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Bug Reporting / Panzerbushe 39 hit markers
« on: 28-02-2016, 23:02:40 »
Panzerbushe 39 doesn't show hit markers at all when hitting enemies. Had a round on siege of tobruk and used both boys and pzb 39, but only boys seems to have hitmarkers and I definetly did hit stuff, since I killed both infantry and brencarriers with both AT rifles. Makes it pretty hard to hit anything, since I'm not too familiar with AT rifles and I can't know if I hit something, unless I kill it.

Bug Reporting / Boxes tha bounce tank shells
« on: 22-02-2016, 21:02:45 »
Sorry I couldn't get my screenshots working, but there's box piles on Gazalas Sidi Muftah flag. The large ones, maybe 1 cubic meter in size, right next to bofors. They bounce all HE and AP shots, even if shot at flat 90 degree angle. HEAT rounds however seem to explode on impact as they should.

This just came back to my mind, since some other players today were reporting arty shells bouncing off wooden fences on Port en Bessin. Maybe there's something wrong with their materials?

I used to play a lot of FH2. Over year ago FH just got pushed away by other things and fall of hslan really had it's toll too. I never liked 762 and always had very negative experience there with their rules and admins. Now with new patch and all, I thought I could give it a go again and I really enjoyed it (not that I ever stopped enjoying it really).

So yeah, playing on and attacking flag with full squad. Suddenly enemy neutralizes one of our flags and flag we were attacking turns uncap. I know the retarded 762 rules, so I look for my map and see empty vehicle nearby (was on sidi bou zid so walking wasn't really on my mind). I run for vehicle to get us out from there, kill german on my way and BAM, kicked from server. German I killed happened to admin (I think).

I seriously had it with this shit. Partly reason I stopped playing was unjust kicks and bans that happened on 762 and I see nothing has changed. It's very sad because I really like FH2, but I don't think I can play anymore. I guess I'll keep following forums just because of old habit and maybe because this is one of best gaming communities I've come across in my life, but FH2 will be uninstalled and never be seen again on my harddrive unless something changes. I really don't anticipate anything to change though.

Suggestions / The grand ABC line rework suggestion.
« on: 30-07-2012, 23:07:47 »
As Anti Base Camp lines where brought up in this thread:

Now, main objective of this suggestion, is to make baseraping actually impossible. So that there simply is no line of sight to any spawn area from any point of ABC line. With this, admins (and players too) would have easier time with baseraping accusations, as that would be impossible unless using blindfire with artillery or plane attacks.

I think ABC line could be moved further away from bases on many maps. Many areas that are now passable by enemy, would fall under ABC, but those areas serve no real gameplay function. This would just give forces leaving the base, more freedom to choose attack route before getting killed by that camping tiger.

I've gone through just some first maps, in alphabetical order. I stopped just because I want to do other stuff too tonight, so rest should follow tomorrow, unless everyone thinks this sucks hard  :P.

Alam Halfa
This map would require some other rework, than just moving ABC lines. Currently, enemy can shoot airfield at will from last flags. Enemy can also get very close to base on south side and actual view range allows axis tankers to see the base from very far.

How to fix: To prevent axis from shooting from south, some kind of low ridge or sand dune should be placed along black line. High enough, to just prevent axis tanks from shooting over it. ABC line should go right next to ridge on south side.

On airfield such ridge would look stupid. Instead, whole airfield could be moved to same tent complex with actual base. Runway would go along green line. Otherwise old ABC lines should do fine. Unfortunately this map doesn't show them.

Not much can be done, but in my experience, actual base rape is almost impossible already, with british base being inside farm with walls around it.

2 Problems: Italians can go very close to base (is there actually no-go area at all?) and there is one Italian AT gun able to shoot at tank spawns.

How to fix: Italian AT gun, marked with green, should either be removed or some sort of rock/stone could be placed to block line of sight to base.

ABC line should go somewhere around red lines I drew. Might look bit radical, but even from along those red lines, italians can see into aussie base. From that range, so called base rape is almost impossible. You could pick one or two guys every now and then, but aussies got very good fighting chance.

Not too big problems on this map. ABC could be moved bit further away on southern part of map, as I drew in picture:

Battle of Brest
Again, not too big problems. Only problem being, that you can shoot directly at base from middle floor of church. Block one window and all is good. Now, I guess many of you say that baserape is still possible: I tried this on LAN server (like I did all others too) and there is no way to shoot inside US base. Not atleast if we define base area as I would define it, marked with green. Afterall, does it really matter at what corner you start fighting the enemy.

Battle of Keren
This was actually perfect. Not even division of kingtigers could stop british tea time in their base.

Part 2:

Invasion of Crete
Good luck on baserape brits.

El Alamein
Not too big problems. Lines could be pushed little further away from bases. Green line is old ABC, red is what I propose. I didn't bother dwaring old line for brits, but changes are similar to axis side.

Ah yes, Kingtiger camping allied base, classic situation. I propose to put ABC lines as green lines indicate. On both bases southern side, the drawn ABC line does not match with actual no-go area. I drew the real ABC line to axis side, it's about same distance at wrong place at allied base too. On axis side I could actually walk to grenade reach of their mortar  ::).

Falaise Pocket
Again, done as they all should be done. No way to baserape.

Fall of Tobruk
I missed it, coming soon   :P

This map doesn't have no-go areas around bases at all. And now that I think of it, this is one of only maps where I sometimes have to kick/ban people for screwing around in enemy base. Axis side is rather simple with ABC line, but allied side is so flat, that ABC line should be put really far away.

