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Suggestions / M2 Browning
« on: 19-03-2012, 12:03:07 »
In this episode of "Musti suggests"

I'd like to suggest slight improvement of M2 Browning HMG.
Right now its (i think) 2nd worst machinegun in the game(if not THE worst). Compared to any other mounted MG, it has slow ROF, short belt (100rd, compared to MG42's 250rd), its hard to aim, swings around like a lump of lead (esp.mounted on Willys jeep, good luck with shooting anything with it, while on the move) and offers almost no advantage of it being HMG (.50 BMG and stuff), Oh and it overheats very quickly.

So, my idea is to maybe give it a tiny little bit of splash damage? and/or massive suppression effect (I don't actually know how suppression works. Can you give different suppression power to different weapons?). Now, i know that devs are against wall-piercing abilities of guns, so thats out. but there must be a way to make this MG useful without breaking it, 'cause right now it doesn't feel like a HMG should.

Bug Reporting / St.Lo Breakthrough - Invisible bushes.
« on: 19-02-2012, 14:02:08 »
So i've encountered this bug:

Thats how to replicate it:
1.Go to that spot over there and look at that line of bushes
2.Walk few steps forward (to the point where texture of bushes changes)
3.From that point just walk few steps backwards and bam!
4.If you keep walking backwards they'll just reappear again

That was with all graphical settings set to low but effects (med) and view distance (100%)
I thought it had something to do with graphic options so i switched terrain and textures to med.
but nope
It provides very little advantage, because it doesn't work when looking through scope

It was all on St.Lo 64

Suggestions / 37mm ammo
« on: 27-08-2011, 19:08:39 »
2.4 patch removed special ammunition from tanks..Amongst them was 37mm APC
I think it should be back. Its not really "special" since its not tungsten-core, and it was fairly common.
It would give vehicles armed with it a chance to defend against heavier tanks, and with current angle system it certainly wouldn't make it OP.
I don't know how common were they with M8 Greyhounds, but i think it could also use it, especially on Bulge maps.

Second thing is 37mm Canister shot.
Right now its pretty much useless, because it shoots small amount of pellets, and has high spread.
Increasing the number of pellets would make it a lot more useful (and make it more historically accurate).

Suggestions / M3 Grant cupola view
« on: 30-08-2010, 21:08:57 »
I'd use this thing more if i could actually have similar viewpoint in it like in a tank...
It's pain to know on what direction you'r gun is facing when you're driving, since that little tank/gun icon seems to show up only when looking through the gunsights.

OT/ another cramped position in the game is the 37mm on the grant. Couldn't that get a cupola view as well? OT/
actually that is a great idea...

+1 support for this
Because it did had a special Cupola on top of the 37mm gun for the commander.

And the US M3 Lee version even had double MG's in it (But they got removed from the grant)
Just wanted to make it "official" suggestion
cupola view for M3 Grant
what can be said?
2 main things to do when you are in turret
-shoot infantry
-spot tanks for driver
both will be a lot easier with cupola view

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