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Ukrainian Liberation Army

Bug Reporting / Re: [Multiple] Issues so far with 2.6
« on: 18-05-2022, 10:05:43 »

@alubat. Ok thanks for the confirmation. Btw I'm on XP so I dont have to mess with ALchemy at all. What's your in game name btw?

I will check out the config file once I get mod working. If I recall correctly this fixes missing buggy/missing EAX correct?

I do not know much about x-fi on win Xp systems. Maybe you find general usefull info in this thread
Im Spieler4 in game

Bug Reporting / Re: [Multiple] Issues so far with 2.6
« on: 15-05-2022, 12:05:58 »

Sound Issue
I have found a bug in 2.6 that was not in previous version. See video below.
Essentially the radio plays double snippets. I have restarted PC and loaded up the map multiple times and it still occurs. It seems to only happen in ultra high sound mode (I have and use creative xfi - I am an ardent fan of this sound engine this is why I play the mod). It does not happen on High / Hardware Sound settings. I also checked the music player on 16 purple heart lane and it does not happen with that on xfi. Strange!

Hi, Im also on ultra high sound settings and I dont have this bug.
Maybe look at "Buffers, Duration, Max Voice Count" values in dsound.ini in battlefield 2 folder or Creative ALchemy software settings

The issue I have with ultra high sound setting in this awesome new release.
Stonne is the only new map that has sounds.con in level folder to work with EAX
flavion, la_horgne, operation_mars do not have a sounds.con in
motovskiy_bay still dont have it

Takes a minute to fix manual by user :-)

FH2 Help / Support / Re: [File] Unofficial 2.58 Patcher
« on: 02-10-2021, 11:10:51 »
I would be satisfied with just a .zip with the files needed without the patcher.
Not sure if other files than the levels folder, game & server .exe is needed. Other files looks the same to me as 2.57.
Anyway good job :-) 

Havent been geeking the game audio for some time, but been using these settings for more than a year. Suits my headphones and ears great     

rem ** Balance between 2d and 3d samples.
sound.setProperty "balance2d3d-default" 0.55
sound.setProperty "balance2d3d-eax" 0.5

rem ** Reverb and obstruction (0.55->1 sound-maxreverb 0.55)
vars.set sound-maxreverb 0.55
vars.set sound-reverb-steepness 0.55
vars.set sound-raylength 17

Wow nice. Cool pics.

Battle of Keren / Re: Battle of Keren 64
« on: 05-06-2020, 19:06:19 »
Invincible walls on stairs in both stairways/sides of train station. Its possible to prone through

maybe look at "Method 1: Setting a Custom Resolution on an Intel Based Graphics Card"
in this link copy/pasted from the troubleshot guide in the fh2 discord channel

Tali / Re: Tali 64
« on: 15-05-2020, 23:05:00 »
In, sounds.con is missing. Causes too much reverb in ultra high audio settings.

+70 fps looks quite a lot. I wonder if turning Hyperthreading off has some impact on non-gaming use performance

Not much I think, depending on what system runs ofc. Its only some games that benefit like CSGO, bf2 fortnite. If I could I would make a test with 100 players (much lower boost than +70fps in a one player scene) . But I cannot recreate the same scene twice on a full server and no public battlerecorderfile with guided cam. is available   


Did some more testing. Hyper-Threading turned OFF on Intel cpu in Bios gives more power to the engine :-)

Did a very quick test of 2vs1 cpu core

Afaik BF2 is only capable to run on one core.

No. please show some evidence of this. did you test it ? 
FH2 runs much better on at least 2 cores. Maybe its ok with one core when playing small numbers 16-64 players or lowend portato 60Hz 60fps setup that does not stress bf2 engine. BF2 plays on smaller maps and with lower player numbers than FH2
On full 100p server or 254bots server I get instant stutter and lower fps if game only runs on 1core

How to setup Affinities for FH2 + Mouse & GPU

So basicly drivers and other stuff wants to run on the first cpu core (core 0) if possible. The trick is to seperate at least mouse and GPU away to other cores to gain more stable system response time if cpu has enough cores. I havent tried this on a 2core system
You may not experience or feel any difference after doing these suggestions. Maybe more is needed to improve performance or stability. I want to keep things as simple  as pc tweaking is a never ending story:-)

Determine the Number of Cores in Your CPU

HOW TO - Interrupt Affinity Policy Tool (how to set mouse and gpu affinity)

If GPU or USB driver gets updated, affinity tool settings may need to be re-applied
In FR33THY "HOW TO - Interrupt Affinity Policy Tool" youtube video - Process Hacker (great taskmgr alternative) is used to set program affinites.
I think most people maybe just want an easy simple shortcut sollution on desktop.

The easiest way before making shortcut is to alt+tab when gaming/recording and mess around with the affinities. If causing instability then alt+f4 programs and retry

CPU Affinity Shortcut for a Program - Create in Windows

ex Shortcut target for running FH2 on core 2,3 on a 6core 6thread cpu (FH2 located on G drive)

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe c/ start "FH2" /affinity C "G:\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\Forgottenhope2.exe" +restart +menu 1 +fullproc +fullscreen 1 +widescreen 1 +modPath mods/fh2 +playerName XXXXXX +playerPassword XXXXX

6 cores 6 threads /affinity C  = 001100 = core 2,3 (run 2cores No Hyperthread & SMT )
6 cores 12threads /affinity 5  = 000000000101 = core 0,2 (Run on 2cores with Hyperthread & SMT On)
4 cores 4 threads /affinity 3  = 0011 = core 0,1  (run 2cores No Hyperthread & SMT ) (pic. example above)
4 cores 8 threads /affinity 5  = 00000101 = core 0,2 (Run on 2cores with Hyperthread & SMT On)
4 cores 8 threads /affinity 55 = 01010101 = core 0,2,4,6 (Run 4cores Hyperthread & SMT On) 

Some people maybe want to set FH2 to only run on 1core, but Its my experinece that 1core causes ingame stutter. FH2 runs better on 2 cores. Tried on 3diff intel systems.
BF2 engine is old and runs better on real cores, so avoid threaded smt cores. Running game on 2-3 cores should be better ingame experience, but longer mapload time the less cores

If recording gameplay with OBS then try out making affinity shortcut for OBS on other cores than the ones FH2 are using.

Make 2 shortcuts one for FH2 and one for OBS Ex. 6core 6thread system (Nvench Nvidia card) leave cpu0 (for windows background stuff) , FH2 on core 1-2, OBS on core3,4,5

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe c/ start "FH2" /affinity 6 "G:\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\Forgottenhope2.exe" +restart +menu 1 +fullproc +fullscreen 1 +widescreen 1 +modPath mods/fh2 +playerName XXXXXX +playerPassword XXXXX

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start "OBS" /affinity 38 "C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\obs64.exe"
If hyperthreaded or smt enabled, maybe try OBS with more threads 

Benchmark fps

[DE] CapFrameX 1.4.0 Beta Overlay Tutorial

Guru3D RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server Download

Interrupt affinity tool



Process Hacker

My settings may not be good for your system (diff hardware,diff OS etc.), so try out different cores and do some testing :-)

If you want to know more about tweaking/optimizing/debloating windows for gaming I highly recommend FR33THY videos A to Z series


I think I have seen people playing CMP maps on a Chinese server a couple of times lately

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