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FH2 Help / Support / Re: Rotation frameskip
« on: 22-03-2022, 00:03:20 »
Yes, created new profile. Don't have discord. But thanks for suggestion. Beginning to think it's a weird hardware incompatibility (motherboard/CPU/RAM) because no issues otherwise. BF1942/FH is fine. Even in BF2/FH2 it's only left-right rotation in 1st person (most noticeable stationary), but not up-down. It wasn't like this in the past (apparently like most players) with different hardware but unsure of different components over time.

Different types of RAM and CPU did not solve it, so that leaves the motherboard or BIOS - maybe a performance design gone wrong.

FH2 Help / Support / Rotation frameskip
« on: 11-02-2022, 02:02:22 »
What causes this? It seems independent of software settings (game, Windows, GPU), and GPU hardware. Also tried different displays, interconnects, BIOS & settings, mice, OS (7 & 10), and more. Even binary compared to the standalone - everything matched but RendDX9x2.dll but replacing that had no affect.

Discussed without solutions:

There are still fh2 levels without a Sounds.con in their, such as motovskiy_bay.

But do Sounds.con references to City.eax or Openlandscape.eax work since those do not exist in fh2 common*.zip but only in bf2

It would still be quicker and more informative to glance at the mini map (keeping it zoomed out), or open the full map.

wrap_oal.dll is installed to system along with OpenAL32.dll. Either can replace the original wrapper BF2OpenAL.dll as instructed, depending upon the hardware. It is strange that the direct router OpenAL32.dll and X-Fi renderer work yet require ALchemy since that effectively translates DirectSound3D to OpenAL; but BF2 is OpenAL so problems could be expected from extra processing. The originally intended hardware also requires Game Mode for X-Fi Ultra High so is there some equivalent setting? Probably the best result is without ALchemy and with the latest wrapper, even if limiting BF2 settings.

Does it work without ALchemy since the X-Fi audio renderer should be routing to the OpenAL driver (ct_oal.dll) rather than the DirectSound3D wrapper (wrap_oal.dll)? If using the wrapper then there is a newer version than the "1.1 installer" which is package 2.07 including router 6.14.357.24 & wrapper, whereas package 2.1.0 includes router 6.14.357.25 & wrapper

General Discussion / Re: Rule Change at [762]
« on: 01-04-2018, 01:04:05 »
"Hillarious prank". But real players don't teamkill so much.

It eventually failed again where the Speakers tab disappears from the last Mode, although output continues. Solved again with reinstall over top. Annoying, but will stick with it for the quality in FH2. Anyone have experience with Sound Blaster Z or X-Fi MB5?

Can only guess that Sounds settings have changed then. Otherwise try installing current Sound device drivers.

Since migrating to a motherboard with a PCIe to PCI bridge chip and/or subsequent system software updates, both XtremeMusic and XtremeGamer X-Fi DSP (hardware) cards experienced occasional failures requiring some form of reinstallation (device disable & enable, reinstall drivers "over top", or physical removal and cleaning first).

So, on a lark  ;), I discovered that the more recent Windows 10 drivers (SBXF_PCDRV_L11_2_30_0011) actually work on Windows 7 -as an upgrade at least since a clean install has not been necessary. It has been over a month without issue - excepting

Although another non FH2 specific issue remains where switching X-Fi Modes requires a Sound Playback Device Test to initialise output, so I just leave it in Game Mode and only switch between Speaker or Headphone Configurations.

Having re-read the OP, note that all X-Fi DSP have onboard RAM of at least 2MB whereas "X-RAM" denotes 64MB.

Bug Reporting / Re: Dulka Pass audio
« on: 23-05-2016, 04:05:32 »
After more gameplay it does not seem to be caused by action. Could it be the unique stream (water) sounds? Surely others are experiencing this (and yes I will call you Shirley)? :P Again, no other map does this on the same hardware over many years.

Glad you got it sorted.

As far as shadow quality, I have since noticed instances where jagged edges remain -particularly when cast on a wall rather than the ground (for example a halftrack at Seelow Heights Manor). So I wonder if graphics.txt settings can improve that?

General Discussion / Re: The LCVP boats on Omaha Beach map
« on: 29-03-2016, 23:03:16 »
Is tripod control new to 2.5... or am I dense, because the Lafette in particular always seemed unnecessarily exposed at default height?  :P

General Discussion / Re: Dedicated Server Questions
« on: 29-03-2016, 23:03:10 »
Just copy Controls.con from the working Profile folder.

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\0001\Controls.con

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ForgottenHp 2\Profiles\0001\Controls.con

General Discussion / Re: The LCVP boats on Omaha Beach map
« on: 24-02-2016, 08:02:39 »
Note the propeller does not add propulsion.

Where is an example of the "Mg42-Tripod" that can be raised/lowered? The deployable Lafette does not have this ability.

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