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FH 0.7 Help / Support / BF1942/FH1 on Windows 10 laptop?
« on: 05-08-2016, 17:08:51 »
Got BF1942 on CD, installed, updated to latest version and installed FH1. All done. Try to launch BF1942 or FH1 and nothing happens.

Why and how to fix it? Googled and checked every option but no clear answer or solution?

FH2 Help / Support / BF2 works but not PR or FH2
« on: 01-11-2013, 13:11:45 »
Hey, third thread in three days.

BF2 1.5 is done and updated and also working fine on highest settings.

Problem is that PR and FH2 doesn't start.

When I doubleclick FH2/PR the screen goes black and the whole computer freezes.

Windows 8 - Any tips or trix?

Can't find anything google worthy.


 New issue - BF2/PR/FH2 worked fine yesterday.

Today when I try to start it, it loads a bit, screen goes black and then it stops and locks the whole computer up with only rebooting the PC works.

I can't google any similiar problems or fixes for this.

Windows 8 as well - Any guesses?

FH2 Help / Support / FH2 installer won't start
« on: 30-10-2013, 13:10:14 »
Hey guys, long time no see.

Problem: Running a Windows 8 laptop and trying to install FH2 with BF2 updated and all.

Installer won't start, I just tried PR as well and it works fine but the FH2 installer (1 out of 2) won't start, the computer is loading it for a while but never really starts.

Anybody seen or known this before?

Anything in the same theme as Forgotten Hope 2 or just Abba through and through?

Share your music choice for your Forgotten Hope 2 sessions!

Off-Topic / Thank God, it's Friday!
« on: 10-02-2012, 17:02:58 »
Another day, another dollar.

Another week, another Friday!

TGIF to you all, what are your plans for the weekend?

I just got home from work, put some beers in the fridge, now I'm gonna place some bets for tomorrows football games (so many good fixtures!). Then it's maybe some pool downtown or might end up playing L4D2 with some mates.

Tomorrow, more beer and football.

Sunday, must clean apartment.

What are you up to this weekend?


The title says it all

If you have any links about this topic, please be so kind and show me it if you have something.



Out there in our wide community of players there are several players who are really good at this game. Out there are also a bunch of players who are extremely good at this game. Then there's also people like me who is alright but we can be better.

But in every category of players there's always that guy that's really good to play with, the one that's really doing it for the team or squad and is really fun to play with. 

In this thread we share those names, the ones we have played with several times, the ones we maybe just played with one round on Lebisey late one night when we were a bit drunk or the ones we are still playing with every now and then.

What we share in this thread is the following...

- The in-game name of the player (Not his IRC nickname or his real name or etc.)

- Class/Role (Pilot, Tanker, Rifleman, Squad Leader, Commander etc.)

- Map and Faction (Map name and Allies or Axis)

- What did that player do that makes you recommend playing with him?

And some additional rules

1) No negative shit
2) No recommending yourself (THeTA0123, I'm watching you)

FH2 Help / Support / Optimizing FH2
« on: 16-01-2012, 03:01:20 »

Good morning,

 I was wondering late this night (or early this morning depending on how you look at it) when I was playing FH2 2.4 for the first time in a very long time on my not so new laptop. My laptop is not old but it's not new and absolutely not fresh even but still it works often.

 When I play FH2 now I play with 800x600 solution, 70% view distance and everything else either turned off or low if it doesn't have the On/Off alternative.

What else can a FH player to to optimize his FH2 experience? Is there anything else we can do or is this as far we get when we low-end users want to try to have the best experience we can?

Share all your tips and trix if there are any!

PS. I'm mainly asking because I get this lagg spikes now and then in 10 - 15 minutes intervals, between these intervals everything is actually fine with a really good flow.

Off-Topic / New Korean War movie by Taegukgi Director
« on: 04-12-2011, 13:12:03 »

What up,

 New movie coming this December with some known faces behind as well in front of the camera.

The movie is called 'My way' and directed by the same man who directed the Korean war film Taegukgi (Brotherhood of War).

Trailer for the new movie:

For you who haven't seen Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War. Do it.


Gaming / What game are you playing right now?
« on: 23-06-2011, 10:06:23 »

I just finished Half-Life, I can't for the love of god remember when I played through it the last time.

We all remember the intro, what happens and all that but still, the game is so great and it still surprises me how good it is. With all the story, game play, puzzles and events.

Next stop, Half-Life: Opposing Force.

So, what are you currently playing and what's your thoughts about it?


Moscow bombing: Carnage at Russia's Domodedovo airport

Moscow's Domodedovo airport has been rocked by a bomb explosion, with officials saying that at least 31 people have been killed.

Terrible news, who can be behind this? How is the relationship between Russia and Chechnya or anybody else behind this?

Keep it clean, lads.

Off-Topic / FH2's Great Signature Contest!
« on: 17-01-2011, 23:01:53 »

Evening, mates!

 This week is no ordinary week because we are gonna have a little contest.

 The subject is signatures. Make your own signature, post it here and sometime during this coming weekend we'll settle who is the winner. Who got the best signature?

The three people who come in on top will all receive prizes. So if you are going for 1st/2nd/3rd spot be ready to mail me your address if you do win to receive your prize.

And be sure, there are some really nice stuff in the basket for the winners... I say no more.

But before we begin there are some rules that we must follow.

1) Official signature rules as usual, no exceptions! Doesn't matter if you got the best signature in the world, if it breaks this rule, you're out.

- Signatures are nice and allow you to be quickly recognised by other users, but having to scroll through pages of pictures can be a pain. For this reason the maximum overall size for signatures may not be more than 600 pixels in width and 80 pixels in height.
- Swastikas are not allowed in avatars and signatures. This forum in hosted in Germany and as we all know, swastikas are forbidden here. Showing swastikas is only allowed in historical World War 2 photographs.
- Keep copyright laws in mind. Showing any material that has copyright is not allowed and can get our host in serious trouble.
- No pornographic content. Any users who brake this rule can expect to be banned permanently without warning.
- No graphic content. Not everbody wants to see photo's of human bits and pieces splattered all over the place. If posting images of wounded people and such please use some common sense.

2) The theme for all signatures are of course our favorite mod Forgotten Hope 2.

3) Read Rule No.1 again, please.

4) You gotta make your own signature. You are not to run off to your mate or boyfriend and make them do a signature for you so you can enter and win a prize. What we are aiming for is that everybody tries to make their own signatures and we really get a big number of contestants with all different types of signatures for everybody too see and enjoy.

 So, start working on your signature!

 This weekend we'll have a big vote and decide who has the best signature!

And once more, believe me. You will regret not entering this competition when you see the prizes the winners will get...

Good luck and have fun!

Off-Topic / HBO's "Torn by War 1861 - 2010"
« on: 14-11-2010, 12:11:46 »

Remember that HBO documentary with James Gandolfini talking to scarred Iraq veterans from 2007 called "Alive Day: Home from Iraq"

Here's something like that but different

It's a seven part series about PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) and starts with letters and stories from the American Civil War to present day Iraq and Afghanistan.

Part 1:

Rest of the episodes

Off-Topic / What TV shows are you watching at the moment?
« on: 10-11-2010, 23:11:00 »

There's so many great shows out there today to watch, old ones, on-going ones and and coming.

What are you watching at the moment or have recently watched?

At the moment I'm just finishing off the latest season of Mad Men, there shock from the first and second season is over but still I enjoyed the fourth season even though the finale was a bit weak.

Other then that I'm a big sucker for It's always sunny in Philadelphia, season 6 running at the moment.

What are you watching?

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