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I am Russian but I am against a special military operation in Ukraine. I went to an anti-war rally until they were banned and they began to be imprisoned for rallies for 5-7 years.

There are some conventions in FH2 that spoil the fun of the shooting process and the game in general. Apparently they were made based on the developers' considerations of the right balance, but they could be made better if the measures for which they were introduced had adequate counter-measures that the developers have not yet introduced.

Below I will list these conventions and offer what I think is the best way to change them:

1) The recoil of almost all submachine guns in version 2.6 of the mod is still quite high. It needs to be lowered even further. It feels like the normal return of the smg should be about 30-35% lower than the current return of the Degtyarev submachine gun. And this is provided that all submachine guns will fix a bug with an overestimated return of the first shot. The recoil of submachine guns that is now in version 2.6 is not pleasant. The barrel jumps so hard that it is impossible to control the burst. This is one of the biggest reasons for the game's lack of significant audience growth. Those who come to FH2 for the first time see too strong and unpleasant recoil of submachine guns, they do not enjoy such shooting, and they go to other shooters. Until you reduce the recoil of machine guns, submachine guns and assault rifles to the point that they are pleasant to shoot, you will not have a significant influx of audience. I remember in 2009, in version 2.0, the return of smg was normal, but in the next versions it was greatly raised, and because of this, for the next 10 years, while other shooters quickly gained an audience, FH2 gained it very little and slowly.

2) The recoil of pistols is also quite high. It also needs to be reduced by about 30-35%.

3) The accuracy of all machine guns except the Italian when firing from the hip and standing from the front sight (without bipods) is extremely disgusting and unrealistic. The same problem with the recoil of machine guns from the hip. If strong recoil is at least somehow justified in the case of shooting from the hip, then there is no longer a front sight without a bipod. The accuracy and recoil of machine guns while standing and sitting should be put in order and improved by at least 50%. It would also be worth adding the ability to shoot while standing with all machine guns including MG-34, MG-42, etc. This will lead to the fact that the machine guns will become much more powerful.

In reality, the counter-measure against machine gunners in World War II was a sniper or mortar. It is unlikely that a mortar can be added. But it would be right to add a sniper. It would be necessary to introduce the ability to shoot from all machine guns while standing with normal accuracy and recoil. In contrast, it would be necessary to make the movement speed of the machine gunner, for example, 20% slower because he is heavily armed. In addition, it would be necessary to make the speed of turning the camera with a machine gun in the hands slower than with the smg in order for the fighter with the smg to have an advantage, and so that the players would not choose machine guns alone in urban battles. In version 2.6 you introduced tracers to bullets of stationary machine guns, the same tracers could be introduced to all conventional machine guns to make them easier to spot.

If you enter the sniper as a separate class in the weapon selection menu on most maps and give him a climbing hook, then the game will have a good counter-measure on the machine gunners strengthened by the options suggested above. Due to the slowed movement speed, the Heavy will run into position later than the Sniper, so Snipers will often have time to get into position before the Heavy. Due to the tracers, shooters with a machine gun will become clearly visible on the battlefield and you can see where they are shooting from, so they will become a good target not only for snipers, but also for everyone else. In addition, there will be more snipers than now because they will become regular classes in the weapon selection menu, and due to the climbing hook, they will be able to take better positions for shooting. As a result, although you will strengthen the machine gunners with the ability to shoot from the hip and give them normal accuracy, the game will have good counter-measures against machine gunners in the form of snipers, and this will balance the sides and add interest to the game.

If you do not want to introduce the ability to shoot with normal accuracy while standing without bipods, then make it possible to lay out bipods on the embrasure of bunkers, on windows, sandbags, logs, large stones, inverted palm trees.

Keeping snipers in the weapon selection menu and the ability to shoot from the hip with machine guns will improve the variety in the game and help inflow of its audience.

4) You can not shoot from anti-tank rifles while standing and sitting. Although in reality it is possible
It should have been corrected.

5) No crosshairs on the screen. I have a feeling that the developers removed the crosshairs in order to give the game a touch of realism. It seems to me that the developers saw that in other realism shooters there are no crosshairs on the screen, and they also decided to remove it just so that we could say that our game is not an arcade game, but a realism shooter because there is no crosshairs on the screen. If I'm right, then there is more of a desire to stand out from other shooters than a desire to improve the game. It worsened the game more than improved it.

