click the link, but you have been warned. 

Off-Topic / The Olympics Thread
« on: 28-07-2012, 05:07:34 »
Thought we might like a dedicated thread about the Olympics now that they're beginning, so we can all have a place to brag about our respective nations.

First things first I thought the opening ceremony was terrific!  More memorable than Beijing in my opinion.  Especially due to Mr. Bean.

Suggestions / For the Queen!
« on: 05-03-2012, 02:03:29 »
I wasn't entirely sure whether to put this in Bug Reports or suggestions, but anyway as I was playing on Operation Totalize today, some other player was spamming the "Charge" sounds.

 Then he pointed out that the Canadian soldiers shout "For the Queen!" as opposed to the British soldiers and their "For the King!" 

Now correct me if I am egregiously wrong, but as George VI was king at the time, so why do the Canadians shout this?  A minor oversight, but a little bit glaring.  (Unless there was a Queen of Canada at this time that I am unaware about.  ;))

Off-Topic / Greatest Idea Ever to Relieve Unemployement
« on: 07-12-2010, 03:12:29 »
Kentuckians are the chosen people, their idea to relieve unemployment is the greatest.

As an Ohioan I think soon-to-be Governor John Kasich should build a giant Tower of Babel to relieve our joblessness.

FH2 Help / Support / Weird and Frustrating Patching Error
« on: 13-07-2010, 22:07:47 »
So I recently decided to attempt to re-install FH2, despite all the frustrations that this always brings.  However, this time I have another, new problem to add to my list of problems.  

When installing BF2 out of the box, it seems that it is already patch 1.3.  So I attempted to install the 1.3-1.4 patch, which did not work, telling me that I do not have patch 1.3 installed.

Since I figured that perhaps the Readme was just wrong, then I though I must have installed an unpatched version, so I downloaded the full BF2 1.5 patch, which did not work, telling me that I already had 1.5 installed!

Now I was really frustrated, but happy to see that atleast it was already and inexplicably all patched up.  So I attempted to install FH2, which failed and told me that I had to have at least patch 1.4 installed for FH2 to work.

What the fuck is wrong with this game!?!?!?  Anybody have any similar problems, or solutions? 

Is there any file which will actually tell me what version of the game I have?

If pictures are needed I'll get some.

Off-Topic / Have a N-Nice D-Day
« on: 06-06-2010, 16:06:39 »
Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force!

You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have
striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The
hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you.
In company with our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms on
other Fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the German war
machine, the elimination of Nazi tyranny over the oppressed peoples of
Europe, and security for ourselves in a free world.

Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well
equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely.

But this is the year 1944! Much has happened since the Nazi triumphs of
1940-41. The United Nations have inflicted upon the Germans great defeats,
in open battle, man-to-man. Our air offensive has seriously reduced their
strength in the air and their capacity to wage war on the ground. Our Home
Fronts have given us an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions
of war, and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained fighting men.
The tide has turned! The free men of the world are marching together to

I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in
battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory!

Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great
and noble undertaking.

                                            SIGNED: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Happy 66th Anniversary of D-Day.  Lest we forget.

Off-Topic / American Expeditionary Force
« on: 12-05-2010, 01:05:53 »
Ok, so for my American history class, I need to write a paper on anything in American history that interests me at all.  My first plan was writing about the affects of the Gallipoli Campaign on Australian nationalism, but that was before I was told it had to be American history.  So, now I am thinking of writing a paper on the AEF, its role in the Great War, and to see what sort of impact it had actually played on the outcome of the war.

I can't find much information on it, however.  So does anyone know much about this (Mudra?), or have any good resources, websites, books, etc.?

Gaming / Supremacy 1914
« on: 23-04-2010, 00:04:51 »
This is a browse based real-time strategy game,or something like that.The game takes place during 1914,or WWI.To my opinion,its a bit of a poor man's Hearts of Iron ,but the fact that its a multiplayer game,I think stripping it down is a must.  I believe it can be played with 30 people at a time, so perhaps we should set up an FH game, with all us children.  I'd like to try it out.

Off-Topic / Awareness Test
« on: 09-04-2010, 21:04:01 »

A good test of your abilities, take it.

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