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Suggestions / radio communication
« on: 20-08-2011, 11:08:14 »
My idea is to add new option to commander radios (not commander screen) on battlefield as they are no longer usefull in some devs opinion and they're not appearing anymore on new maps what provides to no commander on battlefield at all. I'm not going to discuss commander usefulness, some may say that he's no longer needed but for players who like to be a commander there should be a possibility to play as one (you can even remove any additional options like "supplies" and "arty" on maps where mappers don't want them but leave the radios!) What I wish to see is a different Q/T-communication rose when using radio as a usual soldier - giving players possibility to use them and call any kind of support (what SL can do now) to their posisiton.

Another nice thing would be limiting recon class to squad level (one per squad or something) and giving them a field radio as they can now call arty and spot targets 'telepathically'. This could make recon less common and more important on battlefield. Also giving more points for killing recon (like for killing NCO) would make them a tasty treat for enemy snipers as they would become distinctive targets with characteristic radios on back.

discuss what i wrote as there is enough to discuss, don't even try to hijack this thread  ;)

And btw, I do not know much about the proper equipment, but isn't it a toy which I talked about and it's already done?

Suggestions / Something helpful for the new players!
« on: 25-07-2011, 15:07:26 »
As we know, FH2 is now experiencing a huge influx of new players after 2.4 release. I almost everyday meet someone new on the servers who don't know exactly how to do some things and got few questions. It's really nice to see you guys but in many cases there is no time to help you and type answers on the ingame chat in the heat of battle. My suggestion is to remove the basic training videos from MEDIA -> VIEDO subsection and add them straight to the main page under the GENERAL section in tab called "BASIC TRAINING" or something to attract more attention. I can bet that most of new players haven't seen basic training videos yet and they are still very helpfull even if they are a little outdated. Also many new players even if they visit main page do not look on videos subsection because they probably already seen tons of them on youtube. Another thing is that the new players still more often visit main page than this forum so it would be nice to make a post about those training videos there if you like my idea...

For those who haven't seen Forgotten Hope 2 Basic Training:


As I noticed on this forum some of people complain about to much "run 'n' gun" in Forgotten Hope. Well I must agree with fact that FH2 gameplay is often too fast paced, mostly on infantry maps and it reminds of CoD sometimes. Why it looks like this? Players just don't give a shit about their lives in game, and they don't care if they die after ramboing some control points on the maps as long as they got a chance to be lucky and capture them brainlessly. What should prevent from ppl from doing that? INREASING RESPAWN TIME - but we can make it in way which adds more immersion to the game. Respawn time is about 15sec on most servers right now and I want to leave this in this way because it is needed to let players "catch" their respawn wave. Thing that could be changed is time of soldier being incapacitated (set to 1sec by default to prevent ragdoll bugs).

Main advantages of increasing incapacitation time are:
  • make ppl care more about their lifes in game --> slowing gameplay
  • incapacitation time would work as "new" death cam - vanillaBF2 style - soldier falls on the ground, can not move and sees only sky, hears the sound of the battlefield around him but he is helpless and can't do anything instead of 3rd person view which we have now which shows you enemy who had killed you and let you tell your squad on chat/VOIP where he is exatcly

Another thing is that incapitated soldier is NOT a dead soldiers - actually it doesn't make a difference but it opens the way to improving medic class somehow in the future maybe?

Vote and discuss!  ;)

General Discussion / friendly mine indicator question
« on: 20-07-2011, 18:07:25 »
Are friendly mine indicators shown to the players by default or you need to press "left alt" to activate that? I remember that I didn't have (or simply didn't see) them why first playing 2.4 and asked someone in game about it. I left all available mines near my team spawn point today on FoT (as enemy was about to attack it soon) and get ultimate teamkilling minus score (and then fail with grenade what provided me ban on hslan :P ) so... How does it work?  ???

General Discussion / commander interface question
« on: 21-06-2011, 16:06:38 »
as you are a commander, there is ARTILLERY nd SUPPLIES buttons. UAV and SCAN buttons have been removed so why there is VEHICLE DROP 'available' when there is no such option FH2?  ??? I have always been curious about it...  :P

This must be discused before, but I didn't found matching answer using search button... :|

Suggestions / FH1 Todtenbruch remake suggestion
« on: 15-05-2011, 22:05:04 »
Do you remeber this, guys?

September 1944, after the Allied landing in Normandy, and after suffering heavy casualties, the German forces had to retreat. In a last attempt to prevent Allied forces from entering German soil, they manned the fortified positions of the Westwall. On September 20th, the Americans reached the north western edge of Todtenbruch (Deadman's Moor), and with it the border of the municipality Hürtgenwald. Now for the first time the Americans must lead a fight in dense forest woods against German troops that are fighting stubbornly with no indication of any collapse... Historical background is just asking to make this map in FH2! ;D

I don't get it how always people get overexcited about making omaha beach map etc when probably no one will even like it when it will become more real and historical accurate and probably don't look like that SPR fictional omaha. >:( Why for god sake ppl so much like it when we can get something more intense in currently produced war theathre? It is told that many battles in hurtgen forest were more bloody and caused more deaths than D-Day landings. I always hope to see Todtenbruch (my favourite and beloved map from old FH1) looking map in FH2. ::) Screw game ballance! I wish to get whole american team grounded, forced to take cover in the fox holes and try to avoid deadly fire from mgs and that bloody 88 battery (AFAIK it was only map where you can find eihandgranate 39 in FH0.7). Flanking, sneaking, and making ambushes in the forest FTW. ;D I know that there will be some Hurtgen Forrest map in 2.4 which will be probably very similiar to this one in many aspects (and I can't wait for it). But remake of knoffhoff's map would be a great addition in some next patch or additional map in some custom mappack (sadly no official then).  :'(

(Map created by knoffhoff)

I wish I could make maps :-\  or someone will make it as good as the original one someday. I'm so much in love with this map...  ::)

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