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Im confused


So i have played this mod now for 15 hours and i still dont get it , how does the points system work like how many points do i get for doing different things ??

The point system is much more elaborated, than in vanilla bf2. I already hear the people comming in, saying "If you play this for point, you are doing it wrong". I just wanted to warn you  ;)

I actually do not have a full overview over erverything, I am pretty sure, other can give you more accurate numbers. But it works something like this:

A regular kill just gives you 1 point. Capping a flag a flag 2 or 3 for grey and another 2 or 3 for cap. If you are only assisting in the zone, this is reduced to 1 or 2. So first in flagzone (and surviving until the cap) gives you a lot of points. Spotting for artillery gives you a tremendous amount of points, if someone uses your spot for the kills.

For killing, you can get a lot of points, but only in certain conditions. If you make a "difficult" kill, e.g. killing a medium tank as an infantry man, you get additional points (I think 4 for a medium tank) adding to your kill (4+1 for the kill), while performing the same task in a tank or plane yourself will get you less points. So just mowing down 50 infantry with your tiger tank will give you 50 points, while doing 10 kills on tanks with handheld AT weapons or AT guns will give you the same score of 50. The same applies for killing planes with AA guns, for example. The point modifier is different for the vehicle class, e.g. killing a light tank will give you 3 additional points, while a heavy tank should give you 5. If you kill a squadleader, you also score more points.

I hope, that helps. I am actually would also be interested in a full table of points for specific task.

point modifiers that explains why sometimes i get just 1 point for 1 kill and sometimes more thanks , and im not here for the points i was just curious :D


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