Author Topic: "Crash" when exiting game  (Read 2368 times)

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Re: "Crash" when exiting game
« Reply #15 on: 10-09-2009, 19:09:25 »
I can confirm. FH2.exe crashed after shutdown. WinXP 32-bit SP3.

Same deal here.

I just note a mistake. I wrote FH2.exe, though it shoulf be BF2.exe, of course.

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Re: "Crash" when exiting game
« Reply #16 on: 12-09-2009, 17:09:59 »
I have read somewhere that the BF2 1.5 patch can switch the game to run in Win95 mode, which could lead to graphic problems with never computers and thus will result in a crash report from the FH2.exe.
Could you check the settings of the links that run BF2/FH2?

Really? Hm. What links that run BF2/FH2 are you talking about?