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We play Tulagi this Friday!
Come on in, sign up and have some organized battle fun!

The Battle of Tulagi was a land battle in the Pacific theatre of war. The battle was fought between the forces of the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Marine. The battle took place during the inital Allied landings in the Guadalcanal campaign. In contrast to the intense fighting on Tulagi, the landings on Guadalcanal were essentially unopossed.The Japanese forces where determined to defend Tulagi to the end. Fh2 map made by Stubbfan and Pr0z4c

Server Password: florida

What do you need
Below you can see all the software needed.
This campaign we will use our very own custom updater for easier access to everyone.
We will also provide direct download files in case the updater is not working

Community Updater
Install both the Forgotten Honor Tournament and the Community Mappack (if you do not already have it)

If the Updater does not work for you: Manual ZIP download. Extract to bf2/mods
Forgotten Honor Adddon:
Community Mappack:

Forgotten Hope 2

TeamSpeak 3

Battlefield 2 - Not Official

If you have any problems or bugs post in the thread below

The FH2 Branch Management

Click Below To Join

General Discussion / CMP - The mappers present their maps
« on: 18-11-2015, 22:11:56 »
Hello mates,
i want to give you guys some insight into the maps in the Community Mappack (aka CMP, see Which are the maps, how do they look, what is the history, behind them, which equipment is used and so on.
I want to start with Etna Line.
Here is the minimap of the 64 layer:

The map is a classic of Forgotten Honor and has been played successfully in many campaigns. It features a lot of the custom Italy statics created by the modders at FHT.

Etna Line is based on the Battle of Troina on Sicily 1943 ( where the US 7th Army clashed with the 15th Panzer Grenadier Division and Italian units.

The map is a big map, it is 2048 with a very big combat zone and is mainly characterized by open rolling hill country with sparse overgrowth, and a central city. The map features 7 flags: A cluster of three flags in the city of Troina and four flags east of that in a rough North-South line.

The US attack and need four flags to bleed the Axis, and thus has a big pool of vehicles to select from, whereas the Germans have a more limited and weaker vehicle pool.
Both sides have two mainbases where the equipment spawns.

The US has a B25 bomber, whereas we gave a Ju88 to the Axis, so both sides have a medium bomber at hand.



The map is without push, so you have every opportunity to move around the map and cap flags. Due to its size, it's best played with 70+ players, but then it can be big fun. The three city fights can make up for good close quarter combat, and each fo the four outlying flags has its own flavour.
View of Troina with its three flags:






The Monastery Flag. A small cluster of buildings, surrounded by dense olive grovess


The Roadblock Flag. Open country, entrechned and covered by 88 Flak:


The Valley Battery Flag. Which actually does not feature a Battery, but it's fun anyway:


The Headquarters Flag. A closed compound with lots of cover.


Hope to play many a good round on this map.
Feedback is welcome.

Cu soon, then with a short overview over the map "Advance to Foy".

Regards, Papillon

Modding / 2.46. Problems with PzIII - It's undestroyable
« on: 15-04-2014, 21:04:06 »
Okay, I face a strange and very annyong issue.
We work on the current FHT tournament maps.
We have the following issue with 2.46: The PzIII is quite undestroyable.
It is really strange, It survives basically everything AP-wise, Achilles, KT, you name it.
But, it is destroyed by HE shells....

It is only the the Pz3, all variants. Everything else, fine.
I've browsed our minimod, we did not and do not do anything with the Pz3. I've deleted the minimod, no change. Restart, no change.

Is there anything else I can do, atm I'm quite out of ideas of where to look.
Thx for any input, Papillon

Modding / fh_olive_large / small --> lead to 15 % crash
« on: 09-03-2014, 20:03:41 »
we had on two of our FHT maps crash isues with those trees in the Overgrowth.
The map always crashes instantly after 15 % comes up, when they are removed, it's fine.
Not sure BTW if it's big or small or both which cause the crash.
Is there something we have gotten wrong, or it this a known issue?

Thx, Pap

Modding / bf2editor problems under Win7 64 bit
« on: 15-12-2013, 18:12:37 »
at least I have installed win 7 64 to be able to edit larger map.
But: Now all operation you do with the mouse while holding the left button (mark a group of objects, terrain operations like  lower / raise or smooth) do not work.
The marker square when marking several objets does not show at all, and in terrain mode sometimes the operation suceeds, but mostly fails.
I read thing like starting and quitting Photoshop before starting the editor, but lacking photoshop :-)

Has anybody encountered and fixed this stupid error?
Regards, Pap

Modding / Error on 100% loading - CreateObjectEvent.cpp
« on: 11-07-2013, 18:07:19 »
I'm stuck at a very ugly error I only get when I connect to a server running my custom map (no error on local server).

--> Do I have any chance to further debug into that one?
--> Is the BF2Debugger usable to find out which object seems to make problems?

Has anyone an idea on what to do?

