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[Solved] Looking for FH2 Manual .pdf, links are dead

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Hi y'all, I'm looking for the FH2 PDF Manual -- on the moddb page and in some forum threads here (what I've found in the search at least) the links are pointing to a manual at , but that site is down (domain for sale).

Does anybody still have this on their computer or mirrored somewhere online?

I doubt anyone has the manual, but if you want to get the idea of what FH2 is about, I recommend watching our training videos on YouTube: Forgotten Hope 2 Basic Training (note these are pretty old and outdated in some aspects, but will definitely help you to get the idea, FH2 is nowadays very content heavy and some aspects of the game are most likely not covered in the videos)

For anything else, feel free to join us on Discord and ask any questions about the game you might possibly have! ;)

Nice! I wish the videos expanded a bit more on some details but this is a good start, thanks.

I have an unofficial manual in pdf. its the old 0.1 version and has 70 pages. Its made by Konti.

I will check if there is still an active link for the download.

Here is the link:

Nice, thanks!


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