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In this forum, you can discuss your tactics in Forgotten Hope - weither you want to share your experience with other players, or you're just looking for some tips.

One things that is absolutely not allowed in this forum is the discussion of exploits and glitches. A glitch is a mistake in the mod, where you can exploit an object to get an unfair advantage over others. An example is crouching in a certain place so you get pushed inside a building where you can shoot at other players, but they can't shoot back at you. We try our best to check our mod for these things, but it can happen that one or two make it through. These are bugs and we would appreciate it if you posted these in the bug reporting forum so we can take care of them as soon as possible. Using exploits and glitches will get you banned on most servers!

As in the other forums, please check if there isn't already a thread on the subject you want to talk about before making a new thread. If you do make a thread while there is already one on the subject your thread may be deleted or merged with the other thread.


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