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Bug Reporting / Infantry Mines
« on: 21-03-2012, 11:03:23 »
I have seen in game that there is an problem with infantry mines, If you mine an area and died the mine icon dissapear but the mine not!.
I have tested it in singleplayer and also in multiplayer and in both I have seen this problem.

Also when I die some time after I get an kill message that I killed or teamkilled someone without weapons name, this is the mine I have placed at an area before I died, I known because I have seen the kill and explosion myself.
But the no weapons name killed only appears after some time when you respawned, because If I die and see and the icon of the mine no more shortly after respawn and someone gets killed by it the weapons name appears, can this be that the game only party removed the mine like the object but the explosion when stepped on not?

This problem also appears on anti tank mines
Maybe you can make it so that icons dissapear at the same time when mines fully dissapear?

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