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Author Topic: The main disadvantages of shooting mechanics and how to improve them  (Read 2651 times)

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I am Russian but I am against a special military operation in Ukraine. I went to an anti-war rally until they were banned and they began to be imprisoned for rallies for 5-7 years.

There are some conventions in FH2 that spoil the fun of the shooting process and the game in general. Apparently they were made based on the developers' considerations of the right balance, but they could be made better if the measures for which they were introduced had adequate counter-measures that the developers have not yet introduced.

Below I will list these conventions and offer what I think is the best way to change them:

1) The recoil of almost all submachine guns in version 2.6 of the mod is still quite high. It needs to be lowered even further. It feels like the normal return of the smg should be about 30-35% lower than the current return of the Degtyarev submachine gun. And this is provided that all submachine guns will fix a bug with an overestimated return of the first shot. The recoil of submachine guns that is now in version 2.6 is not pleasant. The barrel jumps so hard that it is impossible to control the burst. This is one of the biggest reasons for the game's lack of significant audience growth. Those who come to FH2 for the first time see too strong and unpleasant recoil of submachine guns, they do not enjoy such shooting, and they go to other shooters. Until you reduce the recoil of machine guns, submachine guns and assault rifles to the point that they are pleasant to shoot, you will not have a significant influx of audience. I remember in 2009, in version 2.0, the return of smg was normal, but in the next versions it was greatly raised, and because of this, for the next 10 years, while other shooters quickly gained an audience, FH2 gained it very little and slowly.

2) The recoil of pistols is also quite high. It also needs to be reduced by about 30-35%.

3) The accuracy of all machine guns except the Italian when firing from the hip and standing from the front sight (without bipods) is extremely disgusting and unrealistic. The same problem with the recoil of machine guns from the hip. If strong recoil is at least somehow justified in the case of shooting from the hip, then there is no longer a front sight without a bipod. The accuracy and recoil of machine guns while standing and sitting should be put in order and improved by at least 50%. It would also be worth adding the ability to shoot while standing with all machine guns including MG-34, MG-42, etc. This will lead to the fact that the machine guns will become much more powerful.

In reality, the counter-measure against machine gunners in World War II was a sniper or mortar. It is unlikely that a mortar can be added. But it would be right to add a sniper. It would be necessary to introduce the ability to shoot from all machine guns while standing with normal accuracy and recoil. In contrast, it would be necessary to make the movement speed of the machine gunner, for example, 20% slower because he is heavily armed. In addition, it would be necessary to make the speed of turning the camera with a machine gun in the hands slower than with the smg in order for the fighter with the smg to have an advantage, and so that the players would not choose machine guns alone in urban battles. In version 2.6 you introduced tracers to bullets of stationary machine guns, the same tracers could be introduced to all conventional machine guns to make them easier to spot.

If you enter the sniper as a separate class in the weapon selection menu on most maps and give him a climbing hook, then the game will have a good counter-measure on the machine gunners strengthened by the options suggested above. Due to the slowed movement speed, the Heavy will run into position later than the Sniper, so Snipers will often have time to get into position before the Heavy. Due to the tracers, shooters with a machine gun will become clearly visible on the battlefield and you can see where they are shooting from, so they will become a good target not only for snipers, but also for everyone else. In addition, there will be more snipers than now because they will become regular classes in the weapon selection menu, and due to the climbing hook, they will be able to take better positions for shooting. As a result, although you will strengthen the machine gunners with the ability to shoot from the hip and give them normal accuracy, the game will have good counter-measures against machine gunners in the form of snipers, and this will balance the sides and add interest to the game.

If you do not want to introduce the ability to shoot with normal accuracy while standing without bipods, then make it possible to lay out bipods on the embrasure of bunkers, on windows, sandbags, logs, large stones, inverted palm trees.

Keeping snipers in the weapon selection menu and the ability to shoot from the hip with machine guns will improve the variety in the game and help inflow of its audience.

4) You can not shoot from anti-tank rifles while standing and sitting. Although in reality it is possible
It should have been corrected.

