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Finding graphics.txt was the reason I set to High to see if there had been a change with 2.5 before trying to force them but found it unnecessary.

Try launcher Repair option? What graphics hardware and are its settings default with no old FH2 profile?

See YouTube for examples of shadows.

Have not experienced that and in fact only recently tried setting to High again because any more than Low seemed to make no difference in quality yet hurt performance since the original BF2. High now has smooth edges instead of jagged.

Have you tried setting from within the launcher? Perhaps the graphics card's settings are interfering? It may not help but can't hurt to delete the alphanumeric subfolder(s) under:
C:\Users\[username]\Documents\ForgottenHp 2\mods\bf2\cache

Bug Reporting / Dulka Pass audio
« on: 23-02-2016, 06:02:02 »
On Dukla Pass only, the audio occasionally screeches during actual multiplayer (intense action?) for some time (up to thirty seconds or until calmed action?). Using X-Fi hardware.

General Discussion / Re: The LCVP boats on Omaha Beach map
« on: 23-02-2016, 06:02:57 »
Hello! Welcome to the FH2 community. To be precise, it's arrow up to open the LCVP dropdoors. It might be illogical in the first use, but you will get use to it ;)

As with halftrack shields it makes sense when visualised as arrow forward dropping down and back raising up.

Off-Topic / teddy bear
« on: 03-02-2016, 02:02:47 »
In the documentary "Soviet Storm: World War II in the East", there is a tank of the 6th Army entering Paris with a plush bear or monkey on the main gun.

It reminded me of the Forgotten Hope bear and some searching turned up the story of Fredo:

Sorry if this has been discussed before... but is this the origin?

General Discussion / Re: Unable to Connect
« on: 30-01-2016, 21:01:50 »
Since using PR server... just confirming it is indeed down:

I experienced "waiting for seeds" too so thanks to Melvin for the download link. After that, the updater did find seeds (coincidentally?) and only needed to download about 88MB.

Does BF2 run? Does dice_py.dll exist in BF2 folder? Is FH2 in the correct location (\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2)? Were the install files verifed by checksum? FH2 Launcher download of the update should be smaller than stand-alone (though still substantial) and will verify the files.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Loading
« on: 26-07-2015, 02:07:00 »
Timed St. Vith at 48 sec to create multiplayer game and so supposed it must be a more demanding map load than the "less than 40" one before. But then wondered if single player load was different and timed that at 32. But then wondered if it was reduced so much for being loaded previously and retimed multiplayer at 30.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Loading
« on: 25-07-2015, 01:07:11 »
So game load into RAM at about 343 MB/s. But how long is map load time after that?

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Loading
« on: 23-07-2015, 00:07:56 »
Requiring about 12GB extra RAM? How much do load times benefit since still dependent upon CPU?

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Loading
« on: 21-07-2015, 05:07:27 »
I timed a map load at less than 40 seconds from a "slow" 5400 RPM laptop drive, where the OS is on what was a mainstream SSD several years ago. The CPU is a "fast" 3.7 GHz though. That said, I have played BF2/FH2 since the beginning and don't recall map loads ever being more than a couple minutes even on old mainstream gear. The only time it takes longer is when creating a new cache after a GPU driver update.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Loading
« on: 18-07-2015, 19:07:37 »
SSD would not reduce time significantly because the decompression by CPU and load into memory remain limiting factors. Also, while sequential read speed is several times faster, their main benefit is random read being exponentially faster -which does not really apply in this case.

So, what can be done to minimize peformance loss is defragment and preferably locate the game data near the beginning of the drive (of course SSD do not require such maintenance). Having the game on almost any drive seperate from the OS is better too. In fact, even with a two drive system where the OS is on SSD and the game on HDD, there is no benefit to moving the game to the SSD.

Maybe with all the latest high performance gear it could be improved somewhat but it is a matter of diminishing returns over normal times. Again, 5 minutes seems more a matter of maintenance and/or fixing problems.

Was Windows 7 reinstalled? Like .NET Framework, Visual C++ has numerous versions so make sure they are up to date.

If there was not a problem with a previous BF2/FH2 installation, can it be recovered from a backup to eliminate the possibility of a fault in the new installation (copy game and user folders, and export-import registry entries). Or if there was a problem and to really uninstall as LuckyOne says, the user files and registry probably have to be deleted manually.

I don't know how the launcher updater works but it would seem potentially less problematic to get and verify the installers seperately (maybe it did download them to your system?).

General Discussion / Re: Ramelle-Neuville Shenanigans?
« on: 30-04-2015, 16:04:39 »
Sorry for my confusing description as I was thinking of advancing N instead of E so had the map rotated 90 degrees left :-[

So yes, that's it! The other spot behind the wall is directly across the river.

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