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Off-Topic / Re: World cup in Brasil 2014
« on: 12-07-2014, 12:07:39 »
Mmm, De Jong did nice when he was still playing for FC Twente, but after that he failed both in Monchengladbach and in Newcastle.He should come back to the Dutch competition, grow a bit stronger and betetr and then try again. Then, maybe he can be the central striker for Oranje.

Could happen, he is still young enough.

I dunno if going back to Holland will help him get better as a footballer, he needs refulare first team in a big league. Eredivisie isn't a huge league.

Off-Topic / Re: World cup in Brasil 2014
« on: 11-07-2014, 18:07:42 »
If the next coach reverts back to 4-4-3. We would have Depay on left, Huntelaar central, he is still young enough and on the right Lens ??
Yes, Huntelaar can still play for a few years, but I was thinking more about his successor. Do you know any Dutch central attackers which can be good enough to play in Oranje?

@ Zoo: nice analysis, mostly agreed.

De jong of Newcastle(dunno if he is still there was on loan from Borussia Monchengladbach).

Last battle of the campaign tonight playing on a brand new map :) .

Ortona this week, look forward to a nice city battle!

Modding / Re: Custom Maps list
« on: 14-04-2014, 21:04:00 »
NCO kits could be an issue, I believe they were changed.

Playing there  :)

Deek is the smallest dick of FH2 for sure... ::)


Hanswerner is possibly the worst tanker in FH2...... :-\

About tournament maps, probably not gonna happen as it influences the numbers we get too much at this point. A tournament map is usually created for 64 players (with more possible), and it does not make sense when we play it with 20 people in the end, screwing off many others.
But if we get a playerbase that joins the gamenight somewhat regularly you could think about doing it. We are still at the very start of this, and want to make it a regular, weekly event. But currently custom maps don't make much sense in my opinion.

Not true. I remember us at F|H having an Italy event on 4 of our maps and having 2 full servers for the entire weekend. I think myself and Erwin could possibly talk about making something up if the demand is there for a custom map for the public server  ;) .

Despise 762(sorry lads, don't like your rules or map list). So I for one would defo welcome this!

Modding / Re: Packing Script
« on: 22-02-2013, 18:02:35 »
do you have accent (like ' or é è à) or majuscule in your map name ? or any space ?

Nope, as I said I used the vanilla maps as practice to pack and it still didn't work. My keyboard is UK English so nothing like that would effect it.

Modding / Re: Packing Script
« on: 22-02-2013, 01:02:11 »
I put mine in my editing folder (fh2-edit) and do the script, but it just says "can't find that map. try again".

Tried renaming it to fh2, and it made no difference.

check how you typing the map name? is it right?

yep correct spelling and made sure the _'s were in.

Have you tried running it in admin mode? I seem to recall that fixing some problems I was having with the script.

also tried that with no luck. Just like to add I'm using Windows 7 64bit.

Modding / Re: Packing Script
« on: 19-02-2013, 23:02:25 »
I put mine in my editing folder (fh2-edit) and do the script, but it just says "can't find that map. try again".

Tried renaming it to fh2, and it made no difference.

Modding / Re: Packing Script
« on: 19-02-2013, 20:02:53 »
Still no luck, it's like the process won't execute

Modding / Packing Script
« on: 19-02-2013, 17:02:40 »
I can't seem to get it to pack any maps I want to pack. I've got python installed(correct version) and I have the files placed in my folder like was asked. I start the map packing script file and it just appears for a second and disappears. I tried the also but it just says when I type the maps name in that it isn't there(when it is lol). Even tried packing vanilla fh2 maps to see if it would work and still wouldn't work.

Any suggestions/fixes for this issue?

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