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General Discussion / Does anyone have this patch?
« on: 02-08-2013, 11:08:09 »

Widescreen, FH compatibility and 128 bots patch v2

I had that before my laptop got problems and I lost it, mirror isn't available. I loved playing good old FH with 128 bots.

In case someone has this, I'd appreciate a reupload. Grazie.

Off-Topic / "The Euro War"
« on: 18-05-2013, 14:05:22 »

Found this video in youtube, what do you think of it?

Off-Topic / Plane crash in my town
« on: 05-05-2013, 16:05:02 »

Off-Topic / Drawers, kommen hier!
« on: 24-03-2013, 16:03:36 »

Let's see what you guys provide. ;)

Off-Topic / Childhood pics!
« on: 03-01-2013, 18:01:06 »
Thought this thread would be pretty fun. Post pictures about when you were a baby or you were a kid to show us as the cutest forum around. :)

I start with some screenies!

Off-Topic / Need your ideas
« on: 05-12-2012, 22:12:03 »
I have to make some kind of work related with economy. I would appreciate some ideas so I can take a really interesting subject since it can be choosen freely, as long as it's not related with the crisis and oil.
Thanks in advance. :)

Off-Topic / Spain
« on: 28-10-2012, 12:10:56 »
I can't stand this anymore. Years ago we used to be a happy nation where there barely were problems.
The nightmare started back in 2009 with the crack in Wall Street, we thought that it wouldn't cross the Atlantic Ocean to Spain, but we were wrong. Today we have ~6 MILLION of unemployed people. I am a 16 years old student at the moment and I am very afraid about my future.
Under a conservative government that kinda reminds of Franco's era, we are going nowhere. And the worst is that the opposition, the Spanish Socialist Party, has been under many corruption cases that makes you wanna turn off the TV everytime you hear about them. (And the worst is that I actually supported it)
And what's the other option? Those punks/skinheads? NO.
I myself got double citizenship (Spanish and Italian) as my dad is an inmigrant, so I'm considering moving to Italy when I'm older, as it's got more possibilities to get out of the crisis soon.

Not only economical problems, politic tensions are included. Lately Catalonians have been begging about their sovereignty and want independence hardly, making things get worse. Who knows how all this will end.

Off-Topic / Images of your villages!
« on: 16-07-2012, 17:07:02 »
Even if most of us live really far from them, one of your parents always comes from a village that you use to visit every period of time.
I will start with mine!
Localization: Tuscany (Italy)
Name: Vicopisano

Awesome shot taken in winter.

Memorial of the tuscan partisan resistenza.


So yeah my village is somehow related with WWII events, as many of those guys helped ending with the Social Italian Republic along with american troops.

Gaming / First official GTA V screenshots & wishlist
« on: 15-07-2012, 17:07:46 »

Looks by far pretty promising, it's said (by members of rockstar in a public online interview) that the city will be much bigger than GTA IV's Liberty City and it will be the biggest "free-to-explore-world" Rockstar Games has ever created.

Also why not creating a random wishlist? I mean, what would you like to see in the game.
My wishes:
Being able to travel in big planes as passenger from an airport to another one.
Being able to assault randomly banks to earn shitloads of money.
What are your wishes? :D

FH2 Help / Support / Level setting problem
« on: 29-05-2012, 20:05:53 »
Heyo people. I've got a problem I would like to have fixed.

Battlefield 2142
There's a mod which was released featuring one map which has soviet/american models and weapons and I decided to play some vanilla maps. I did some research taking Battlefield 2 as reference and what I found I had to do was just copying some kit settings into /x/server/Init.con
I tested it and it works perfectly until the moment the enemy troops shoot or a member of my own team gets shot down, game crashes to desktop.
Any idea of where the error could be coming from? Keep in mind that both games (Battlefield 2 and 2142) USE the same engine.
So it would be like if I played, for example, a Battlefield 2 level in Project Reality, right after doing the kit settings modifying.

Would appreciate to get a proper answer, not anything like 'Waaaaaaaat NigGa!!!'

Gaming / Spanish Civil War for COD2 Gameplay
« on: 06-05-2012, 21:05:26 »
Heyo, not that much ago a Spanish Civil War mod was released for Call of Duty 2, took some gameplay footage in HD.

Suggestions / Changing vehicle explosions
« on: 28-04-2012, 18:04:28 »
I think that FH is graphically the most realistic mod. But something I still don't like is the vehicle's explosions. Is it possible to modify it to make them look more realistic? If the plane bombs' explosions look way more realistic it should be possible. :D

So finally got a legit copy of BF2 from my cousin and when I tried to play vanilla game online matches I had no problems. But then when I tried to play FH2 or PR, all the servers didn't allow me to play with the 'CD key not valid' message. So far I've tried these 'solutions'
a) Running the cd key changer from the BF2 folder (and entering the code again).
b) Editing via ereg.
I am pretty pissed off and I want someday to play FH2 online. Help, please?

Oh and I didn't uninstall the game, just changed the cd key since the day I got the legit copy... is it just needed? (Cba to do everything in these days as I have to study and just can play some quick matches).

And I know that there are many issues with Vista running BF2... but I tried to run it as an admin and still got problems.

FH2 Help / Support / CTD when joining any server
« on: 23-02-2012, 20:02:38 »
Hey, I know it must be an already asked question but I had to do a new topic to myself.
Whenever I want to join a server the game just crashes without any message showing up. I have done a research through internet and I've tried the next things with no success.
a) Updating punkbuster.
b) Checking or updating audio drivers.
c) Taking a look at the audio options and changing them.
d) Checking the firewall options.
The day I noticed the multiplayer system stopped working I had just done a quick defrag, but I guess that says nothing.
Chocolate filled cookies to whoever helps me solve this.

Suggestions / Spanish Civil War maps
« on: 27-01-2012, 15:01:10 »
Hey people, I always wanted to see some civil war map, I know many of you will go like 'Nope thats not from WWII', but it can easily be considered the start of the whole conflict since in both factions USSR, Italy, UK (some brigades) and Germany (where it tested its blitzkrieg tactics) took part.
The battle(s) would be divided in the popular front and the rebel fascist front. Is somebody interested in it?
Also, even if it's some fan made map I wouldn't care. Any spanish speaking devs out there anyway?

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