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Modding / Re: Custom Maps list
« on: 24-09-2022, 17:09:07 »
How do i play the argentan 1944 map. İ moved the map folder into the fh2 maps folder but i dont see it on the map list ingame

Gaming / Re: War Thunder
« on: 13-06-2013, 21:06:30 »
This game is awesome people join us

General / Re: Powerful Tanks Become Vulnerable in 2.45
« on: 02-11-2012, 19:11:24 »
I had these odd bounces even against trucks. maybe the shells are bugged?

Modding / Re: Community Map Pack #1
« on: 02-11-2012, 19:11:21 »
are you going to add more maps? would like to see the rest.

General / Re: Powerful Tanks Become Vulnerable in 2.45
« on: 06-10-2012, 17:10:28 »
Yes it is that simple. And if they wouldn't increase the armor, the angle wouldn't feature in at all.

the panther front armor is at 55degree 80mm thick, so if I would shoot the panther front at 55degree angle with a 76 sherman I dont think the armor would still be 120mm which makes it way to strong.

So if the angle mod does not work like I thought it was then you have to find a way to make angled armor not overpower because you cant say that we always shoot at 0 degrees into the armor. a middle path between the actual armor and efectieve armor at 0 degrees. for the panther that would be 90mm front armor for example.
this is not just for the panther btw but for any other tank.

General / Re: Powerful Tanks Become Vulnerable in 2.45
« on: 06-10-2012, 02:10:23 »
is it that simple? so it does not calculate the armor/angle and then decrease the penetration/damage?

It still is not right to increase the armor because of the angle because you dont always shoot from 0 degrees.

General / Re: Powerful Tanks Become Vulnerable in 2.45
« on: 06-10-2012, 01:10:24 »
They have more armor because their plates are sloped. That's also the case for some Shermans for example.

yes the armor is slope but that does not mean you should increase the armor value. let the angle mod calculate that.

General / Re: Powerful Tanks Become Vulnerable in 2.45
« on: 05-10-2012, 20:10:49 »
something very important to look at is tank armor values. some of the tanks are way to high above their original armor thickness. the one that is overly armord is the panther which has 120mm front armor. thats double the amount it should have. some allied tanks have this too it would be good to look at it.

General Discussion / Re: FH2Tournament Campaign #1 begins
« on: 12-09-2012, 23:09:47 »
join the allies!!! we make funny faces and moves and this fist......... will......... go...... into BEEEEEEP enemys butthole!!!!

Modding / Re: Longues Sur Mer, custom map
« on: 11-04-2012, 23:04:06 »
great map to play man. This will work very well with 64 players. A suggestion: a churchill would be nice to spawn on the beach it will help with the advance. the flag by the bunkers could be a hanging flag on the bunker it self. thats all.

are you made of foam?

General Discussion / Re: Going to Play FH2?
« on: 07-04-2012, 23:04:36 »
join Waw server

WAW special weekend event

This Saturday, April 7th, the World at War Tournament invites you to take part in a special Aerial & Naval Warfare FH2 event.

The WaW team has prepared several custom maps that feature a wide variety of aircraft, including new custom aircraft. We're also excited to present the return of naval warfare to the Battlefield 2 + Forgotten Hope 2 platform, something that has been missing since the FH1 days.

    Event Features:
    - Battle on 6 exciting and unique custom maps
    - Bombing of Constanta: Launch Soviet Bombing raids against a Romanian port
    - Bombing the Reich: British bombing raids against Germany
    - Operation Brassard: Invasion of the Italian island Elba
    - Long sur mer: Fight against the Germans on the Normandy beaches
    - Omaha Beach: One of the bf1942 classics
    - St. Fromond: Liberation of the town Fromond

    - Custom equipment
    - New aircraft such as the Soviet TB-3 and I-16
    - Fully functional Ships and Submarines with torpedos and depth charges
    - deployable assets(hedgehogs, sandbags, barbwire)

    Saturday, April 7th 2011

    19:00 - 7pm Central Europe
    18:00 - 6pm GMT

    16:00 - 4pm Rio de Janeiro
    13:00 - 1pm East Coast
    12:00 - 12pm Central
    10:00 - 10am Pacific
    05:00 - 5am Sydney

    FH2 Server: WaW Air/Navy/Infantry
    View Live rounds with WaW's BF2 Spectator:

    TeamSpeak3 Server: BFE WaW
    Join the channels: FH2 public play

Step 1: Download WaW Minimod from
- Extract to [Battlefield2 installation folder]\mods\fh2

Step 2: Download WaW Minimod hotfix from
- Extract to [Battlefield2 installation folder]\mods\fh2

Step 3: Download The maps from
- Extract to [Battlefield2 installation folder]\mods\fh2\levels

i disagree. *going mudra style* as a holder of the highest mdeal for shooting you can get for serving firsttime in the army, with a lazorsight HK416 with aimpoint (allso G3A3 with ironsights only). No you cant aim superperfectomglolz lazor in just a second, not over ranges, i allso have a Rifle 2nd grade, shotting with m16a2 on popups dolls up to 300m (NATO exercise with national guard in minnesota) No, my good sir, you cant pop up and have lazorsight precicsion like it is in fh2. not gonna happen.

300m is different then 20m which is like most maps in FH2.

Having used rifles at reenactments and gun ranges for years, I can say that the speed at which you sight in a rifle in FH2 is quite correct.

so it doesnt take a year to aim and shoot? then I would like to know where this slow aiming idea came from

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