In reality, the accuracy of shooting from the hip is much better, because in reality, the hands of the shooter have a much better sense of where the muzzle of the weapon is pointing than the player at the computer in a computer game feels. There is no such thing in the game, so the center of the weapon feels worse here. It's not comfortable to play without a crosshair. It is necessary to make it possible for the admin or the creator of the map to write something in the console so that the crosshairs are returned to everyone. Decide for yourself what exactly you want: to improve the game, or to stand out? If you improve the game, then the ability to return the sight on the screen must be returned either to all weapons, or to everything except sniper rifles and machine guns.

Not everyone likes to play without crosshairs. There are some people who do not like to play without a scope. And by the fact that you removed it for everyone, you pushed away a part of the audience that wants to play with the crosshairs on the screen. It is necessary to return the ability to return the crosshair of the sight to the admin or the creator of the map so that he can register it with a special command in the console. Here you have nothing to lose, but only gain. Those who do not want to play with a scope will still play without it, and those who want to play with a scope will vote for the return of the scope and ask the admin to return it with a special command in the console. The ability of the admin or map creator to return the scope with a command in the console will cause players to vote before the game to play this map with or without the scope, and the admin will return or not return the scopes to everyone, depending on the results of the vote.

We conducted surveys among Russian-speaking fans and found out that among Russian-speaking fans, more than half of the audience plays with bots. A player who notices a bot in battle needs about 1-1.5 seconds to aim at a bot from the front sight to hit. And the bots do not have a sight on the screen, but they shoot from the hip instantly without aiming. As a result, bots tend to shoot first and gain an unfair advantage over the live player. In the game, this causes resentment and reduces the pleasure of the game.

I'm not suggesting that crosshairs be returned to everyone on the screen. I propose to introduce an option so that the admin or map creator can return the crosshair to everyone at will, depending on the results of the pre-game vote. Then the old audience of the mod will still play without a scope, but it will also be joined by an audience of beginners who like to play with a scope. I've seen a lot of people complain that fx-2 has a low audience and low server saturation. Here's a good way to increase the mod's audience.

6) Perhaps these enhancements to pistols, machine guns, submachine guns, and the introduction of a sniper in the weapon selection menu will lead to the fact that rifles will not be the most popular weapon. If this happens, then it would be possible to improve the rifles in order to add to them the magnification of the approximation when firing from the front sight. The front sight magnification that is now a little inconvenient because targets at long and medium distances from the front sight are very hard to see, and you have to aim at a pixel target that is quite difficult to aim at. In turn, such an increase in magnification may require making the front sight of the rifle sight thinner and more pointed than it is now.

It would also be right to add the ability to peek around the corner, which would strengthen rifles the most. If this is not possible, then it could be done so that behind every sandbag, window, log, stone and other shelters one could take cover (sit down like in armored vehicles) and raise one’s head with a weapon a little bit as you can raise it at Mg- 42 on a gun carriage at omaha beach.

In one of the latest versions, there was a bug with a German anti-tank rifle, which made it reload faster than usual. If such a bug can be introduced to rifles, then it would be possible to strengthen the rifles so that they would reload faster.

The biggest thing that would balance rifles with submachine guns in urban battles would be the ability to simultaneously shoot from a rifle and hit it from a bayonet in one mode, but I was told that this was impossible.

It seems to me that the main reason why the FH2 mod has been consistently winning moddb votes for many years is that the voters are constantly waiting for the game developers to finally improve the mod so that it would be more pleasant to play. I suggested just such measures that could improve the game, and add interest and audience to it.

The MAS 38 is actually ingame, you can use it on Flavion as the French or on Pegasus Bridge as the Germans.
You misunderstood me: I did not say that "effectiveness" makes a gun less interesting, but it being common and used by everyone makes it less special.
Also you are confusing historical accuracy with "realism" in gameplay. We don't care that much about realistic gameplay, because BF2 engine is not good material to build a military simulation. We do care about historical authenticity though, and having a big percentage of the infantry running around with scoped rifles is NOT an authentic WW2 experience, so we won't do it.

Tell me, do you have any specific goal regarding the game?

