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This is cool to see, and not just for tiny guns. My grandfather would have fit on these two pages, riding in a halftrack, armored infantry, 3rd Army. The first during training - no combat, he would have been where it's noted "crew 37mm AT gun," with his carbine.

When I was a kid he said that gun was already outclassed and they upgraded to 57mm AT guns (which were also lagging behind, as we know). It's my impression he saw combat with the 57, but was always evasive about it.

Later deployed and for sure seeing combat, mostly in rear areas moving quickly behind other forces in France, through Metz, and at least one major action near Pilsen at the end. Then he would have been on the 2nd page, still with his carbine, but usually manning or assisting the 50cal on a halftrack.

Some more American loadouts, this time Armored Infantry (meaning the guys in the halftracks) and Rangers.

Developer Blogs / Re: Mapping La Horgne
« on: 12-05-2022, 18:05:47 »
Nice work, looks like a very fun map too!

General Discussion / Re: Which is your FH1 ArminAce map
« on: 31-08-2021, 22:08:28 »
Says you can select 3, but I select them all. That reads like a top list of many of my favorite maps! Some just because they were very different/unique, others because I consider them masterpieces of re-playability.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Hacker / troll
« on: 08-02-2021, 22:02:20 »

This sad sack returned. I heard he attacked the PLAY server on Sunday (but i wasn't there), and he showed up on WaW later that night (6pm EST time give or take). Same thing, massive aimbotting and then also changing his name to other players, but this time with a twist. 

At first he was changing to players who were already on the server as before, but WaW admins were able to kick and then ban him easily regardless of the name similarity - however he returned even after !bans (due to their non-thorough nature and most of us are not running the BF2CC all the time - Ill say no more but admins know what i mean). I arrived in the middle of this, and before we could call in the airstrike, he was able to return more than a dozen times - each time using a known player's name who was not currently on the server. And another twist - after that first ban, he came back impersonating PLAYFH admins, so that we took a few minutes to realize it was him.

First he came as Karel and talked shit about other players and the server and threatened to ban players from the PlayFH server. This was a major clue since Karel almost never speaks. Once banned, he returned as Suvro, Waximus, R4yder, and several other known player names once he had run out of Play admins. Then the airstrike was called in and he was perma banned - for now.

Clearly he has a grudge against FH2, this community, and against our servers - and even certain players. And he has no life, a total sad sack.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Hacker / troll
« on: 07-01-2021, 00:01:50 »
Copy that, that was the plan. Players informed that he, or someone similar, had been on both Play and WaW servers recently also using other player's names. I was not around, but I think all admins should be aware and on the look out so as not to ban the wrong guys.

FH2 Help / Support / Hacker / troll
« on: 05-01-2021, 23:01:20 »
A player named beta23 is on the Play server now, hacking. he was reported by multiple players so i began spectating. he's clearly using an "aimbot" or whatever - rapidly firing a k98 at targets he cannot even see (behind bushes, far away, etc) while not even aiming.

After I "!r" reported him and said i was leaving to add him to WAW's banlist, he changed his name to mine - exact characters "Dago_Red" with the underscore and everything and carried on hacking*. I just logged off and assume he's still there.

edit: *Pure informed me after his ban that there is a space after the name

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Error opening FH2
« on: 19-09-2020, 21:09:37 »
I've re-downloaded the launcher at least 7 times now, because it kept breaking (string errors related to CMP). Also tried "repair" but that broke it as well, after a lengthy wait.

Was fine for a while, but with the new CMP update, it's broken all over again after I attempted to repair and update once more. Not sure what else to do. Looking for manual CMP download now....

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Error opening FH2
« on: 16-06-2020, 21:06:35 »
Similar issue. Launched FH2 just fine for years (decades really). Was very happy to see the CMP updater integrated because the standalone never worked for me, always froze. This time it worked using the integrated FH2 official launcher and I played as normal just fine, including CMP maps for a week.

Suddenly, today, FH2 launcher throws up and error about strings missing, etc (didn't screenshot it) and its gibberish to me. Won't launch. I reinstalled the launcher and am able to launch now, but like mentioned above there's no CMP integration any longer.

Hi Randoom,

This time the installer does not work for me. It keeps crashing halfway through saying it lost connection and do i want "to retry." Have "retried" dozen times and redownloaded the installer 3 times. Also, in the tutorial it says "Point the installer at your Battlefield 2/Forgotten Hope 2 Standalone directory." I do not have this directory, so i left the installer default path which is "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 2."

Anyway, then i tried the manual downloads, which took me about 1 min, but for some reason cannot connect to the server. Wrong path?

Despite these being fairly obvious installs (levels go in levels), can you provide exact folder destinations for BOTH of these manual downloads? Clearly something has gone wrong. I also noticed that when I install the localization folders, one of them overwrites the other. This is my clue that there are 2 separate localization destinations? Do i even need the minimod download?

Once again (as last time) the updater doesn't work -- it just hangs on download or "hashing existing pieces" for an eternity. Please post a normal, manual download like we had last time. It was the ONLY way some of us were able to get it in the first place.

Furthermore on some attempts, I get this:

Nevermind, the error didn't paste from the program. It's some kind of Microsoft run time error. CMP program simply doesn't work for all users. Note this is a brand new machine, so this has happened to me on three computers with three different OS's, Win 7 enterprise, Win 8.1, and now Win 10 home.

Has anyone had experience with downloading BF2 from battlelog and recovering their original account name?

I had a motherboard failure and haven't had the BF2 install disc in years. Since Origin no longer offers BF2, battlelog seems the only way to go, but that seems like recreating a new account. Looks like they are aware of this kind of issue but I can't tell what the procedure is yet, so any veteran help would be much appreciated.

I will totally repair your tank/fix your wagon/bring you cookies in game.

General Discussion / Re: FH2 Thursday Reloaded!
« on: 20-05-2016, 00:05:57 »
Thursday at last. See anyone with balls on Waw#1 for a fistfull of lead.

General Discussion / Re: FH2 Thursday Reloaded!
« on: 28-04-2016, 18:04:08 »
TONIGHTS THE NIGHT!  I've been on the road for 2 weeks so I'm looking forward to a little knifing and bolt-action.

@Ivancic1941 About half the admins that play on the WaW server, are old WOLF guys who started the Thursday night games. We play every Thursday night with other FH regulars and the occasional new face,  like we have for almost five years. The last WaW campaign coincided with the Pacific theater release (actually there were 2 IIRC, the 2nd one was a joint effort with 762 and F|H).

Anyone having trouble finding the server or wondering why there aren't anyone playing on thursday nights should reset your in-game brower filters, turn some off, etc and look again. Or, post over at and let the heads know (they know it's been an issue for some people).

General Discussion / Re: FH2 Thursday Reloaded!
« on: 18-09-2015, 03:09:09 »
See you all in 15 minutes!

General Discussion / Re: Pacific Mini-Campaign
« on: 24-02-2015, 18:02:18 »
That seems like a bad attitude to have about it all. Did you play FH1?

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