Author Topic: Bastogne 64 - rapid ticket drop after Germans take a base  (Read 496 times)

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I just installed the latest 5.1.171 as the change log suggested this version fixed the issue(?), but alas, no love.
When playing the "64" map in Coop (didn't test the others), it appears that as soon as the Germans take Mageret and/or Wardin, the ticket counters for BOTH teams start rapidly dropping. In less than a minute, the score drops to something like US 4 - 0 Germany and the map ends.

Strangely, and I'm not positive on this, the tickets started rapidly dropping when the Germans took Mageret, but then they slowed back to normal for a short time when they made Wardin gray. However, once the Germans fully captured Wardin as well, the rapid drop started again and kept going till the map ended.

Not sure if it's specifically Mageret and/or Wardin, or whether it happens whenever the Germans capture any base. Mageret and Wardin are the closest to the German base, so they would go first.

No error log was generated that I could see.

Thanks, RobBob
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