Usually for game developers it is to make an interesting game that most players would be interested in playing. What is your goal?
Make an interesting game in which at the same time there will be a high level of historical accuracy?
In the case of the Second World War, these are little-compatible things. If you try to follow the canons of historical authenticity, then your interest will suffer greatly. Therefore, the game's audience will always remain small, and the creation of new maps will have little effect on this.

I'm not saying that there should be a lot of foot soldiers with sniper rifles, but on average 1-2 per side with the ability to select snipers in the weapon menu on 60% of the maps is not much.

I'm not saying that there should be a lot of Mas 38 infantrymen, but 2-3 with a choice in the weapon menu would be enough.

The ability to select this weapon in the menu is needed so that from the beginning to the end of the map you can play as a sniper, or as a soldier with Mas 38. If in the game after each death you have to run to a certain place on the map for a sniper rifle or Mas 38 in the place where they lie, it becomes impossible to constantly play for a sniper or a fighter with a mas-38. This is where the fun of the game suffers.

If you made it so that they could be selected in the weapon menu, then this would seriously increase the interestingness of the game. I can tell you a lot of things that would also increase the interest and audience of the game. And along with the interest, the audience of the game would increase. The larger the audience, the more fans could donate to you to further upgrade the game.
By upgrading the game to a certain level, you would have a several times larger audience than now, and having such an audience, you could start collecting money for a kickstarter to remake the game on a more modern engine that can implement all the features that you cannot implement on refractor 2 . For example, the developers of Neverwinter Nights went this way. They had a large fan base and began raising money on Kickstarter to create a new game. They raised $4 million and made a great RPG Pillars of Eternity

>On September 14, 2012, the Kickstarter campaign went live revealing further details of the project.[66] It completed its 1.1 million dollars objective in just over 24 hours, and the first set of "stretch goals" were announced.[67] Pillars of Eternity surpassed the $1.6 million mark five days after the fund-raising began.[68] It was announced an OS X version of the game would be provided together with a DRM-free option through[68] A Linux version was announced on September 21, 2012.[69] It passed the $2 million mark on September 26, 2012.

Even with the very limited engine that FH2 has now, I think you can increase the audience of the mod several times. But here you have to sacrifice a little historical accuracy in favor of the interestingness of the game. You'll have to do things like introducing the MAC38, the sniper rifle, and a few others into the weapon selection menu. We'll have to slightly change a number of conventions that make the process of firing weapons uncomfortable.

If you want to seriously increase the popularity and audience of a mod, then there is no other more effective way.

I create these polls in order to show you which way to improve the game is most in demand by the audience, and what needs to be done to increase the audience significantly more than now. Don't you want to increase the mod's audience?

If you are chasing history at the expense of interestingness, then this is the main reason for the mod's small audience.
For example, on French maps there is no MAS38 submachine gun, and many probably wanted to shoot with it. In reality, before the defeat of France in 1940, about 2000 of them were produced, and somewhere they were probably used. Why not make it on some map as a limited weapon in the weapon selection menu? This would increase the attractiveness and interest of French maps. All the same, there are many conventions in the game that contradict historical accuracy. In reality, many German machine gunners fired from machine guns while standing, but this is impossible to do in the game.

1) What is more important to you, historical accuracy? Or the enjoyment of the game and the significant growth of its audience? I saw that the developers and fans complained about the fact that the mod's audience is small. Maybe it's worth a little move away from historicity in favor of interestingness? The introduction of the limited-edition Mab 38 submachine gun and sniper rifle into the weapon selection menu is such a move that strays slightly from historical accuracy in favor of the game being interesting.

2) Disagree. Armament does not lose its attractiveness if it is effective. I often pick up sniper rifles in the first place because they are more effective than regular rifles.

3) I suggest to put from 1 to 3-4 snipers on the map depending on what it is. Let them be on average, for example, 1-2. It seems to be not so much that the players would move a little. But it will make the game more interesting.

4) The name is not important. I'm talking about the sniper scope.

5) The problem is that in order to raise a sniper kit, you often need to run to the place on the map where it lies. And in the game it often happens that there is no time to run to this place on the map. It often happens in the game that when you capture the enemy flag with a sniper and you are immediately killed. Then the choice arises: either spend time running again to the place where the sniper lies, but then this flag can be captured by enemies. Or appear on a newly captured flag as a simple soldier without optics. And most often you have to choose the second, and fight as a simple fighter without a sniper. Because of this, the fun of the game suffers. For this reason, I suggested introducing the sniper as a separate weapon in the weapon selection menu.

