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Map packing scripts:
Starting with 2.46, the map packing script is a part of releases. See mods\fh2\

Requires Python 2.5, 2.6 or 2.7 -

Lightmap samples
For generating lightmaps (lighting) of static objects on levels in the editor.
Extract to \Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\

Undergrowth files
Extract to \Battlefield 2\bf2editor\Content\Terrain\Undergrowth\

BF2 editor memory fix
This modified BF2editor.exe makes it crash 10x less. {Dead link!}

Alternate link:

Forgotten Hope 2 debugger
Modified BF2 debugger. Based on BF2 1.3.
- Large address aware
- Uses settings storage in /My Documents/forgottenhp  2/
Place in \Battlefield 2\ folder. Run in windows XP compatibility mode if using Vista or 7.
Useful for modifying content ingame, testing functionalities of many things, and locating errors through logs.

Fenring's Tutorials
Note some stuff here is outdated. Download the files that are listed in this thread.

FH2 Modified Editor Shaders
Also we have new editor shaders so that you can view the camonets and tank tracks properly when editing maps or even working in the object editor. These must be placed in /Battlefield 2/bf2editor/Shaders/. You may need to delete your editors shader cache first (My Documents/Battlefield 2/cache/).

FH2 Object Spawners
Dead link, anyone use these? They are unneeded afaik, tutorial below explains how to add objects without the object spawner files.
OLD description:
Last but not least we have the new object spawners, these contain only kits since the number of vehicles in 2.2 is simply to great. Also kits only work as object spawners. These must be placed in /Battlefield 2/bf2editor/mods/fh2/.

Do like this to spawn a tank,plane, gun or whatever:
Create a new object spawner:

Now press cancel and name a new spawner:

Now select the vehicle you want from the drop down menu:


Thanks Alot Fenring!

Super cant wait to make some maps in normandy style

Stick it!

thx great


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