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General Discussion / Status of development?
« on: 07-06-2017, 08:06:53 »
Hi all,

Hockeywarrior here, reporting for duty, and checking in on wtf is going on. I've noticed that there hasn't been a front page update in many months and that the forums are pretty quiet. Can anyone who is in the know provide an update on FH2's development status? Is work progressing on new versions or has it stopped?


Off-Topic / Sooo I flew in a B-25 last weekend ...
« on: 29-10-2014, 04:10:34 »
... and it was AWESOME. The Commemorative Air Force came to my home town of New Orleans and brought with them a B-25, B-29, B-17, B-24, Helldiver, P-51, and a few other planes to look at, explore, and take rides in. Nearly all of the aircraft in the CAF's national 126-aircraft fleet are in flying condition.

The first day I basically just paid the entrance fee to see the aircraft and explore them, but I was talked into buying a ride by a friend and some pilots with the CAF. The next morning I went up in their B-25J for 45 minutes and have no regrets. The B-25 is one of my all-time favorite planes, so it was an unforgettable experience.

I took plenty of footage and photos while I was up and compiled them into the video, below. Enjoy!

Off-Topic / FH2 Music Update
« on: 29-02-2012, 06:02:18 »
(this is the same post as the one in the bumped thread in General Discussion)

If any of you still remember, I talked a while back about writing a piece for FH2. Since that time I've actually begun work on said piece, but for a gentleman and his church brass choir in South Carolina. Given that the piece is based off of that brief trumpet solo that I posted a loooooong time ago in this thread, I decided to update you all on where I'm at.

Here is the piece I've been working on. It's super WIP, and is only a small portion of what is to come. I've only been working on it for probably around 10 hours total.

Though it might sound final, the end isn't the end of the piece, but a transition to the next section which I'm working on. I just thought I'd update you all on my progress. Also forgive the horrid sound of MIDI. At this stage, it's what I have to work with!


FH2 Help / Support / FH 2.4 Freezing Issues
« on: 16-07-2011, 02:07:40 »
Today I noticed that twice now I have experienced my entire PC freezing when playing FH2. This never happened prior to the 2.4 update. I'm not talking about a game freeze -- I mean my entire PC locks up and requires a restart to respond.

Anyone else having this problem?

Here are my system specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel i7 930 2.8 ghz quad core
GTX 260 896 MB
Rosewill 600 Watt PSU

Sneaky devs, you know who you are! You have been working on another big project, the Rising Storm mod for RO2, havn't you? Out with it!

This is awesome. I can't wait to see what Toddel, Killi, and Taranov do to make this mod amazing! The great thing is that if Rising Storm is high enough quality, they get to make money selling it too.

Soooo how about telling us when we can finally get some RS news?


This looks pretty epic, though I'd have to talk to a soldier who has tried it in the field to see if it really is THAT amazing. Based on what I've read here and other places, it seems like a pretty useful weapon, especially in open terrain where your enemy is probably hiding behind a flat surface with no roof over his head.

I know if I were out there on the battlefield I would want something like this!

Last week I reformatted my HD so I'm reinstalling all of my programs. I downloaded both FH2 2.3 files yesterday via Filefront and when I unzipped the first one and opened it, it started verifying the installer and then this message popped up:

The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download, or a virus.

You may want to contact the author of this installer to obtain a new copy.

It may be possible to skip this check using the /NCRC command line switch (NOT RECOMMENDED)

I thought, hmm OK apparently the file from Filefront is corrupt. So I deleted the files and redownloaded both today through the torrent. No dice -- I get the exact same error message when I try to open the file, and I highly doubt I would get another corrupt file, let alone through torrent.

Any ideas? I really doubt the download failed again, and I know I don't have any viruses or a damaged HD.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

Off-Topic / Disgruntled flight attendant bails out
« on: 10-08-2010, 01:08:48 »

I can see it now, "SCREW YOU GUYS! I'M GOING HOME!" My favorite quote from the article:

Slater is alleged to have then activated the plane’s inflatable emergency slide, grabbed two beers from the galley, then slid down the chute, the official said.

lol I totally know how this guy feels some times... customer service can be a total bitch.

So today I found to my dismay that my computer's motherboard has fried on me. I've had the computer for about 7 years so I guess that's too be expected.

Anyhow, I figured this would be a good opportunity to build my own PC. I want to salvage as many parts from the old one as possible, since it has some recent upgrades in it. These include the video card (a GTX 260), power supply, DVD drive, and the old HD. My plans are to buy all of the other parts and a new case and put it all together myself.