I created a similar survey among the Russian-speaking audience

Judging by the vote, the majority of the Russian-speaking audience of the mod shares my opinion that an increase in the sniping element would seriously increase the interest and popularity of the game
I will offer 3 options for how exactly it would be possible to increase the sniping element in the game, and you vote which option would be the best for the game:

1) First option: add a sniper rifle to the weapon selection menu on all or most maps. For example, a scout. Or make some snipers as the second limited weapon for an infantryman with a regular rifle, as they did for example with the second weapon of an officer. In total, there will be, for example, from 1 to 4 snipers for the entire team, depending on the map. This measure seems to me the most successful, because, in contrast to this, machine guns could be changed for the better. One of the developers told me that the machine guns became an embarrassment in camper positions. If you add more snipers, then machine guns would have a counter-measure in the form of snipers. Then machine guns would not be such an imboy. I read the memoirs of World War II veterans on both sides of the war. In reality, on the battlefield, the main danger for a machine gunner was a sniper or mortar. True, if you introduce a sniper as a separate class, then this can lead to the weakening of machine guns, and you will have to improve machine guns in turn. But the possibilities for improving machine guns are already very large. Machine guns can be strengthened by giving all machine guns the ability to fire while standing, giving them greater accuracy from the hip. Give less recoil, greater zoom ratio, thinner and more comfortable aiming flies. Not the fact that machine guns will have to be improved, but this first option is just for introducing the sniper as a separate class in the weapon selection menu.

2) The second option: you can not make the sniper a separate class in the weapon selection menu, but add more sniper maps like Motovskaya Bay 32, on which sniper rifles are located at different points on the map near the main shooting areas.

3) The third option: you can not add a sniper as a separate class in the weapon selection menu, and do not make more sniper cards, but make it so that on those maps that have more snipers as separate kit lying at certain points. Here you may have to poll the audience of the mod and determine by majority vote on which maps you need to add snipers, in what places and in what quantity.

If someone has a better way to increase the sniping element in the game, then write in the comments. If you offer a better option, then I can erase this vote and file a new one with your additional option. 

Suggestions / 13 small sentences
« on: 18-11-2021, 12:11:56 »
I wrote a list of 13 more small sentences. Maybe some of this will interest the developers of the mod:

1) When firing from a shotgun, you can reload several cartridges into it, and the entire clip does not disappear when reloading. And when firing from a revolver, when reloading, all cartridges that were still in the revolver disappear. It would be more correct to do that when reloading the revolver, the entire clip disappeared, and he simply reloaded several cartridges. It is not necessary to create a new reload animation. It is enough that he would take the revolver down by the edge of the screen and reload it so that it would not be visible during reloading.

2) It is difficult to shoot from tanks and guns at long distances if the reticle in their optics is too thick or rounded. For example, it is much easier and more accurate to shoot from the Shermans from the Americans than from the Shermans from the British. This is because the British Shermans have an inconvenient sight in the form of a thick circle, while the Americans have a convenient crosshair. As a result, with the Shermans of the Americans at long distances, I can aim at separate areas on enemy tanks. And from the British Shermans, I have to aim approximately at the figure of the tank without aiming at certain areas on it. It would be necessary to correct the tank sights or the "thick" reticle in their optics. Infantry machine guns have the same problem, if the tip of the front sight of a machine gun is too thick or rounded, then its accuracy is worse than that of someone with a sharp tip.

3) Constantly pinching the squat button and holding it uncomfortable. It should have been done so that for the squatting mode, the key had to be pressed 1 time and not kept constantly.

4) Usually, when you hit a vehicle, the sight shows marks of whether you have caused damage to it or not. It is convenient to understand whether your shell penetrates the tank's armor in the forehead / side or not. When firing from a bazooka, there are no such marks. I do not understand whether my shell pierced the frontal armor of the tank or not, and whether I caused damage or not. It would be correct to put these marks that appear near the scope in case of damage to the bazooka and panzershrek.

