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FH2 Help / Support / Hacker / troll
« on: 05-01-2021, 23:01:20 »
A player named beta23 is on the Play server now, hacking. he was reported by multiple players so i began spectating. he's clearly using an "aimbot" or whatever - rapidly firing a k98 at targets he cannot even see (behind bushes, far away, etc) while not even aiming.

After I "!r" reported him and said i was leaving to add him to WAW's banlist, he changed his name to mine - exact characters "Dago_Red" with the underscore and everything and carried on hacking*. I just logged off and assume he's still there.

edit: *Pure informed me after his ban that there is a space after the name

A coupe hours after the new launcher finished updating the game I hit play and was taken into the game as normal. I joined a multiplayer server for 1 minute to test, then exited.

Now... when I click on the shortcut on my desktop it is invalid and no other shortcut or launcher icon was created.  How do you launch the game? And/or where do you find the launcher to create a shortcut on the desktop?

(yes I went into program files, found the FH2 .exe, and R-click created a new shortcut but that only launched vanilla)

Hi, Dago Red here.
Most of you know probably know me from the past 9 years of Forgotten Hope, and such popular hits as Lobo's little lub nubs, My night with Yossarian, and
Professor Anthrax, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Smacktard.

There is a funny thing going on with FH2 these days, with these 96 player, 130 player, 196 player whatever servers.  It's great people are experimenting and there is certainly no harm done with increasing the max cap on servers a bit. 

But official words from the developers talking about adjusting the mod for these, if the experiments work?  Guys, have you checked the player numbers lately?

I just looked at the server browser.....

Yep, that's 2 players right now.....and they are both bots.

What we need, and have needed for about 2 years now, are well designed smaller maps for the player numbers. Not larger servers.  We can't even keep 1 single server capped out, globally. And in North and South America there are only a few nights a week we can count on 30+ players ... the old Wolf Thursday, now at WaW, for one.

If this mod is going to retain players, we need the same kind of amazing quality we see in the 64 size maps, put into the 16 and 32 size maps. 

With the latest release -- featuring some awesome new maps, by the way -- we have lost just as many small maps as we gained.   Several of the old 16's including one of the most played and requested FH maps of all time (old Giarabub 16) are just ruined piles of junk at the moment:

Several other 16's and 32's are just mindless spam fests and don't play well for long.  I have been admining FH for 8 years now.  I've never seen a sustained lull go on for this long, even with a release just weeks ago. 

The most common complaint about FH2, on an FH2 server, is the lack of players.
The second most common complaint is that the map is too big.
The third most common is that there are no tanks or kits or toys to play with on the smaller map the server switched to, because there aren't enough people to play a 64 size map.

FH2 Help / Support / Post reliable manual on forum
« on: 14-07-2012, 19:07:27 »
Hey all!

1. Can someone please post a copy of the manual in the forums? Sticky it in the body of the post, would be best. It is very hard for new people to find, and always has been. Furthermore, the link to where it's hosted has been dead since 2.45 launch (

2. Badly need a copy of the shader client zip the one that is processing effects-free. Can someone attach that here as well, pretty please?  Anyone looking to remove the film grain effects from their game (because it doesn't work on their graphics card/monitor) cannot do that with the manual unavailable. Previously it was located in the user manual in section 2e or something like that.

I cannot play online in windows 7 which I was just forced to upgrade to yesterday.  Single player works just fine.

This is the error I have gotten, other times I just CTD with no error.

I have already made sure Forgotten Hope2 has firewall access.
And manually added BF2's application to the list as well.

Anything else needs firewall access to play, or did I add the wrong application?

What about something in a profiles directory?   After wiping the computer and having windows 7 installed, I put bf2 + fh2 back into program files by dragging from a back up drive ... so is it possible I missed a crucial file for playing online?


General Discussion / Direct DL link?
« on: 01-10-2010, 18:10:27 »
Greetings all.

Dago Red here.

Where is the direct DL link for the incremental patch? (NOT the torrent)

FH2 Help / Support / official word on widescreen
« on: 08-01-2010, 00:01:11 »
I know he last patch added widescreen support so when I went out to replace my old failing monitor I happily bought a hi def 1920x1080 21.5 in monitor.

Easy enough to choose the correct resolution (1920x1080) in the game menu.  The game world looks nice too, but the map and chat/hud look like complete crap - it's as if i'm playing on my old 17" but with the text and map just stretched an extra 4.5 inches.  The text is enormous and wipes out my field of view, it's nasty to look at.

Does the widescreen fixer fix this?

Is this officially supported, no issues with punkbuster, etc?

Or is there another solution?

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