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Bug Reporting / Motovskiy Bay 32p ctd
« on: 17-05-2020, 14:05:14 »
The 32p version of Motovskiy Bay always crashes to desktop while loading, at around 15% in the object phase without any message in windowed mode. the 16 and 64 versions work though.


I am a Fan of this Channel since a few years and thought I would let you guys know about this most interessing channel. Since most of the players of Forgotten hope appear to be history fans and the videos are well researched and of good quality, I hope that you can enjoy it as much as I can. It might even be of interest for the Developers in certain aspects ;)

FH2 Help / Support / Now old K98k animation
« on: 25-05-2018, 18:05:25 »

I would like to keep the old K98k first person animations, because I donĀ“t like how the soldier runs with the rifle in one hand. So, would one of you guys tell me which files I need to keep for that where to place them in order to run etc.?

This should also be fine with multiplayer right, as TS4Ever used the new animation for the rifle in its lets plays whereas everyone els had the standard animations?

Thanks in advance

Bug Reporting / Hurtgen Forest crashes in singleplayer
« on: 27-03-2016, 20:03:37 »
whenever I capture Katzenhardt as the allied team, it crashes shortly after.
before I take it all is fine!
I know the map has been changed in the last update... maybe it is a KI problem?
before 2.5 it never crashed :(

and my hardware is not the problem, all functions as it should.

Suggestions / The thing with the Northafrican maps...
« on: 02-02-2016, 15:02:57 »
As much as I see it was not asked before, but why aren't the Italians at every African map?

Wikipedia says that they fought to the last against the Commonwealth forces with the Germans, till the battle of Tunis.
In Tunis, we have Germans and Italians fighting in one team. but, for example, at El Alamein not. I think most maps would be better with Italian tanks, but on some maps they aren't there. You could do it as in Tunis, that there are kits for Italians and Germans.

it is only a suggestion, but I wondered why it is like it is on those maps.
Plus I have no clue what sources you use, maybe wikipedia is false in this.
Or are they easily to bad for the later maps? (1942/43)

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