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Re: Mareth Line 64
« Reply #105 on: 21-06-2015, 17:06:31 »

This push code does not work.
Please reconsider. I have seen several games play out
and end in a dead lock like this. Gabes was lost eventually
and the whole team had to sit in the bunker for the
remaining 200 tickets and could not break out (crossed flags all around).

(Right click and choose "view image" for proper size.)
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Re: Mareth Line 64
« Reply #106 on: 10-08-2017, 20:08:25 »
I just had a very wierd expirience on Mareth Line. I was at the mountains north of Tegaba Gap, checking out a suspicious plane engine sound (pretty similar to the one when the Storch starts its engine). I looked around but there was no trace of the plane. My guess is that it was a bugged Storch wreck, since shortly after I saw the harmless explosion that happens when wrecks disappear.

I guess it's not really a map bug, but I thought it would do no harm to post this here.