Regards, Papillon

Modding / Questions on Lightmapping
« on: 23-06-2013, 09:06:25 »
Hey there!
I'm creating a new for tournament use, and I face some issues with the lightmapping.
I did terrain lightmapping (medium) with the following settings:
- sun low over the horizon, early morning.
Code: [Select]
rem ******** Lightmap Generation Settings ********
if v_arg1 == BF2Editor

LightMapGeneration.GILightsBaseDir 0/0.33/-0.66
LightMapGeneration.GILightsIntensity 0.33
LightMapGeneration.GILightsShadowIntensity 1
LightMapGeneration.GILightsFov 45
LightMapGeneration.UseGITopLight 1
LightMapGeneration.GITopLightIntensity 0.1
LightMapGeneration.GILightsViewDistance 10
LightMapGeneration.skyWhite 0.3
LightMapGeneration.numberOfGILights 8
LightMapGeneration.sunLightShadowIntensity 1
LightMapGeneration.sunLightFov 2
LightMapGeneration.sunLightIntensity 1


Code: [Select]
Lightmanager.skycolor 0.635294/0.572549/0.639216
Lightmanager.ambientcolor 0.862745/0.858824/0.866667
Lightmanager.sunColor 0.764706/0.764706/0.764706
Lightmanager.sunSpecColor 0.772549/0.741177/0.776471
if v_arg1 == BF2Editor
LightSettings.TerrainSunColor 0.70/0.49/0.00
LightSettings.TerrainSkyColor 0.50/0.50/0.50
LightmapSettings.waterSunIntensity 0
terrain.sunColor 0.70/0.49/0.00
terrain.GIColor 0.50/0.50/0.50
terrain.waterSunIntensity 0
Lightmanager.staticSunColor 0.29/0.20/0.00
Lightmanager.staticSpecularColor 0.50/0.50/0.50
Lightmanager.staticSkyColor 0.36/0.36/0.36
Lightmanager.singlePointColor 0.57/0.47/0.26
Lightmanager.sunDirection -0.977608/0.0199512/-0.209487
Lightmanager.enableSun 0
Lightmanager.effectSunColor 0.59/0.59/0.59
Lightmanager.effectShadowColor 0.36/0.36/0.36
Lightmanager.defaultEffectLightAffectionFactor 1
Lightmanager.hemilerpbias 0.15
hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/fht_elsenborn_ridge/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 2048.000000 500.000000
Lightmanager.treeAmbientColor 0.75/0.67/0.64
Lightmanager.treeSunColor 0.54/0.40/0.36
Lightmanager.treeSkyColor 1.00/1.00/1.00

if v_arg1 == BF2Editor
run /Common/Sky/SkyDome/skydome.con
run /Common/Sky/Flare/flaresprite.con

Skydome.skyTemplate skydome
Skydome.cloudTemplate cloudlayer
Skydome.hasCloudLayer 1
Skydome.hasCloudLayer2 1
Skydome.scrolldirection 0.025/0
Skydome.scrolldirection2 0/0.05
Skydome.cloudTexture common\textures\cloud\cloud03
Skydome.cloudTexture2 common\textures\cloud\Cloud06
Skydome.skyTexture common\textures\sky\sky_elsenborn
Skydome.domeRotation 0
Skydome.fadeCloudsDistances 0/750
Skydome.cloudLerpFactors 0.25/0.75
Skydome.flareTexture common\textures\sunflare\Null
Skydome.flareDirection -0.05/-0.41/-0.91

Renderer.fogColor 202.00/215.00/222.00
Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase 2.50/400.00/2.50/0.65

The effect is good so far, see screenshot.

Basic question: Why are buildings/statics "lightmapped" when I do terrain lightmapping?

But now:
I lightmap a building with the following settings:

Code: [Select]
rem ******** Lightmap Generation Settings ********
if v_arg1 == BF2Editor

LightMapGeneration.GILightsBaseDir 0/0.33/-0.66
LightMapGeneration.GILightsIntensity 0.5
LightMapGeneration.GILightsShadowIntensity 1
LightMapGeneration.GILightsFov 45
LightMapGeneration.UseGITopLight 1
LightMapGeneration.GITopLightIntensity 0.1
LightMapGeneration.GILightsViewDistance 10
LightMapGeneration.skyWhite 0.5
LightMapGeneration.numberOfGILights 8
LightMapGeneration.sunLightShadowIntensity 1
LightMapGeneration.sunLightFov 2
LightMapGeneration.sunLightIntensity 3

..the result is not what I expected.
What is lost is the sunlight on the house front that was there after the terrain lightmapping, see house in the center:

1. What am I doing wrong? Or am I understanding something probably completly wrong?
2. Shall I even do more lightmapping? I think the buildings look good even w/o object lightmapping.

Any help is appreciated :-)

I tried to follow those tuts here:
and the standard tut from Fenring, but I seem to miss essential basics :-(

Modding / bf2editor: where are the cables from com_objects?
« on: 03-06-2013, 20:06:33 »
I'm desperatyle (well not quite but almost) looking for the cables which are situated in common/com_objects. I cannot find them in the Editor where I would excpect them. Can I do anything to get them into the object tree?

Regards, Papillon

Modding / BGF Heightmap Converter (Utility) - latest version
« on: 21-04-2013, 20:04:13 »
can anyone tell me where I can find the latest version, the one that does the secondary heightmap conversion too? I cannot seem to find it anywhere, only a dead link to a site that is no more..
Every help is deeply appreciated :-)

Cheers, Papillon

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