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I don't get an error message, it doesn't even let me get to the loading screen, it just crashes to desktop. Is there any way to fix this?

I'm running FH2 as an administrator and in compatibility mode for XP SP3.

Bug Reporting / Can't Retrieve Account
« on: 04-04-2015, 20:04:48 »
Since my hard drive got replaced, I've been unable to retrieve my FH2 account since I reinstalled. At first, the game just got stuck on Connecting to Account Server every time I tried. Only now, every time I retrieve my account it instead just says "Wrong password", even though I've checked with every password I've ever used, even though I used the one password that didn't give me that message that lead to the game getting stuck and not responding.

Also, for some reason backspace doesn't work in the account screen anymore.

I've tried running it as administrator, running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3, raising priority in task manager, none have worked. Any other way I could get to play FH2 again?

Gaming / Intruder
« on: 25-08-2013, 19:08:17 »
A fairly interesting tactical game on Unity Engine, inspired by games like Counter Strike. There are the Intruders, and Guards. The main game mode is kind of like TF2's CTF, what with capturing the briefcase, only an attack/defend scenario, basically.

The things I find interesting that set it apart are for example, the built in VOIP, which is kind of like PRMumble or the ACRE mod for Arma 2 in that you can hear people using the radio, and also talk locally. There's also some handy tools like lockpicks, keypad locks to be placed on doors, and cameras-on-a-stick so you can peek over cover.

The forums, IRC chat, and all those fun things are over at

Basically, I recently reinstalled FH2 hoping maybe this problem would've gone away but it still crashes every single time I try to play it. I think the first time I installed it on this PC it worked, but I don't know what has ever gone wrong here. I already have it running on administrator and Windows XP compatibility mode.

Also, I don't think it's my BF2 because I can play that, and I can still play Project Reality.

Anything I can try still?

Gaming / Insurgency
« on: 29-04-2013, 02:04:39 »

So, apparently, the source mod is getting an upgrade. Graphics look like CS GO's, but it looks pretty interesting. Curious to see how this will turn out. And only 15 dollars... Thoughts?

So we were all shooting it up on the WaW server, and, well, I tried to jump over a trench (D5) and got stuck underground, so I played the role of that one worm from folklore in the Gobi desert that comes out of the ground and eats anyone who comes around.


View from underground at trench

Position on map

Simple, while commander in my opinion only needs a few tweaks (only my opinion I guess), commander is probably one of the least played positions ingame.

Plus, not a lot of radios on the newer maps, which sucks because then no one can have a commander.

My suggestion: placing radios on newer maps and giving mopre incentive to play as commander (without making it an ideal position for a combat soldier). It was bad in BF2 because anyone could just take slot f it was empty for once and use arty, supplies, UAV, for their own use and never gave commands. If you had some kind of incentive that didn't make it something for a combat soldier (such as perhaps more incentive follow commands so it kinda works up chain, or perhaps the ability to spawn a limited number of AT guns or MGs at each flag?)

And on a slightly less relavant topic, what if commander could spawn a very small limited number of AT guns and MGs at each flag and place them? I doubt it, but just a thought.

Suggestions / DUKWs for US Army?
« on: 08-07-2012, 06:07:28 »

Used in landings on Italy and France, also used in later battles, and according to Band of Brothers (the book), used to transport the 101st Airborne on ground some point after Operation Market Garden.

Also plenty given to Canada, British, and Australian armies, Soviets too.

How 'bout it, will it ever make it in FH2? Either as a landing vehicle, same use as Schwimmwagen, or as a supply truck (due to role in bringing supplies to front).

Recently start noticing this, first in PR but later started Fh2 again and noticed it. First I ignored it but now it seems to be coupled with only a minute ingame, last seen would be that, join server then game, and last some PB error called something like this:

"Service Communication Error: PnkbsterA.exe hearbeatsA has stopped working"

Or something like that. Then it just freezes. Help?

General / Pzb. 39 is very low power
« on: 07-06-2012, 05:06:11 »
By very low power, I mean it barely penetrates an old Vickers Mk VI tank, or the Stuart, or similar. In my experience, the Panzerbusche 39 in Forgotten Hope 2 is more an anti-car rifle than anything, it seems to have only the penetration needed for halftracks like the Universal carrier and the Sdkfz. 251, and the lightest of the armored cars just barely.

Does it have an after-effect I'm not noticing, or is it just that in real life the Panzerbusche 39 hardly compared to it's Russian and British AT rifle counterparts?

Bug Reporting / 2 Fireteam leader 2s?
« on: 13-05-2012, 06:05:38 »
Simple, we were on WaW playing 16p Sidi Rezegh and messing around fightin' Italians, etc. when our SL noticed there was a second SL2. this triggered a wave of responses, which lead to my taking a screenshot.

The 2 supposed SLs were:
ProffessorAnthrax (real SL)
TimeAssassinMachine (strange SL, who didn't show up in our squad except in scoreboard)

Screenie below.

Think. As of now, people always die, or bail with parachute in aircraft. Meanwhile, you never see anyone attempting to land. Why is that?

Landing is legitamite, and allows you to still easily be shot down while simultaneously allowing you a chance of survival, yet, as said, everyone bails or willingly dies. I wouldn't advise going to airfield unless you wanna lead the enemy into flak, which doesn't work anyway if you were hit by static AA.

Just an idea of a way to abandon your aircraft on death row. Opinions?

Simple, a thread which begs to give tactics, techniques, and various methods of ridding and using armor.

My basic personal tactics:
Always shoot the the flattest part/side/rear. For example, the gears and togs in the tracks on the side of a tank, or the side armor on a Panther. The problem with killing panthers is the sides are the only real vulnerable spot, as the rear is slanted as is the front and everywhere except the sides.

If you see a mineflag, never follow that route or run over the mineflag. This should be pretty obvious, is detailed in the FH2 training videos, and in general is common sense. I however find that many people like to runover mines even when warned of with flags.

Always keep AP loaded (in tanks)
This way, you are prepared to engage anything. If a tank pops out of nowhere, you can nail him. If infantry come out, most tanks (excluding Stug) have a ready coaxial machine gun. If you load the special rounds (HEAT/HVAP, unless default round) you'll waste 1 of 3 rounds already next time you see something.

Don't expose your flanks
Simple, just don't. Its obvious because your flanks allow you to be instantly killed.

Opinions of the above and your tactics below. I know the above are obvious, but I feel that however obvious the mine flag one was needed. I hope you guys can think of far, FAR better tactics.

I tried to install FH2 and PR on Desura, excited, tried to play FH2 first clicked multiplayer, crashed to desktop. Went back, this time clicking singleplayer, crashed again. Can someone help?

I don't have any of the new maps from what I can find on singleplayer other than Meuse River. Anyone know a fix? I can play all the maps so far on multiplayer, I just cant find the SP maps.

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