5) Is it possible to make it so that if he pulled the pin out of the grenade and then was killed, but did not have time to throw it out, the grenade would fall to the ground and explode. It's the same with anti-tank grenades and other explosives. As an additional idea, it would be possible to place the character's grenades on the belt, and make it so that when it hits a grenade or explosive in the hands and on the belt of the enemy, it explodes. This would motivate the sniper and other shooters to try to hit the explosives on the enemy's belt. This was done in the Sniper Elite series.
In BF2, at the airfields, I saw a red barrel. If you shoot it, it explodes. Can't you use the script explosion from it for the grenades on the player's belt?

6) In the first versions of fh2, 10 years ago in the game, each infantryman had a stamina scale. It would be right to bring her back. Moreover, it should be done so that when sprinting for heavily armed infantry with grenade launchers, machine guns, mortars, and anti-tank guns, this endurance scale was spent 25-40% faster than infantrymen with conventional weapons. In contrast, all machine guns can be added to the ability to shoot while standing from the hip.

7) It would be correct to enter the option of choosing a day or night before starting the map. Previously, the infantry map Mersa Matruh 16 delivered me a lot, but starting from version 2.4 it was made at night. It would be correct if the players themselves chose to play them on any map during the day or at night.

8) What's the point in bicycles if their speed is lower than sprint running? They should increase their speed and make it higher than the speed of movement by sprinting. It is even possible to add to him the ability to shoot a pistol with one hand while sitting behind him, and throw grenades. If bicycles were introduced, then it should be done on maps where there is not enough transport for the infantry, and you need to run on foot for a very long time.

9) Make a rupture of the track of the tank from being hit by a shell.

10) On new maps, it is sometimes not clear where to look for a box with cartridges on the map. This is especially difficult for beginners who have just got acquainted with the mod and do not know where the boxes with cartridges are located on the maps. If a player on a vehicle through the command menu asks the "engineers" to repair, then all the engineers that are on the map are immediately displayed. Can't you also make the boxes with cartridges appear on the map if the player shouts "cartridges" ?. This would help players find bullets faster. The same can be done with individual weapon whales lying in specific locations.

11) Bulletproof vests were developed and used in the Second World War by many parties. For example, the Soviet steel bib CH-42 has proven itself well in street battles. It protected from being hit by a bayonet, shrapnel, 9mm bullets from the MP-40. And in some cases, also from a bullet from a G-41/43 if it flew tangentially. Could you add them as a separate kit at the base?

12) When using a hand mortar or a light machine gun that you can carry and install, after all the ammunition has been fired, if you install the mortar / machine gun on the ground again, then all the ammunition will appear again. For example, on the Omaha Beach map, the ammunition load is updated with each new installation at the mortar. On the map "Motovsky Bay 16", when the MG-34 machine gun is mounted on the carriage of the machine guns, the ammunition is updated every time. It would be right that the ammunition load is not updated and the player has to always run to the ammunition box to replenish it.

13) The M1919 Browning machine gun has a disgusting recoil somewhere up and to the side, which makes it difficult and unpleasant to shoot from it. It would be correct to make it smaller, and not sideways, but only upward. Also, the machine gun has a very low front sight, which makes it aim for a very long time.

Is it possible to introduce an option to change not all weapons, but only the main small arms? For example, I play as Germans with a KAR98 rifle and a faustpatron on Vossenac 64. I killed an American soldier. Is it possible to make it so that, when I approach his weapon, I press a separate button on the keyboard, and my Kar 98 rifle changes to a Thompson submachine gun from a corpse, but at the same time the faustpatron and everything else remains?

So the game will have more variety in terms of small arms. In a city setting, players with rifles will drop their rifles and pick up submachineguns from corpses. But at the same time, you should not replace the rifle with a machine gun, for example, it should not work on machine guns. Should work only on rifles / carbines / submachine guns / automatic STG-44.

If this looks like too much reinforcement of the infantry, then, in contrast, you can make it so that the cartridges for the enemy weapon can be replenished only from the box with cartridges on the enemy flag. Then, as soon as the cartridges run out, then the players will throw out the main weapon.

No, you clearly have no idea about how the refractor engine works. If you wish to help us, we suggest you to learn modding, and come back with solutions, not ideas.

Unfortunately, I can't help you with programming.