Siege of Giarabub
Again, not too many problems, other than northern oasis. I could walk right next to the white house there. ABC should be moved a bit closer to castle, as green line shows.

Hurtgen Forest
Very well done map on allied side. At end near germeter some "baserape" could happen if you wish to call it that, but that is just going to happen. Situation in this map is bit weird, as in many maps attacking side need to cap all flags to win, but on this map defending side still has base area. I guess it's good as it is.

Allied side is well done. On axis side, there is this weird forward spawn position thing. I could almost stab spawning people from ABC line. Maybe move it from it's current place (marked with red) to green circle I drew?

Mareth Line
I don't think there is need for axis to go any further than this:

To be continued...

Suggestions / Repairing charge
« on: 19-02-2012, 00:02:44 »
So today while playing, CSduni asked me "Why is there charge bar on wrench?".

I think that's really good question. I know it's because vanilla bf2 has one, but do we really need it? Does it have any purpose?

Just get rid of that and let engineers repair unlimited time.  ;)

FH2 Help / Support / Sounds messed up.
« on: 11-02-2012, 16:02:25 »
My graph card just fried so I'm playing FH2 on my laptop atm. but I'm having some problems with sounds.

Well first and biggest problem is, that I can't hear sounds from seperate directions. I just hear all sounds from both sides of my headphones evenly. This leads to a lot of confusion as I can't hear from which direction I am being shot at, or where the enemy tank is. Manning AA is impossible because I can hear enemy planes, but can't point where the nouce is coming from  :-\.

Second problem is that I hear some sounds way too loud and way too far. Some voice commands like "yes", "charge" and "need repairs" can be heard from across the map. Clearly other voice commands can't be heard from afar because it seems to be pretty much just these 3.
I can hear stukas engine sound from across map, but dive horn is normal. I can also hear bomb whistle across the map. I was playing Mersa Matruh yesterday and I was manning 88 at Garawla and I constantly was hearing stuka and my friend confrimed that they were flying around north-western part of the map. Also a lot of times my friend couldn't hear them when he was next to me, while I could.

What have I done to try fix this shit:
Updated my sound drivers twice (once almost 6 months ago and now again)
Tried different sound options from FH2 options.

Edit: I haven't had any of these problems on other games.

Bug Reporting / Gebaltte Ladung
« on: 30-01-2012, 22:01:46 »
While not really a bug, not really suggestion either.

Bundled grenade gebaltte ladung could use little bit longer throwing range. Atm it does not have any use because of it's 4 meter range. It used to have longer range (same as normal grenade?), but maybe something similar to thermos could be perfect.

Bug Reporting / Hurricane having hard time to land
« on: 27-01-2012, 20:01:25 »
So we recently noticed with my freinds, that hurricane often takes huge damage while landing. Just today, I made perfect landing with my hurri, with full health, yet I exploded on runway for no apparent reason. My friend saw my landing and confrims there was nothing wrong with it.

Problem is that this happens a lot and just for hurricanes. They sort of bounce for while when they hit ground and often take massive damage.

Any chance this could be fixed?

Bug Reporting / Tank HE round tracer
« on: 20-01-2012, 10:01:45 »
So, recently I noticed, that I can't see the HE round when shooting it. I can normally see AP rounds. This makes short barreled Panzer 4 really hard to use. Was this intentionally taken away at some point and I never noticed or do I have something wrong  ???

General Discussion / Awards page
« on: 03-12-2011, 21:12:25 »
Is it just me or is awards page down?

Suggestions / View trough vision slits.
« on: 07-11-2011, 13:11:33 »
For now, we don't even have many vehicles with these "vision slits" (not sure if that's a right name), but hanomag works as fine example.

So what if we could have "free" look, where camera slides from side to side. As it's way too hard to explain with my english, here's a great picture I made.

Left is current situation and right is what I'm suggesting. And if BF2 engine is bitch and this is impossible, I already invented one way to do it. We have this exact thing in bren carriers gunner seat. Just make MG invisible and unable to shoot and there we go.

This would greatly increase situation awarness to vehicles with limited vision. For now I can only remember US halftrack, hanomag and Marmon with this kind on vision.

General Discussion / New weird stuff on mainpage.
« on: 30-08-2011, 17:08:21 »
There's a small bug in mainpage  ;D Not sure if it's just me, so here's a pic:

Bug Reporting / M5 stuart
« on: 25-08-2011, 22:08:26 »
Yeasterday I was driving M5 Stuart on l├╝ttich. First of all, before even going anywhere, I had to turn .30 cal on roof to right, as its ammobox was blocking huge part of my view. All went well, until someone hopped inside and started using that .30 cal. For some reason (maybe to troll, maybe becouse stupid) he was constantly looking to left and I was yelling at him in chat to turn it right and exit my vehicle. It really blocks view and that tank is impossible to use while someone is on that .30 cal.

Maybe move drivers camera bit forward or something?

General Discussion / Server list on mainpage
« on: 25-08-2011, 11:08:43 »
Why there is chinese PR server  ???

Suggestions / Awarding more points for winning team
« on: 01-08-2011, 10:08:26 »
Pretty much like in vanilla BF2. Giving double points might be bit extreme, but maybe multiplying by 1,5 or whatever devs seem good. Now many people play just for their points, making them camp, spawn kill and do anything just to get more points. By multiplying winning teams points, we would maybe get more people to fight for result of battle, even if that is just to get more personal points.


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