5) No crosshairs on the screen. I have a feeling that the developers removed the crosshairs in order to give the game a touch of realism. It seems to me that the developers saw that in other realism shooters there are no crosshairs on the screen, and they also decided to remove it just so that we could say that our game is not an arcade game, but a realism shooter because there is no crosshairs on the screen. If I'm right, then there is more of a desire to stand out from other shooters than a desire to improve the game. It worsened the game more than improved it.

In reality, the accuracy of shooting from the hip is much better, because in reality, the hands of the shooter have a much better sense of where the muzzle of the weapon is pointing than the player at the computer in a computer game feels. There is no such thing in the game, so the center of the weapon feels worse here. It's not comfortable to play without a crosshair. It is necessary to make it possible for the admin or the creator of the map to write something in the console so that the crosshairs are returned to everyone. Decide for yourself what exactly you want: to improve the game, or to stand out? If you improve the game, then the ability to return the sight on the screen must be returned either to all weapons, or to everything except sniper rifles and machine guns.

Not everyone likes to play without crosshairs. There are some people who do not like to play without a scope. And by the fact that you removed it for everyone, you pushed away a part of the audience that wants to play with the crosshairs on the screen. It is necessary to return the ability to return the crosshair of the sight to the admin or the creator of the map so that he can register it with a special command in the console. Here you have nothing to lose, but only gain. Those who do not want to play with a scope will still play without it, and those who want to play with a scope will vote for the return of the scope and ask the admin to return it with a special command in the console. The ability of the admin or map creator to return the scope with a command in the console will cause players to vote before the game to play this map with or without the scope, and the admin will return or not return the scopes to everyone, depending on the results of the vote.

We conducted surveys among Russian-speaking fans and found out that among Russian-speaking fans, more than half of the audience plays with bots. A player who notices a bot in battle needs about 1-1.5 seconds to aim at a bot from the front sight to hit. And the bots do not have a sight on the screen, but they shoot from the hip instantly without aiming. As a result, bots tend to shoot first and gain an unfair advantage over the live player. In the game, this causes resentment and reduces the pleasure of the game.

I'm not suggesting that crosshairs be returned to everyone on the screen. I propose to introduce an option so that the admin or map creator can return the crosshair to everyone at will, depending on the results of the pre-game vote. Then the old audience of the mod will still play without a scope, but it will also be joined by an audience of beginners who like to play with a scope. I've seen a lot of people complain that fx-2 has a low audience and low server saturation. Here's a good way to increase the mod's audience.

6) Perhaps these enhancements to pistols, machine guns, submachine guns, and the introduction of a sniper in the weapon selection menu will lead to the fact that rifles will not be the most popular weapon. If this happens, then it would be possible to improve the rifles in order to add to them the magnification of the approximation when firing from the front sight. The front sight magnification that is now a little inconvenient because targets at long and medium distances from the front sight are very hard to see, and you have to aim at a pixel target that is quite difficult to aim at. In turn, such an increase in magnification may require making the front sight of the rifle sight thinner and more pointed than it is now.

It would also be right to add the ability to peek around the corner, which would strengthen rifles the most. If this is not possible, then it could be done so that behind every sandbag, window, log, stone and other shelters one could take cover (sit down like in armored vehicles) and raise one’s head with a weapon a little bit as you can raise it at Mg- 42 on a gun carriage at omaha beach.

In one of the latest versions, there was a bug with a German anti-tank rifle, which made it reload faster than usual. If such a bug can be introduced to rifles, then it would be possible to strengthen the rifles so that they would reload faster.

The biggest thing that would balance rifles with submachine guns in urban battles would be the ability to simultaneously shoot from a rifle and hit it from a bayonet in one mode, but I was told that this was impossible.

It seems to me that the main reason why the FH2 mod has been consistently winning moddb votes for many years is that the voters are constantly waiting for the game developers to finally improve the mod so that it would be more pleasant to play. I suggested just such measures that could improve the game, and add interest and audience to it.
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