My main concern right now is how to get data off my old hard drive. My PC technically WILL start up, despite the fried motherboard but I'm afraid to start it up to get data off because half of the capacitors on the MB have burst and some are leaking battery acid and I don't want to cause any more damage to the PC. So what is the best way to get my data off of my old HD? I'm going to buy a new 1TB HD anyway.

Anyhow, any advice you all could give me as a first time builder is appreciated. I have basically put together a PC before but I'm sure there will be things that I can't foresee ahead of time being challenging.

Off-Topic / Having trouble finding RAM ... HALP!
« on: 30-06-2010, 22:06:59 »
Hi all,

First of all, here are my system specs:

AMD Athlon 64 4400 X2, Dual Core 2.2 ghz
Geforce 260 GTX 896 MB
2 GB DDR 400 RAM (184 pin, PC 3200)
Windows 7 Ultimate

I've been meaning to upgrade the RAM in my PC for a while and have been incessantly searching for a kit of DDR 400 184-pin RAM in a 4 GB dual channel kit (2x2GB). Unfortunately the ONLY thing I have been able to find is ECC Enabled server RAM, which I know runs slower than unbuffered, non ECC RAM.

I've searched Newegg, Amazon, and most of the big names in memory and haven't found anything larger than 2 GB dual channel kits.

So my questions are thus: 1) Do you guys have any leads as to where I can find this RAM 2) If I were to buy the "server RAM" would the performance decrease be noticeable and it should it be just as compatible as regular RAM, given that it's DDR400 (PC 3200)?

Thanks in advance!

Off-Topic / EPIC upcoming action flick!!!
« on: 03-04-2010, 21:04:15 »
Quote from Youtube:

Sylvester Stallone gears up for a men-on-a-mission film with the Nu Image/Millennium Films war picture, The Expendables. Jason Statham and Jet Li co-star alongside the brawny filmmaker as a group of mercenaries who undertake a near-impossible operation to overthrow a dictator in South America. Mickey Rourke, Forest Whitaker, and UFC star Randy Couture co-star in the action-packed production. (Directed by Stallone)

So let's recap ... Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Randy Couture, Sylvester Stallone, with cameos from Bruce Willis and Arnold! Chuck Norris is the only real noticeable omission, but he's really not much of a badass, imo.

YouTube - 'The Expendables' Trailer HD

I'm definitely going to see this and crap myself at the awesomeness most likely. I love movies like this that exist purely for being awesome. No bullshit, but plenty of cliches! Bring it on.

Off-Topic / An epic site I just found ...
« on: 16-02-2010, 04:02:41 »
There's this site where you can insert a picture into a super-epic trailer and it looks GREAT! Here's an example I did with someone particularly special to me. I suggest you guys make some cool ones (even FH2 related ones) and post them here.

Enjoy :D

Seriously guys, that map is the SHIT. Sadly I rarely can play FH2 because lately my internet connection has been super slow (and my landlord won't fix it -- oh the joy), but I got a chance to get some gaming in last week when I was getting decent speeds.

I was in a squad with 1 other guy called "GETITDONE!" (if you see this squad it's always mine) and were working together as an AT team on that map ... talk about a huge blast. The detail is outstanding, the capture points are perfectly spaced, the view distance is great, and amazingly the performance is great for me too. Honestly my favorite 2.25 map.

It's got great infantry combat -- urban settings, country settings, and house to house fighting. At the same time, being a tanker is a blast with plenty of places to ambush enemies while still making you worried about AT infantry who could be anywhere.

Great job on this map devs ... now if only I could play it more often!

Suggestions / Bring back support for the FH Toolbox!!
« on: 14-01-2010, 03:01:20 »
Upon reinstalling FH2 and patching to 2.25 I found, to my dismay, that I got an error message when trying to run FH toolbox. I learned from the tech support forum that apparently this is no longer being officially supported by the devs ... and I'm having trouble figuring out why.

Please bring it back so that I can use it again! It was such a handy tool, allowing me to add friends to my list, connect directly to a game without having to use the ingame browser, and taking care of lots of annoying things for me like clearing graphics caches, updating punkbuster, and so on.

At least explain why it no longer works!

Can a dev or someone reupload those shader files in the main help sticky to another side like megaupload or something? Rapidshare won't let me DL it and I need them to fix my shader issues in FH2.

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