Author Topic: The maps of Forgotten Hope 2.56  (Read 25806 times)

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Re: The maps of Forgotten Hope 2.5
« Reply #30 on: 03-05-2019, 18:05:37 »
I've only just got back into playing Battlefield 2 after  almost a decade long hiatus and am astounded   how much has been accomplished over that time.   I loved the game  so much i played it virtually every day (apart for a few months following a   road traffic accident)from its release until 2009.   I used to beta  test for several mappers (Hayabusa, Homegrown, The Dark, Foachman, Shane John, BierPizzaChips, Ray Clovis and Big Foot) as well as   three mods (Mercenaries, The Marines and MCC mods), but eased off as  those mappers went on to other things  and  when family, life and  other  games such as ArmA, The Elder Scrolls drew me away from the game. 

I'd been hankering to  play the game for a while, but only recently reinstalled the game (via Steam) and have slowly been downloading  some of my favorite mods from back them.  Forgotten Hope has  changed so much since i last played it. I'm so impressed.  I noticed this thread hadn't been replied to  for quite some time. i just wanted to introduce myself and say a massive thank you to all those   involved in keeping this amazing  mod  alive and kicking. 


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Re: The maps of Forgotten Hope 2.5
« Reply #31 on: 11-05-2019, 12:05:23 »
Always nice to see some oldies back!! FH2 keeps improving!

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Re: The maps of Forgotten Hope 2.56
« Reply #32 on: 14-05-2020, 12:05:02 »
It is that time again...

Like every release, here are some previews of the new maps.

Motovskiy Bay (Made by Ts4EVER)

The arctic front was one of the most inhospitable theaters of the Second World War: a rugged moonscape of mountains, boulders and boggy lakes. Despite these obstacles and the freezing temperatures, the Soviet 12th Naval Infantry Brigade launched an amphibious assault across Motovskiy Bay with the aim of cutting off the retreat of the 6th Gebirgsjaeger Division. The Red Army was able to seize a bridgehead, but the German mountaineers launched a counter attack on the 4th of May 1942.
The German commander issued orders to advance towards Hoehe 172.3, in the hopes of pushing the Russians back into the bay. Soon the German mountaineers and the Russian marines would be locked in deadly combat for the roof of the world.

Snipers, machine gunners and sneaky players will enjoy this infantry map, which is characterised by long lines of sight and a harsh, rocky landscape. Set in the first half of 1942, it is the earliest map on the Eastern Front and it features weapon loadouts not previously seen in FH2 (or almost any game, for that matter), including large numbers of Tokarev rifles, exploding bullets for German snipers, silenced Russian rifles and the rare PPD series of submachineguns, ancestors to the famous PPsh41.
To hold back the German tide, the Soviets can load canister rounds into their 45mm guns, effectively turning them into giant shotguns. Whether you play as a hardy German mountaineer or a member of Viktor Leonov's crack special reconnaisance detachment: A slow and tactical approach is most certain to bring success on this new and unique entry into FH2's map pool.

Tali (Made by Flippy Warbear and hitmaker)

June 1944, Karelian Isthmus. The ill-prepared Viipuri-Kuparsaari-Taipale line faces a disaster as the Red Army captures the city of Viipuri on the 20th. Meanwhile the first skirmishes near the village of Tali had begun. On the foggy morning of the 25th, after a massive artillery barrage, the Red Army crushes the Finnish lines around lake Leitimo. The Soviet forces then target the crucial Portinhoikka crossroad, expecting to advance further to Juustila and Ihantala. In response, Major General Lagus sends his Armoured Division to face the Red Army onslaught, with German Luftwaffe detachment Kuhlmey arriving to assist the Finns just in time. The largest battle in the history of the Nordic countries is about to unfold...

The Finns have been part of FH2 for some years now, but this is the first time they bring their own tanks and aircraft! Assembled from various sources, their armor is an eclectic mix of styles and capabilities:
There is the well-known StuG III, or "Sturmi", an effective tank hunter with a low profile, sent over by their German allies. For fans of light tanks, the T-26 and the rare T-50 provide good opportunities for infantry support. The main offensive punch comes from captured Russian T-34/76 "Sotka" tanks, combining good protection and firepower with excellent speed. This lets the Finns outmaneuver the heavier Russian armor.
If push comes to shove, they also have two aces up their sleeves: A captured T-34/85 and ISU-152. But be mindful not to lose these newer models, since they are in very short supply. In the air, the Finns are supported not only by German Stukas, but also their own BF109 fighters, rounding out the Finnish arsenal on this fast-paced tank map.

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Re: The maps of Forgotten Hope 2.56
« Reply #33 on: 14-05-2020, 23:05:55 »
Nice news !!
FH2 Dev (wait seriously ?)