Not possible because the tank crew is not rendered inside the tank. Doing so could lead to glitches due to netcode, like you can sometimes kill an M10 driver with an MG42 through the armor because it shoots fast enough.

Generally speaking: You should be aware that we developers are a lot smarter than you. If you can think of something, we have thought of it before. So logically the reason that it is not in is that it is not actually possible in the engine. So basically stop with these nonsense suggestions.

It's sad to realize that the game engine is so limited that almost nothing can be done with it. I have 3-4 more ideas. Can I post 3-4 more topics?

If none of these 3-4 can be implemented, then I will no longer create topics here.

No, you misunderstood my point entirely. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Could you write to me what actual problems you have in the game? Maybe I could think of how it would be better to change them.

At this point I am convinced that you should play totally different game, seeing you want to change every single aspect of FH2.

I'd suggest to simply open your game files and modify them to your preferred settings, nothing is stopping your from modifying your game for singleplayer use.

We are not implementing any of those changes, please stop spam the forums.

But you yourself told me today that it would be desirable to improve the submachine guns. So I came up with 5 improvements.

And before that I was told that on this forum there is no limit on the number of topics created. Or already there?

Maybe we will do this, but so far the only early 42 map is Motovskiy Bay, where there is no PTRD present.

Is it possible then to make it so that cartridges from anti-tank rifles could destroy the tank driver if he hit a certain place on the tank?

I had cases when I fired a tank machine gun at an aircraft, and one of the bullets pierced the glass of the aircraft and killed the pilot. Is it possible to do the same with anti-tank rifles when firing at light tanks?

Suggestions / 5 suggestions for upgrading submachine guns
« on: 11-11-2021, 13:11:34 »
The beta tester wrote to me that now the most powerful weapon is rifles, and that in the game it would be desirable to strengthen submachine guns. To enhance submachine guns, you could do the following:

1) Dramatically reduce the recoil of all submachine guns to the level of version 2.0, or almost to that level. In general, it is necessary to make the recoil such that at a distance of 90-100 meters it would be possible to shoot quite accurately from submachine guns with 3 rounds and in more than half of the cases hit the human figure with at least two rounds.

2) Increase the power of submachine guns. Most SMGs now take three body hits to kill. You can enhance their power and make it take two hits to kill. Now two hits to kill are enough only for Thompson. Thompson can be made to cause bleeding from one hit in the body.

3) Reduce spread when shooting from the hip while standing to sitting / lying. And in the sitting / lying position for the same amount. Then the accuracy of the fire from the hip will increase even more.

4) When shooting from a front sight, bring the weapon a little closer to the player. The bottom line is to enlarge the view of this "window" which I marked on the screenshot of the screen in red at the Thompson. In order to see more space ahead in this red window, for this you need to sort of push the submachine gun closer to the player. Then the time spent on aiming from the front sight will be reduced.

5) When a player gets up from a prone position in a standing position, about 1.5-2 seconds from the moment of lifting, the spread when shooting from the hip increases several times, but after 1.5-2 seconds it returns to normal. In skirmishes, this leads to the fact that the player is not immediately able to shoot, but only after these 1.5-2 seconds. Is it possible to do so that either there would be no such gigantic increase in the spread, or to reduce its time to 0.3-0.4 fractions of a second? If this is done, then it will be possible to shoot immediately after changing the position of the body without waiting 1.5-2 seconds. Often in shootouts, this delay of 1.5-2 seconds cost me my life.

If you make all these changes, then it can lead to the fact that submachine guns become more powerful weapons than rifles and most will play only with them. I have an assumption that in version 2.3 the developers for this very reason sharply increased the recoil of submachine guns, although before that in version 2.0 it was very low.

Please do your research first. BS-41 is a standard AT bullet PTRD and PTRS use in FH2 and you can penetrate side armour of a panther with it.

If you have battles of 1941 and the beginning of 1942, then it would be more correct to make the main ammunition load of PTRS and PTRDs with B-32 cartridges. For 1941 and early 1942, the BS-41 is not a standard bullet. Andrei Ulanov studied many Soviet archives and reports from the battlefield. He testifies that during this period, BS-41 cartridges were distributed in several pieces for one anti-tank crew, and there were many military units reporting that they did not have such cartridges at all (10:52)

I ask the forum moderator to delete this topic because it is already useless

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