Author Topic: BF2 Halloween Event 2022: Pirates 2 and.. Pirates 1  (Read 1524 times)

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This year Lost-Soldiers BF2 Community will play Pirates 2 for Halloween!
(credits to Catbox, Detrux, PiratePlunder, 1/2Hawk, INtense)

WHEN: Sunday 30th of October starting 16:00 CET for PIRATES II (Pirates/Skeletons)
WHERE: + (Discord VC)

We invite you to our yearly Halloween Event where we play spooky mods together and hang out in Discord.
Streamers/content creators welcome! The mod is the same as last year's event, we hope to see you there.


Refer to this new step by step tutorial, and if you need any help I'll be here to sort you out

  • Pirates 2 (use green link at the bottom or download mirrors)
Make sure to test the mod(s) before the day of the event,
if you wait last minute you may as well walk the plank! YARRR

Contact me on, discord or by email.